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Not seven point three the sky. Yeah. So why the local thanks for tuning in time Jack brought to you by. Prestige Hayes Jewelers where the answer. Is always yes and coming up at 835. We are going to talk to state senator Keith Perry we're looking forward to that he's gonna cost from Tallahassee. But it how. House in the neighborhood Carl's Alec Marion County commissioner is on the hot seat and good morning how you do great it's great to be in the lots were down this morning. I have for the traffic well you know look I just typed up a week you go on and on I don't know but this is your time sir and speaking to Tallahassee. You went up there the ambassadors traveled up there and you're trying to get some legislation issues that are important Americana done what are they. Yes so first they were advocating for is for the veteran's nursing home. It's a problem it's a federal state project a comes and in the state makes an assessment on where these these projects should be. Tom around the site we do have pew study couple years ago in regards to. You know how many veterans we have we have over where we were blast we have over 45000 veterans and Mary county. And with an. You know and so we are. Really positioned twelve of this the department of veteran affairs of the state level wants marrying kind to be the next site right now they're building one. Army importing Lucy. And that's who you're sort of competing against the sure Tesco already have absolutely no because South Florida house a lot of need to numb Florida stands on top we've got thousands of of veterans that need beds and then this is a BA project as a we wanna be we wanna be the greatest place for veterans live and in the state of Florida in fact in just a little bit were opening up in May were opening up our veteran senator. Which is an all source center where how the county. Plus all the outside agencies in trying to get as many of those as possible to nonprofits. All on one senator sew bettering you come in they can see the count they can have appointments with multiple agencies in conference rooms and rooms the meeting rooms. And really get their stuff done is whether or not worry about transportation. You know warm or having to. You know get wheelchair access to all these different buildings and places they can come to one and those other people can come and we have community rooms and they can come to them. So we're trying to really make sure that our veterans. Know how much we care and that's just part of that process already number one goals in the veteran's nursing home pharmacy legislative process. And that damn building they're using is an old bowling Alley still here you're using an existing building to get the job done a one stop shopping kind of thing for veterans. I think that's been made tremendous idea and it's coming to fruition so good job. I'm Natalie. Advocating for springs is another thing that we continue to be up there with. Working on silver springs and making sure that folks know how important on the silver springs processes band of course we have our livestock pavilion. We partner with the state of Florida in that and we continue to make some of the best thirty goes. And times for people to celebrate. All that makes the Marion County experienced what it is. Does it biggest threat to the springs is it. In other nitrogen or nitrates or is it and you know draw down and pulling water out of it but what's really the big threat. So people talk about that exactly as you as you illustrated you've got a quantity issue you'll slow issue how much do you draw out of it and then you've got this issue of as you draw more out of that you concentrate and minerals like my entered nitrogen or the nitrates. Arm and then you continue to have a stronger problem in that so you have better flow right. You've got less concentration of chemical of of any sort right sudden be if we if we get better rained. We've been in a drought for very long time even though we've had rain in and out we you know we haven't had real rainfall source code red or maybe I know the storms and so. You know you get better flow and and then all of a sudden you know Ole you know some of the problem from the nitrates. Does dissipate at some level. We just don't have too many night Tracy got. Too many longstanding golf courses too many of all those other things. You know in the facility that's why we've been proactive in trying to hook up. As many packets plants which from packets plants of the commercial plants and a shopping centers and all of the other places use. We've been really proactive in getting those offline and connecting them to the main sewer and that of draining out on. You know on fields basically. And then the other part of it is is that we we caddie. Wastewater plant that was. A less than a mile away from silver springs itself. We we've dismantled that taken out of commission work with the EP. To decommission that and hook it back up to have a plan that it's you know point three particle perm per million of the nitrates which is really. The highest standard you can get in it's healthy for springs and that sort of the next piece of that is is is how we figure out we've got some communities. Better in and around springs within and the Iran Corey colossal septic tanks wells. You know eventually we're working on plans to figure out how we do that now that seat two options and in the process. These. State of Florida and the department of health is looking at. Advanced septic takes system's second alleviate ninety's plus percent of the nitrogen in those systems as they work. Which is a whole lot better the war getting have a normal system today the problem of course is cost than the other problem is it that you wanna connect them to a main system. Again problem of cost when you do that how do you do that how do you get enough people on a system to me. The numbers work if you will even if you bonded it meet the rates work. And any time he's take somebody off of you all well septic in regards who have expressed a deceptive part. And you know you're giving them a lifelong bill that people hate that part I don't. I disagree with them so where's the how to work through all those problems and figure now. What what are the solutions and the great thing about clearing counties are people understand how important are springs are. And that we're blessed with a couple first magnitudes that. Quite frankly no other county has in the state of Florida or in the world. And nom I think because people understand that because we do good programming for that. It it it helps us when we say hey guys win we we need to be doing this better. And of people count on you to be a good advocate for for their needs and let me position that okay. When it comes but water degradation. Agriculture. And and I'm not picking on anybody but agriculture golf courses industrial stuff. Those are your main polluters and your sources of most of your issues. But they all as advocates fighting on their behalf especially agriculture big gagged and Kia. So who's gonna look out for the average homeowner because no yeah they would had been gag would love to say yet make everybody buy these 151000 dollar septic tanks are and you know so we're off the hook again. Absolutely and as though that we need people to come together like. There have been some really great whether it's cattle operation of peanut farms some of those other guys have come to the table and said hey we'd we'd get that. We don't. Cultures won't be blamed for all of my day night and and and I do understand that from their perspective. Arm but more more of those farmers are putting in best management practices. You know they're they're using now fertilizer in different ways. Including. I'm like some golf courses have done over the last few years changing from. Only an application fertilizer what you would spread it. To be liquid fertilizer that premiums or you know once the matter of moment snow and waste site and there's no waste and you're not in your hitting that's not hitting disloyal. If it's not all all used. Against of their continuing to add best management practices of their facilities and then when you look at the collective of said the tanks it's still is a significant part of the problem. We need Havoc he wouldn't figure out how to make that a cost effective approach. To protect or springs in the same time. And and and that is the challenge of our day well I. I think that. They'll come up with products that makes sense it's just a matter of trying to make them also look. In a cost effective and reasonable then that is that huge challenge right I mean every time we look at this problem and and and and we look at it like him how you go from you know a 5000 dollar system to a 253040000. Dollar system. Yet that inspected him break gets networking components now. A lot of issues we need to figure out the rule real solutions. Yeah I can't you just have a backyard deck compost pile right there with Allen but at a company and seriously absolute 815 Alibaba brochure have a conversation Americana can mister Carles Alec. I'll ask him about fire rescue tip of the hat to those. Folks that I had to battle of big plays. There's some run for the spring is coming up in some other issues as well. Hang in there you're tuned to the Bob Rochelle unused dark not at some point three this guy. Three yeah. Such interest in off their conversation we're having about septic tanks. I'm Mary caddy can mister Carles Alec in the house kitchen and about road show. And Carl what about fire rescue me and a big blaze in north Marion even though. You know we just had a huge range fire risk is still gonna be relatively high we've got dry days coming our way yet you know one of the things they talked about was almost thought some of firefighters. Adam I don't know many people are memorable back nine yea had a lot of fire and a lot of things along and and people are kind of predicting that kind of pride. Unfortunately year and then we're gonna have a lot of fires. So one of the one of the really. Impressive thing was to watch these guys were between four extreme Mary county fire rescue. Americana sheriff's office and and and how. Everybody comes together to really solve these issues we had over 725. Acre. Fired just north of fort McCoy. Wear off at 315 this last weekend it'll all everyone had come together the forestry was there in in quite frankly minutes. Bulldozers cut line to get people. And think god and that's really daft because you can swim like crazy winds were blowing in in our favor in this particular situation not blowing towards the houses. They were able to get in their protect houses that were in. And obviously in trouble now we lost one shed and in 800 acre plus fire and you know just really great kudos those guys some of those guys had worker shifts I mean he pounded in the in the forestry services at ten and twelve. I'll need a bulldozer without their we had helicopters flying national forest. Now participated in along with Mary counties are helicopter crew yet now they're getting more on end up from the helicopter prospective and many guys did an outstanding job to protect the the property of the people marrying county. At some point does this become a budgetary concern for Marion County as the services you know if they're used to this capacity under extra shifts and whatever else. It does that hurt you from the budget course. From the forest fire standpoint obviously forge trees blew the largest in ice right yes the state of Florida is the largest impact of that type of thing. But certainly. Having to have extra people more people displayed. Over time that those cost you increase for Marion County as well. And you know work. It took of course the pedal neared you have a couple of these more do you have. Fifty of these I mean that's a huge difference right and so I'll worry continue to keep our eyes on the ball and our people have been really good about. Strategically place and people we have these we can move our command center. In our command center can almost kind of be like a remote fire station. And those guys can operate in and out of those fire stations that we can move some personnel out of out of some or other fire stations to make all of our work and that's what we've done. In this case. But surely these. Fortune looks at doing some more controlled burns trying to keep some of this real timber real hot timber at bay. We're gonna be in better shape and thank god the good lord says the marine the other day. And we need a lot more written. And the citizens need to do their part. If you're having a fight if you're burning heads her home or whatever price sure that you are completely put those things out. Don't do it on the windy days I mean use some common sense and reality. Yeah I sesame burning leaves in fact it was probably really an electric county line right right in there. Last week announcing an and it was windy I'm like what in the learning and as I tell you guys. Only kind of remember the Friday before. Where you know we were having immersed in this fire was going we have a new burst of of 28 plus mile an hour winds and you know you can have fired Dublin core mob. I mean it's it's dangerous and and people need to know that. I am pleased especially in enduring in the Roy areas you don't mean need careful with what your burning and be careful how long your burning. Because we you know sometimes you have Tennessee to be like okay award are we can't and a couple days need to make sure that stuff goes out when you leave. Because god forbid some window you know this this. Timber and the dryness is causing some serious. You know ample fire conditions and you know we were the ones that are typically responsible for these fires it you know and so we need to be careful. And and if you do see you know a fire and a and outlying area that obviously no one's around owns controls that don't pay call it and don't assume that somebody else I drove by and saw smoke and they called it and holiday and it only takes a second to do right that's a reporter Bob we really need to make sure we're proactive this year. Jack is when they get on top even like you said they react buyers of the fire rescue and of the state reacts very quickly in an ideal. And they can keep these things simple no loss of life no loss of property and that's the idea apps they what are you doing for the you gotta run for the spring's coming up to know whether our. Things that we're doing we continue to advocate for springs we were talking bobs of a few minutes ago. Was this is our annual five K this Saturday registering normal begin at 730 in the race begins at eight of them piercing government complex. Right off the southeast 25 avenue in Ocala. Of course we got Stanley fund our present we've got to culpable. Great people that are running continue to have great teams that are. Participating you got companies competing against each other Seattle has kind of on one of the some of the engineering firms are coming in there and and they compete against each other we've got a couple of throws movement. I'm Mary Carey's course trophy are graphic and underground isn't. Force of four holes in this means actions we're taking for our homes. Protecting our springs and protecting our businesses continue to make sure that the brain candy stays the greatest place to be summer camps for the kids on a fast what people need to do. Yet they indicated they register one of the things that our ports continues to do. Om is is make sure that we have some incredible opportunities going on. So are. A main line number is 43823234382323. Even come by and that's our county commission office yep questions for me. Or. Ask our wonderful executive assistant nod to there to help you pointed in the right direction and get signed up for these things of course our website is Marion County FL dot org. Yeah so did doctor I marry in here. Not to want to go in she was our amount elementary schools. Being opened for the summer so forget so there's a lot of things going on summertime for the kids get involved in that makes street keep my out of trouble and we really appreciate your time Carl thanks how it's clearly a museum until next time affront to next time Carl's Alec Marion County commissioners say 27 on the Bob Rochelle. And coming up we're gonna talk to state senator Keith Perry stay tuned.