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WSKY The Bob Rose Show
Tuesday, April 18th
Bob shares the story of John Walsh, Dir. of Finance at Disney, and how his story can help inspire greater success.

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738 Allopod Rochelle live local special guest in the studio John Walsh is here is a director finance for. For Disney but that's not why he's here. A John welcome how you do what I'm doing great thank you for having me it's Iran or pleasure to be here well thanks for making the drive through Central Florida we we appreciate debt. Because actually you're you're gig if you will. Is there are coming up may the fifth. Leader cast Gainsville and actually Ocala. As part of that is well. We had Jill on yesterday from from leader casting and I guess one of my questions is metered director of finance for Disney how did you get involved with with leader test. Well it's it's interesting it's great question you may never know who you're gonna run into or what ideas are gonna spark something and I was working with the web developer in town you know Brendan last a great team out there and and he introduced me to Jill and Joseph and I got to talking and we found at the we have a lot of commonalities and more we are doing what our own purpose was. And you know one thing led to another and then you know hearing him talking with you guys which I never expected a while ago and you know now got a leader cast coming up which is just going to be a fantastic event. Yeah I if so aren't you I I think describe it to people exactly what it is and then the only thing I can do this sort of illustrate. They you're gonna hear stories from people that are either of famous Al right famous. Like one of whom would be Tyler Perry then or you're gonna have people that are kind of famous in their own right in their own field and you may not have heard their name but their stories are so compelling. And John I understand it didn't you're personal story is compelling and we don't wanna give it all away because. You're you're gonna be the big local. Speaker here but just give us a taste does. You know. Yeah had a major grew up now parents made fear college in their inning assess from there on around you got a Big Dig at Disney and I are set. Right yeah that's the way it worked at that's great data and unfortunately life doesn't quite work out that way I did get a great gig at Disney has started as an intern seventeen years ago and had a formula for success and became an executive at about eight years so mature a little bit about that story but. It in my story just like everybody else that we all have our own challenges and mind. Started rose really young and now's a hot in high school in and I was homeless. Through more I'll talk about that now what happened and that kind of thing in and EI had an interest seeing sort of ride there for a little while and you know we're talk about how I've sort of pulled myself out of that and the help that I got and sort of the different things and how I found my own purpose and I think every discovered my purpose about three or four times in this is my next discovery. Here around but it was a grid there was uninteresting journey now look back and I used to never talk about it because you know you're sort of ashamed about or written a lot of different things and it's personal. But I think he can help people what they you know that. That are absolutely because part of this whole leadership thing liter gas ansari is. Kinda discovering New York when your purpose you know there's some motivation in there there's setting goals there's a lot going on merit. People say how well it's. He can't relate to my eight polite he's the executive with which Disney though when they hear your back story they go wow well no way he did. Pastor will maybe can relate to my situation and I wanna better my life. I mean that's kind of what it's all about right. That is exactly what it's all about and I think we can all relate to different stories I mean there's a lot of motivational speakers out there are inspirational speakers out there and quite frankly I have a hard time relating to a lot of them I don't haven't you know millions of followers on YouTube and all that I'm just. An average guy in but I went through career change there was going to be a lawyer. Decided I didn't wanna do that I didn't go to school right away and I failed out of school couple times I think so you know. We've all had our challenges in life like I said in. I found sort of my way through through life in numerous talk about that and hopefully that helps inspire other people that all takes like I said is one idea. Meeting one person in that could change your own life so. Moments and then the more you put in front of yourself inspirational people. And successful people name you know that's a bit in in any book that I ever read. Surround yourself with good people you can learn a lot you'll rise to the occasion vs you know keep hanging out with the same old crowd this kind of drag you down so to speak. You've got to make those changes and if you don't get these kind of people in front of view and next to you and helping you. It's gonna be down much more difficult to beat. Successful this event this coming up maybe assess Anna starts at 830 at westside Baptist Church Ocala. Is involved as well and they actually start at 8 AM and I just wanna give people opportunity did jump on this leader casting Gainsville dot com. Is the website or you call 352577. The lead and give us another kind of a little taste of what we might expect although. In fairness John this is your first one right. This my first one for look for leader cast but I I've done a number of speaking engagements and things I have a formula for success like I mentioned before I'm in I'll talk about the fact that never won we all have the same purpose in life. In our purposes basically three things you can beat the best person that you can be with big gifts and talents you were given. Lead to help other people so they can succeed and then find a way to make a difference leave the world a better place he found it dull question then is if that's all purpose. It's for us to figure out how do we do that as an individual and that's what we're gonna figure out a little bit together as we're gonna brand do that in their way to go on their own individual journeys you kind of take it with all of us. If you did if you could break it down as simply as you could really is like one of the biggest obstacles that people face they gets in the way between down. And what we would consider success and it doesn't always mean financial we mean success in general terms with. You know signing a level of joy or happiness within themselves. You know all that but what's the biggest obstacle you've encountered. I think there's two I think one is people don't understand what success means for them they and they look at what success means to other people and it to try to live other people's lives and not their own life and so. I think that's one and the others just fear you know makes its. At certain trust me being homeless and having to go through career changing going back to school. Fifteen years after I was supposed to do and starting over is an intern in my thirties and if there's a lot of fear there and I think if you overcome that fear and you kind of figure out. Where you wanna go and what success means to you first saw him. It's a great family life you know for others it's inspiring helping other people for some this making money whatever that success says Alex talk about holistic success. There's probably ten different things and if you're successful all ten you're probably successful. But it's defining what that is for you as an individual and then overcoming fears to get there and you need people like you said to help you do that. Well I you know look Craig Woburn was in here Joseph Massa mean you know Larry Craig's you know you'll love him he does a great job. And yeah I mean I just love it when people tell their stories and you realize how much they've overcome because I think. We tend to point to people and say wow that guy's got it made he's got this big house he's got this nice car. And nobody looks deeper or generally talks that a person to find out. Walt what did you do to get there nonpartisan leader cast as saying here's here's what these different individuals have done to get there and only watch it. You realize there are some similarities there you know it's not a cut and dried perfect formula like baking a cake but. There there's there's so things that would go over and over again and honey we pay attention to we can get some out of it for sure. Yeah and I think the one thing just to kind of say were quick is that down what I love about this is that most people don't understand that their first region of success as it's called. Is actually a platform to do something else so if you know I'm an executive with Disney other people Tyler Perry is a very well known. But that's that's just their first level of success and wearer you know as I talked about. It's that last levels like how do you have an impact on people's lives and what world doing is using our success to have an impact on other people. And it doesn't matter how much money we make and what are titles are whatever else if we leave this world better and we found it and we've impacted people's lives for the better that's real success and that's what leader passed about. I wanna ask you about this this platform that wherever you are near stage of life. It could be the springboard to something completely different you have no idea let's talk about debt further. After this quick break I'm talking to John Walsh he is a director finance forward. Disney and here is going to be our local big. Speaker helping. Plus two you know bring you leader cast and for more information go to leader cast Gainsville dot com more we continue hang on. Send them to John about Rochelle where have a conversation with John Walsh he's director of finance for Disney. But he's taking his skills is where with all the knowledge that did you know he's grabbed two years and their share with people at an event called leader cast. Leader casting Gainsville dot commie wanna go to for more information. Or call 352557. Lead. John digging up or we left off you mentioned like me you never know what platform is gonna Europe. Lead to the next platform you wanna expand a little bit. Yeah I mean yeah it it all comes down to weigh your purposes and what your why is and I thought at one point my purpose was to get to Disney and become a big shot and becoming executive and I guess over the years of experience and you know awareness of the burly why were here you realize it's about other people and that's what Disney's about rights about Disney's about creating magic in and inspiring lots of kids and kids at heart. And so you know for me I realize. I you know as I'm doing this that it's not about me it's not about my title it's about other people and helping other people and I started doing a couple speaking engagements and he jumped more than any money I make at all. Getting emails from folks saying Martin he changed my life and I've you know I've done something different because you and that's what that's the real purpose in life in the and that sort of led wanting to another so use one platform to kind of you know help others and another. I love the concept and it's of course has saved you know I've been very spiritual basis as well to you know to give of yourself to serve others to help others. And good front in my new. Isn't a Christian motorcycle association what he constantly yes you do with this he's not always gonna see. Those fruits of his labor she's gonna talk to people on these in his business is trying to save souls and you know you don't always get an immediate gratification yeah I'd I turn the light on I got it. It might be ten years down the road but something and he said are dead and was impressed upon them and now will come into play later on. I would assume it's the same thing when you you make an impression on some and you always get an email. Yet that's exactly right I mean at the end of the day. And one of the things I do in my workshops as we talk about writing your eulogy statement now and people are gonna show up figure funeral and talk about what job you hadn't how much money you make it talk about what impact you had on them personally on people around you and you know at the end of the day that's what you leave you can't you can't take the money with he can't take titles and things with people you can leave some kind of an impact on people and that's awfully well we're here to do we're we're here to connect with each other we're here to help each other. And serve each other and I think that's what real leadership is all about it's not about the titles and things that you have it's about the impact you can have other people and helping them achieve their what they need to do. Now I loved how you touched on that your legacy and the like writing your eulogy you aware how do you want people to remember you and not gonna remember you by you know how much you made and having your house was that is. That that in itself right there is. Just a small lesson which I'm sure Bob I know because I've been a leader cast before. Post your looks you're looking to be more successful to better yourself to look for some direction some guidance highly recommend I think it's a great idea. And plus you get to hear John talk about his life story and it wasn't all easy no one was it. No wasn't at all and we'll share some of personal details and it's just it's shocking but everyone has their own story Marleau about doing events like this and I get to talk to people want one and find out about their story. And it's just it's just amazing people are. Incredible there's incredible guests. And it's just amazing to talk to the annals of great way to connect. In other people think it's important to successful people like Tyler Perry he's going to be one early guess it's going to be there as well so. Now we appreciate when we pass this information and John thank you very much for being here but I wanna make sure the people here is a leader casting Gainsville. Dot com. Leader cast gains a dot com or 577 lead and that's 352 area code. John lost director of finance for Disney. And I guest speaker and leader cast thank you thank you very much appreciate both you thank you much more to come on above Rochelle hang on.