Saluting Officer Joseph “Joel” Pearson with the Santa Fe College Police Department

6-12-19 VALOR Honoree


SKY Valor Honoree: With the Santa Fe College Police Department…Officer Joseph “Joel” Pearson

Short Bio:  Pearson is a life-long resident of Gainesville….He was with Alachua County Sheriff’s Office for 2 years, and has served fulltime with Santa Fe College for 17 years.  Officer Pearson began as a reserve officer with S-F-P-D in January of this year.

Why this person is being honored:

Pearson has shown remarkable dedication and devotion to Santa Fe’s campus community.  He served as the department’s firearms instructor for 10 years, is a certified Glock Armorer, and has been a field training officer.  Pearson has received numerous awards…he is a 2-time Life Saving Award honoree…he was recognized for performing C-P-R on a student whose heart stopped 3-times…and during a cheerleading event, Pearson used an A-E-D to revive a coach whose heart stopped.  He received a Meritorious Service Award for efforts in the arrest of an armed suspect on campus.  Pearson also was honored with the Good Conduct Award, for representing high standards of police professionalism.  Although Pearson is now in reserve status with Santa Fe College Police, he continues to serve…as a firearms trainer, and as an integral participant in the development of the department’s reserve program.

Pearson is being recognized for continued integrity, honor and commitment to protecting Santa Fe College…no task is too big or too small.

For his consistent dedication to duty, that in many cases saves lives and protects others from harm, 97.3 The SKY and the Santa Fe College Police Department are proud to salute…Officer Joseph “Joel” Pearson