Saluting North Central Florida Healthcare Heroes

Tell us your hero...Presented by Agricon Equipment Co., the Kubota Superstore

97.3 The SKY and Agricon Equipment Company are thanking and recognizing local nurses, doctors, technicians, front-line first responders and others as Healthcare Heroes.

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Anthony Sanchez

My son Anthony Sanchez is a technician in the surgical department. He works in Shands Hospital. He has performed this job for 18 years. He has dedicated his time to those patients in needs. He works five days a week. Twelve hours each day from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. He is a father of two beautiful girls. Currently he can’t come in contact with his family. He is my hero. He love the job of helping other people even his life is at risk.

Submitted by: Maria Agostini


Dr. Amit Rawal

My health care hero is Dr. Amit Rawal of the NFRMC ER.  Dr. Rawal has been serving our community as an ER doctor for over 10 years.  Dr. Rawal is also the Medical Director of Air Methods Air Ambulance Service and Medical Director of Alachua and Levy Counties EMS services.  Dr. Rawal works tirelessly under normal circumstances, but in this time of severe stress on our medical community Dr. Rawal has truly been a healthcare hero.  Thank you to Dr. Rawal for all that you do!

Submitted by: Karen Gillette


UF Ortho

I am in the healthcare and work at shands UF ORTHO I would like to give a big shout out to all the healthcare workers at Shand's and the long hours they have been putting in. I would like to say a big thanks to all the upper management at UF ortho for making mask for all the employees here and making sure we are safe I hope you can give a big shout out to everyone in the healthcare, It is hard to name that one person, cause in the long run we all make sure that we try out best to make sure everyone is safe no matter what job they do and that we are all one. Again thank you Shand's and the UF Orthro.

Submitted by: Winna Howard


Dr. Gary Gilette

My health care hero is my husband and North Florida ER doctor/medical director Gary Gillette.  He always works tirelessly for his patients and the ER staff but during this stressful time...he has been working even harder.  Keeping as many people as possible healthy and safe is always his first concern...that along with giving quality care to the patients and families that come to the North Florida ER.  He has worked at North Florida for over 16 years being the ER medical director almost that entire time.


Staff of Nurse On-Call Home Health

I am nominating all the field clinicians working for Nurse On-Call Home Health.  We have nurses, Physical Therapists & assistants, Occupational Therapists & assistants, Speech Therapists, Social Workers and home health aides who are on the road, seeing patients in their own homes, every day, so these patients don't have to stay in any type of inpatient facility.

Many, MANY thanks to all of you out there on the front lines!  Please know that all of us who would normally work in the office greatly appreciate all of you, way more than you know!!!  Thank you all.

Submitted by: Anne Mullis


Leslie Clarke

My mother (Leslie Clarke) is an advanced registered nurse practitioner and has worked in healthcare for 24 years. She currently works in infectious disease. Right now she is working with some of the cases of COVID-19 in Ocala. She goes into the airborne isolation rooms to take care of these patient she currently can’t come in contact with family. The hospital she works at in Ocala had ran out of PPE gear personal protection equipment and was having nurses were garbage bags. Thank goodness my mom saved up some supplies over the years so she could protect herself. My mom is truly a hero.


The Ashraf Family

We are so proud of our children.  We have six children. Several have went into the medical field.

 Shawna Ashraf is a Haven Hospice Nurse. Her compassion and love for a job I could never handle, amazes me every day.

Our son Wally Ashraf,  works at North Florida In the OR.

Our daughter Tahira Ashraf is a new LPN. What a time to begin your career!

We say a prayer for them along with other healthcare, first responders, etc.

May they stay safe!

Submitted by:  Debby Ashraf


Nurse Christina Gevaras

Christina Gevaras is an RN at Ocala Regional in the ER for 5 years. A single mother of three boys. Working around the clock to help her patients. She is taking a risk with her life and her family, she still makes her patients comfortable and brings smiles to their room. The world needs more Christina’s. Thank you for your hard work!

Submitted by: Derrick Mack


White Glove Medical Transport

I wanna shout out to my team! White Glove Medical Transport. My drivers are transporting COVID 19 patients, they are on the front lines and people forget that. They still treat everyone of our patients like they are family, doesn't matter if it's a COVID 19, Hospice or even a hospital discharge! We are low on supplies but that doesn't stop them! Michelle, Shawn, Jared, Keith, Sean, Bill, Rich. Y'all rock and thank you.

Submitted by: Elizabeth McGinty


Teresa at Dr. Chris Sullivan office

I would like to recognize Teresa at Dr. Chris Sullivan office. She has gone well above and beyond for their patient's. We were in the office this week and as soon as we entered the front door she came around and sat us in the back. She informed me she would be right back and went to wash the front entrance door and clean the receptionist area I just entered through then came back to finish our vitals. After we saw the Doctor, Teresa walked me back to the vital desk instead of to the check-out area & scheduled my visit then walked us out the back door. She made us feel so comfortable and didn't skip a beat and made sure we were all safe during our visit. While we were waiting for the doctor I heard a patient explain she had no toiletries or mask and was completely upset and was too afraid to back into the stores due to her age. After a few minutes I heard the patient say in a high emotional voice Thank you so much. Prior to our leaving Teresa gave the patient some toilet paper and her mask. Thank you to everyone that works in the Field of Medicine and Thank you again for a smooth office visit Teresa.

Submitted by: Beatrice

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