Will there ever be an Obamacare repeal and replace bill?

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Monday, July 17th

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Now I know six. John Jack front Q five prestige case Jewelers where the answer is always yes welcome to the fourth and final hour. So the Bob Rose show nick is here as well you want and 8779759825. But we talked about us. That only talks about. Doug and other health care bill the GOP. Another stalling. Hoping that John McCain and gets healthy quick enough so that I mean get back to Washington and vote for it still might not be enough in terms. Of votes. But that's that's where they're at John McCain had a eye surgery while well he's fine he's fine he's in Arizona. And he's resting but yet they wanna back in Washington when he's healthy enough and they want to vote on this. But as Rand Paul said. Look it's not to repeal Susan Collins is concerned the other way that the government is not gonna do enough. For constituency in Maine I'm gonna pay enough and can cover enough of the expenses from Medicare. So you see. She's worried about some cuts to the program and ran policy Angus. Doesn't make enough cuts in effect even expands on some of the areas. So he's against him for those reasons so that's two for sure. They need every vote they can get. We have up there it's 52 what 48 in the senate 52 Republicans. In now so I need every vote they can get. To get a majority and to get this but if you wanna call to repeal I guess it's at least a partial repeal. To get this passed thorough. Look it's a tough one. On on one hand you say hey don't just pass them to pass it if it's you know since week that's not good enough. And the other hand you say you've got to get something done that you could show the American people and if it is at least better than what we currently have. We got a seriously consider it so that's that's kind of that's kind of where their and the thought process or where I'm at in it anyway. And then you can tell me what do you think too. Dingle barrier on the air your morning. Hi where are you they're short of artificial intelligence and I thought I'd give the squishy little tidbit of information. Historically. Our. Before technology. Everybody was gonna have rich and parenting and are. And what they realized was that the chimpanzee had in mind so they learned it which technically superior to us. And so bill slid periodically Raytheon rolling and the females were crap and attitude snap your neck feature race. So odd that's why the circus always had a whip. And it pistols so anyway leak in. Have artificial intelligence nor have I have some form of eight whip in a pistol. To be successful otherwise history will repeat itself thank you. No I guess our wonder how long before the sacks bots are given artificial intelligence which. Then artificial intelligence is like a computer. Our guess of you military computers or computer that can teach itself that's the scary thing about AI. Because now you've given it the ability to learn. And so whenever information it has it will multiply onto itself exponentially. And that's a kind of a frightening thought when you think about it there's just there's always risk. I wanted to chimps so bad and housing can really get to did you honestly it's you know I begged for one. And now I was good at begging like when I was ten and I got that many bike. That was a big deal you know for parents and you know what you know one income old dead they're working overtime and yeah the mini bikes I wanted to champ consumer that's you actually got me want to culminate my six. On the beginning next best thing the game we Chester oh champ dollar Dooley. That was said it was nice it was Mattel I wanna say donated and I still haven't here's my best friend Chester oh chip. Malia you pull the string and he would tortilla. And you had a nice and you British broke two home just chimp. But I don't dvd dom. Marleau you're on the air. Yet special prosecutor Leo is expanding at some tremendous amount of money hiring ten or fifty noise. The constitution that section learn specifically states. No money Shelby drawn from the treasury by any consequence of appropriations are made by the law. Where is that money coming from another thing. Attorney general sessions had control of the purse for the department just this spending so where is quietly approving the arms of that particular. Special prosecute. I am just guessing but I would imagine if the the president is the one allowing for the special prosecutor this was not. Assigned by the house which if it was. The house controls the purse strings that's an easy one and it would be funded. I guess when the president gives the okay. Dan DOJ signs off on it be another. Secretary attorney your attorney general I'm sorry sessions. Then would sign off on it but I honestly don't know all those smaller. I details and resilient he brought to light it might not be so small. You know in in many regards so. He's kinda like the funding for war you know in an officially declare war and then you're asking for funding without the declaration NN. I don't know it's it's it is streaky and he gets sticky. Clearly it's been awhile since there's been a news who thought a a tight end feared and it's that kind of senate constitution a constitution. It's valid being looked on the president who was there the last eight years. I mean. He said it was a flawed document. I mean the key demands and it was a flawed document. And all the others act like it is yeah. That's right. I'm gonna make an analogy based on church but I am I gonna go there because I and a sister still falling far short of the glories. It's a nice well above Rochelle. FBI Hitler this one's gonna irritate if this guy's an FBI liaison to congress. So he works for FBI communicate Swiss who with congress and you know I'm sure various important issues in fact. You know and dealing with things like. And of chasing down he's crazy Russian leads and end of the you know the calls of all this collusion and allegedly was taken place and all that stuff. Here here's part of the problem for this particular guy Greg brought our. He was head of the US attorney's office in Nevada. Wally was there. It's alleged that he was. Harassing one of his employees to some extent or another. And then when she brought it to his attention. They said Dennehy was. You know he was. He made sexist remarks in and then he was passed out toward her after that. And the anyway the bottom line is this was looked at it took twenty years. And they looked at it and they said yeah Ashis got a case in the Justice Department whipped out their checkbook and their cut or check for almost 288000. Dollars. Now I've I think she just Payer attorneys out of that meant. In no. This was all because of the actions that is according to a judge that looked at the all the evidence. This was based on the actions of Greg Brower. Who at the time was in charge today US attorney's office so they cut a check for 288000. Dollars because of what he did. So what are they gonna do him. Well he got a little bit of a raisin no paid great news organs of the FBI and easier liaison to congress. But that's still he has to answer because he works for the FBI he has the answer to the Department of Justice so clearly if they want and it takes some disciplinary actions toward him. The perpetrators. Of this crime. That they had to pay two and an 88000 dollars to up. You know to satisfy the complainant. And according to the latest report it is unclear. It is unclear whether mr. Brower will be disciplined. Even though he works for the Department of Justice again. Imagine ask if your employer and any other job. You know. Hey Scott Boley Gaza 288000. Dollars was taken out of his. Pay the epithet at a at. Yeah. It's just the government. Do ads they have it's just money printed up in the back room and but what he's really attached to it. No taxpayers who were held at gunpoint near the threat of gunpoint under the threat of prison they had to actually pay into this particular fund right. Yeah right. They got Ann Coulter. Doing and culture. Off would deal like turn night I have to admit I mean she has a way with words for sure. I share away with a words against. United yeah acts. Apparently. And we will get to that. After the break but first let's connect with Paul you're on the air good morning. Part of wanna Bob Barr look about your artificial intelligence I really think that's a good site what are really packaged you ought to do is try to oblong congress urged. And it would not block well what an extension cord going up prepares like they could be better or Albert. And decorate your W it'd be all but. I think that they're great idea right now other walker Alec east suck and that's taken all the bags. And all of donut that he assembles together thank you Bob. We know we're gonna do right material to gather 'cause I didn't add up clever lines associated with the each one of yours. And guys say yeah we're gonna have we're after corroborate. We have to get together. On it no way. We have to colluded. He's fully on me there bring a couple of hot sticky Russian spies lady ally yet. Anyway it's nice sixteen on the Bob Rose show and yes please tell you about dad and Coulter thing and does but how. Related adding on another airline and another woman. So tell you how all that went down. Next on above Rochelle it's 917. Happy Monday. That's like three out of Bob Rochelle live local good morning welcome it's time Shaq brought to you I prestige Hayes Jewelers where the answer is always yes. Coming up 11 AM they'll be your next chance to win a thousand dollars listened to the code word. And then texted to 72881. Messaging data rates apply to be in the running for grand ordered a four times a day 7-Eleven 215. Big money. Good times the grand that's that's kind of what you need to really do weekend anywhere you know we have a thousand cash that's a nice weekend. Really do almost anything NN key to us. How much do you carry pocket cash anyhow so when you've got when you've got money to be able to pull out that sauls. I yeah I like Kevin walking around cash. And I hate when I go and in my wallet and realize I don't have it. So yet everytime I go the store like do you want cash Beckham like oh hell yeah I do O but they don't have a hell yeah button. Now. And yes. And they should and a hell yeah I'd cash. I'm a man. Canada grocery shopping and Sony's gonna pay the price verve for me having to do this that's a new one man republics together and you Roland it says do you like cash. Brasilia button yup. Sorry if I hurt anybody's sensitivities there. Test tube dogs or make him in China twice as muscular a regular dog the fear is they're gonna. Now use this genetic. Encoding and breaking down in all the Malarkey that they're up to and maybe may try to make super humans for warfare and things like that well yeah I mean we've talked about this for years and it's. I mean it is headed in that direction. Whether he gets even government blessing world blessing when it comes to ethics. And guidelines that they've tried to set up for this stuff you know there's going to be somebody wants the edge you know there's there's can be somebody. Looking for the ads. And they look at it in terms of say it might be a survival thing I mean think of the Germans. You know have the nuclear. Bomb before before we did. In now. Things may have gone half. Quite literally. I think actually there's have no I think his TV show us for just a little bit that kind of based on that theory that. That and then Germany did like take over half the American the other half the West Coast was take you know by the Japanese like to split us up. It was kind of an interesting premise. But. Yes. I'm nice I'm a TV star now I don't know if you heard but I'm in a new. Production called Colin Powell boom that PC productions. Put together and asked me to act in it. I don't know if there are desperate are actually thought I might have some ability I don't know but the bottom line is I had a blast if you wanna see some stills and photos from that. You go to our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash the sky. And check it out for yourself these darn fine look at. Last thank you yeah thank you sooner than if it. I play but but. But as a duty Obama. In the end checking out the boy Bud's got a kick out of what he just hooked up with a as a woman night before. And down already the next day he's tell an advocate well it really was can we just like 3031 years alls like yet time for your slider a nasty and now. And so yeah that's my AM I'm big monologue is I have on my heart to heart speeds with budget. You know that the kid is still wouldn't know what mommy MTA's a thirty it's you know send a move on what treatment. In the non bud out your status Chad ends in the lady cam. He chemists are real name she plays Sally sees. Maria she knows her stuff. She's yet she joins other people on how to act communities via surgery she teach you. Yes he was give me some pointers and quite helpfully Imus look I was take you know and I mean I it's it's hard to believe it Meehan a situation where there's. Also census I don't wanna say it too loud the humility. Whereas actually you know taking an end. And home alone while I look what's the first thing I'd get up posting. I star is born look at me. The man's child needs more attention look at me I'm. I had if you did so that is your name but I thought I had to pick a name name C a new blood would glad it umpire. Advocates on poor little. I know is bigger and that was Klein had a blast who really. Fareed. US has been colluding with the Americans but no way to lefty media would do. And would have you believe this is about actually paying. And in organizing people were marching against fracking in the US. Why because clearly Russia has a financial stake and that. And now an interest in I wonder how much the lefty media wolf glom onto this story since anything with Russia and it. They used alone will they love this one. Details on that coming up also things that make you smile about fifteen minutes away. Third thing about that too. News talk 97.3. This guy from. 936 and above Rochelle live in local thank you virginity and good morning happy Monday is. Back into the work and we hopefully we may go a little bit quicker for yeah. Roger Federer wins his case Wimbledon time. That's a record. Also a director did a 35 year old one it. Last person do it add to our own the ripe old age of 31 I know which would be the next oldest was Arthur Ashe. An American yep back in 1975. So our congratulations to Roger Federer. And guys another major cities one year leads the pack in. Gosh almost. Well in most categories anyway so congratulations. South Korea and North Korea. We turn are different they're talking a little better and they're talking about talking. South Korea. Is willing to put aside. North Korea's testing of the Intercontinental ballistic missile. And that it would kind of reveal the wrong way wouldn't remember I mean these are the folks are only a few miles to your north I mean you share a are you series DMZ even you share a border. So they're willing to maybe you look past that and easing some tensions possibly resuming reunions of families separated by the war you know dating back to the 56 Korean conflict. And the vice defense minister said Monday that south. Korea's defense officials are proposing talks at the border. Village of pan am one. Pan am home Joseph home Panama home Joseph home believe this well that's probably close but anyway. This may come as early as you know world. Friday. Nia. And how to end some idea hostile activities have been taking place along the border. And the Red Cross. Is getting involved from from the South Korean side obviously. And they're looking to also hold some talks that would allow you know Stanley members. From both countries to to meet. So they're trying to get something like dead done and I think for the families involved that's fantastic it's huge. And the downside is I think that it's buying some time maybe for Kim Jong ill. He's not gonna stop testing and nukes he's not gonna stop trying to. Launch ICBM so. From now perspective. You know I think make a sir Howard tunis by engines to buying him some time. And hill uses is propaganda make himself look better too as people just can't trust slime ball. Yeah. I mean that's really what it would have boils down to reason these dangerous. Senator Chuck Schumer told reporters Sunday there's no saving new republicans' health care bill. Whether or not John McCain's they're not basically racist I'm just not the problem with the present health care bill. Schumer said this according to New York Daily News the problem is a substance. Slashes Medicaid which has become something it. Helps middle class New Yorkers and millions of Americans. Well. Well but any time McGovern writes a check to somebody could say and helps those people. And in how has which when he trillion dollars in debt. I mean at some point you've got to kind of real list does in ordeal not. Maybe Chuck Schumer is a vis the Vulcan in based on his agent his political career that. Grit and give a flying flip what's in for our kids and our grand kids in now really didn't care. You know have been long gone. Pass the buck kicked it can mean that's really. The as his generation of a politicians and cannot of people but a politicians. Especially those on the left. And nobody wants a live within a budget Republicans are guilty of materials are going to be fair in terms of you know not living within a budget. Now this Health Care Reform thing. It's tough because you talk to Rand Paul is that this is not a repeal this doesn't go far enough. You talked to Susan Collins from Maine another Republican. Like oh this this yeah this cuts Medicare and Medicaid just makes dramatic cuts in our state and we've got people did when we need bad and so they have it I mean even within the Republican Party. There are far apart. So even if you got Collins or Rand Paul on there and John McCain needs still is going to be a tough go. It's 52 to 48 Republicans vs Democrats in the senate. John McCain's got to come back. And then what can they afford to lose a couple of votes. Well they do there would they vote no war. It do they changed they're saying if they abstain from the vote. Does that change the dynamics of it in terms of the majority how does that work you have to have a majority based on the totality or. Or based on that on no. You can have a bunch of guys bow out and and if you do have a bunch of guys ballot that means that it Democrats. If they all show op them. Doesn't help either so they're gonna need to. And he'd ever doubted there Weller Republicans well for sure so my Democrats can take today off would be nice yeah. Yeah. Schumer take today off clean your apartment in DC urgently comparing take a few guys with. And with the please. John McCain just in case you're wondering you underwent a surgery for Rio blood clot I think it was above resides. On doctors from the Mayo Clinic said his surgery was successful he's resting comfortably. At his home in Arizona. So that's why the whole health care bill things kind of on hold right now Ford now. It may not do any good though once he returns. And that'll be one of those wait and see. Kind of a thing is that. Not amazing yesterday I mean you know in the promotion this health care bill nobody. Except Susan Collins was available to be on the Sunday shows over the whole weekend you never saw anybody but Susan Collins. They're all doc and on this one. Well and you have daylight if they can get a Republican. Up there on the mainstream media. Love talking about how we that it's not a good bill. Especially from her perspective vs a Rand Paul but he I'm fox you thought you'd a had a few folks nobody. He. They're gonna step and away from it. But doesn't matter I mean the American people are gonna know if something. Against John Norris doesn't get done and now where Republicans will both take they'll pay a price for it. In my opinion. They'll pay a price for an action they think about how low the you know that the numbers of bin for congress in terms of how the American people. Perceive them in our lives always gotten they've gotten low numbers. And hasn't gotten any better and well you know. You better look at that before. You get some the election cycle continues through again. And some people might be out of a gig you've got to make something happen as got to be something. It makes a difference a as you're able to accomplish that that would be big and in the meantime get working on us tax cuts and stuff I thought well well what am attacks. Cuts and reforms on that. All were saying that they got to do it in the order of healthcare first because it allows or freeze up. Some tax movement. And then now you can do tax cuts so. Phil how's the improvements now I mean it again. Again I would understand that budgetary process if we lived within a budget. But when you exceed the budget every quarter and have for how long it's you know they still a ticker tape parade when they only exceed the budget. In L bio fuel you know by a few hundred billion dollars. In now. At the end of the year if they exceed the budget by less than half a trillion they consider that successful. You know and that's how you get twenty trillion dollars and dad. So if you're using as excuse of which hinted tax cuts yet is will we we don't know we have to work with. You have to work with it twenty trillion dollars in debt as we have to work with you do it for the economic. Ignition. They hope it creates lowering taxes people spend more money now it's not just Republicans believe that like Ronnie Reagan. Goes back to JFK. And and other. But Democrats and understand the economy c'mon bunch is the constitution. And to Brittany and all. Yeah it's all a gray area for them NN they have no definitive lines they could never played like football for instance. Feel like you can't run through the stands. He can't go he now you can't hide the ball to your buddy list you know waiting in the tunnel to run out and jump in his Volkswagen and and you know I mean. Drive down the street likes what game is that what's politics we can do whatever we want we have to play within the lines. All right enough of that things that make you smile coming up next good upbeat positive thoughts it's raunchy about a best tennis in the whole world Robin arsenic dent Zola. Finder like here on FaceBook for a but for right now call in here. 8779759825. Things that make you smile next. Paul it's time now for things that make you smile good upbeat positive thought. So you wanna share with us it could be everything. Related to anniversary birthday yeah. Something you saw are you did not if Colin litmus things that make you smile as fronted by Robin Larsson general I recommend her services if you're looking for great danys. Consider Robin Larsson general and you can find her on FaceBook. Split FaceBook one of these it makes me smile. Is a year he would you know Ali prompt you to give you that memory staying all the time right right I get I get more and more doesn't like. Donnan. And having a pretty good shot it up and there's also you gotta be reminded day. Why is pretty good. Flaw that I yeah so it's kind of nice. John what's making news not. Very level low blood welcome and soak in absolute ultimate love. Why are all very grim bigger lead group and it is also there are global what you don't know. What was it that led her ability to all the years all pray and have on the phone that I put on. The boat load smoother but spurred any data get rewarded devoted. In do you have budget well. Terry we're able to complete their work slow wires. As polygamy as well I got rebel. Yeah a lot of them are gateways to other things so. The very careful of the apps. I can angrily to the best apps. Of those a day you have bring your red for dinner now set. And I are not isn't she sticks. Tahoe has some pop purse Al Pena popped purse and now with debt. Some whites our creamy stuff whatever it is some content Cheshire and saarc. You talk about the big TV show makes me smile that minimum BA superstar I'm still gonna remember you nick what do you remember. Who. Emma come I'd throw empty beer cans you convertible. Rock show especially for some pocket. That would make me smile this morning is looking to show when I listened in the news broadcast annual liberal moon sport desperate change. When they're reported Donald Trump's approval ratings in the 34%. They were all so did the right thing and recorded. So they got liberals. Approval ratings could be as what was Donald Trump that's good that's a step in the right direction. Yeah I elected bid they're tried in now. And Neely takes so many nasty emails from me out there and ABC news and I mean you're working out in. Tony Powell boom. Is the the TV show that. I was apart up Saturday to some filming in Ocala for PC productions. And you wanna check it out a go to FaceBook dot com slash the sky. There's a couple of stills and there from it but this is a TV production could turn into. God TV show org has sold to simulate Amazon are. I HBO who knows. But the quality of and I think is in pretty good from the terms of you know the lighting and camera work in the sounds and all that. I was very happy to be a part of and it was a great new experience for me and everybody who was involved in it were such. They were says pros and they're put up with via the rookie so I appreciate it. And that wraps it up for things that make you smile brought you buy it Robin Larson gentleman don't go away. Because coming up next I've got your. Parting shots and then he's brought to my hairy back with some guns and range. Time now for your parting shot brought to Dubai I. Gary Beck was guns in range. Another teacher busted a female teacher this time insisting full are. Blames partially. Or her male student seventeen for tricking her into a sex. He was like a used car salesman she said a couple of let me tell you some way to you get a load her her not to enter anybody's feelings but. You know that in some of the previous ones we've seen an enviable rock album and a tireless. I can't I do not average teacher don't like actress friend Brent Wright. You won't say bad about this one and here's a startling fact. Donna is the fourth at teacher from Gwinnett County who has been arrested on sex related charges. Just from one school year it's horrendous game county it's like why don't they send a memory a memo aloud on many a graph. Yes grossing Jesus now. For nick I'm Bob god bless you in the Stanley great cities did see.