Why an R-V park development in Keystone Hts-Melrose-Lake Santa Fe area?

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Tuesday, August 1st

Why an R-V park development in Keystone Hts-Melrose-Lake Santa Fe area? Bob Rose Show with Kerry Stallings 9am 8-1-17


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Damascus men who already ruined by the rector my long. C a stretch to say. Hello between you and oh yeah elegantly news Bob Rochelle. Contrast now how short par three cycling news talk 97.3 disguise. Yeah yeah. And I know I don't Monroe shown live it's returning in time Jack Ron junior my prestige taste humor but he answered. He is always yes he has these German G is out of sync communications director. And they the other story humans. Senator region and even apparently president trump Dick Cheney in the original John junior's letter in response to the they're meeting with the Russian story. You out. Look the fact all that and and give me the real deal announcement meanwhile. No local gentleman who's coming in dirty representing. Tom as a citizen and of the idea of building an RV park out in the kind of keystone Melrose. Lake Santa Fe area Kerry stallings good morning and welcome mourn Bob thank you for me. I'm glad you came on because. Look this is an issue that's universal in Florida in that palm. Many people say and got my little piece of paradise I don't really wanna see anymore development minister and a human nature you know used to have a nice trees and woods across the street free house. Maybe either can't afford to buy a property or it's not for sale. But at some point whoever owns a property is gonna exert their property owner rights and do something limit in. That may be developing it so this is a universal two of folks reporting you said you lived in. Central Florida the Orlando area. We're familiar with the you know all those issues that have taken place there aren't in and it definitely has grown if you want to live on the woods. I Orlando's try not to place where you wanna go right exactly. So it's only a little bit about this RV park because they think there's a lot of disinformation. I'll tell you what I know. They're gonna build a huge RV park right on lake Santa say and it could impact lake San SA and the swamps interface swamp near there and and it's gonna can just traffic. These are similar things I've heard from the other side have made up my mind yet. But purity told me it's not even on makes sense to know is not a section about two miles away from the actual light. And about eighty acres between the actual RV resort and the swap. All right so. What is the major issue that you're up against in terms of people not wanting to see this constructed and it's an RV resort. It's is this is not just a united is the most things down and here's a plugin that clear power and it's going to be done in the in a tradition of some of the other things that some of the same people have invested and or bills. They like Tom's barbecue on steer on 100 has been there. It's very well done back you've got that covered area native dance playing. The the whole areas manicured and it is it's just honestly it's very well done. So the RV park is gonna be done in this with the same idea and attitude. That's correct. And when you said resort that is the key. This is not what some people would Erica turned to be a trailer park. This is more or less like a retirement community that just happens to be on wheels it's dated it's nicely landscaped. A major investment of about eight to ten million dollars just from the resort. So what percentage and and an irate to say a slaughter for 400. That's correct OK so. Of a 400 sites how many are like what we call semi Carmen and her year rounder or whatever to people have that option. Yes they do actually what you're gonna fine and I'm speaking from. Experience of knowing about what's going on with will stream crossings and by the way that the other will stream crossings as one of the partners in this venture. But for much of the year neither 100% occupied and and the rest of the year there about 50% occupy and they do have some people that live here year round year after year to year. They have some fixed unit homes actually in the development. But we're probably finding keystone is again a 100%. During the four winner months of the year and then you're probably around thirty to 40% the rest of the year hopefully it'll be higher than that. But you're talking about people who have quarter million dollar RVs this is not some camper this is somebody who's invest a lot of money. Now easy with a camper language I does have a little camper it's good for you might get along with the people they have their real nice up motor coaches or body can't stay there because you see you have to you have to sign a form of contract. To stay there. A minimum you can't just come in their stand a couple of nights a leaf know you can't OK we'll see that's another piece of information I didn't know absolutely unionized salon article in the local newspaper where someone had mapped out. What they expected to be the traffic flow and now the park and the city of the infrastructure can't handle it. Well their information. Although if you based upon nightly stays might be correct. When they form a contract you're not gonna have that it's not to be neared a kind of traffic. Chuck judge chuck. Well Kerry isn't there are some sort of age requirement as well and I know a lot of local residents are worried about. Oh you know these young punks are gonna be coming in and infiltrating our town. Yes you're correct you have to be at least 55 years are based needing to stay here that's when you start getting into trouble that's right in the market however Alyssa is this. You know these people are down here some of them. Our grandparents they wanna see their families during the summer months they're thing was or London visit them. How how big of a lot. Or whatever that terminology as would would you have you signed this contract how much space do you get for that you know I really can't answer that I guess I don't know. But obviously a full size. Motor home you know the biggest durable ones on the road. It would accompanied it would accommodate dat with I would imagine at least some space in between oh absolutely as a matter of fact in driving through Wilson crossings RV resort. You'll see quite a few that actually have gone and purchased or built. Does he goes next to their homes. And then they also put in DO. Architectural stones if put in the room planners did their own little bit of you know landscaping so. If they try to make it more home. Can I admit I can I bring in one of those things a sore looks like a log cabin to type. It is you do not talking about that make him kind of look like little cabins but they're tactically I guess because there on wheels EB couldn't move them. Yeah I've never seen one of those in the RV resort archival stuff. Nine and and I'm suffering back to Georgian a friend of mine. Has a place up their same thing is skated. You go in on some people stay there year round as some. No common goal like you said it's not an overnight place you either have a spot they are not not believe in his case if I'm correct. He either has a very long term lease or re actually owns a little piece of it and then you pay an ownership senior deuce. But you kind of hold that little chunk and you know he had a nice fifth wheel and there. So I think I have an idea what you're talking about as far as an RV resort and close second to study and benefits don't like data most of cross examine inside. But from the outside looking in looks pretty nice. Yeah I'm actually the odor will strip crossings has another resort the just opened this past October down in Brooksville and done in the resume and as because his was filled. And will stand and there was a backlog of about 200 people when he sort of built that it was full during the winter months. And like a says he's now one of the partners in this venture as well so there is a demand. Where it where where is trying to do business in Brooksville and and well list and was there. A lot of flak curve from the general public there were against the project I really couldn't tell you how else before. I ever got involved in this well I think affair and a big issue would be what you do with you know we know what neo bathrooms in these things and what comes out of them. That's that's important so Gary if you wanna stick around Kerry stallings is with us and he is in support of an RV resort. That is had to be built. Two miles from lakes and a day and day eighty acres away from the unsanitary swamp. And some local folks are not happy about it when he's here to dispel some of the myths. We'll talk about it further and ask him specifically about. The septic in the waist and how it's going to be treated. Next on news talk 97.3. This guy. Welcome back nine to anyone on the bond rose showtime Jack brought to you by prestige Casey Lewis when he had serious. Always yes. Which are gonna carry stallings and I'm he doesn't now while maybe you do do you have an ownership stake in the upending RV resort to could be built no I don't you don't you know I'm a financial stake but Jerry here. You know kind of represented one of the principles is involves a several individuals. And they want to build a 400 different spots and this is not a common go campground. This is a way extended stay tied saying. And this is for people who generally known motor homes and their willing to sign these long term. Contracts to stay there. So it's not definitely not a trailer park for shore it's not even really an RV park it's a resort park because there are all extended stays like death. Whether snow birds right canceled for lack of better term yes there's all kinds of amenities that are going to be involved as well so mental well absolutely there even considering putting and they had lazy river. That's one things is on the board. Let me reiterate once again this development is not I repeat is not on lake Santa say. And you wouldn't even have. Directly to access would you know they know you and OK and it is not even on the environmentally sensitive lands day of the sanitary swaps which. Well I remember with them is burning Arab side and on better known them environmentally to Dallas but you say there's an eighty acre buffer that even separates. This resort park from that. That's correct OK so we've taken care of that now I'm worried about all the pollution. You know even rich people have to go to bathrooms 4 o'clock so what do we do it all that. You know wolf first and foremost there is not a dump station there will be no raw sewage to conclude this could be pumped into the swamp and that's a concern is some people raced in the community. It's I should be tied into keystone sewer system and key sons were system. Is this gonna have cause the cost to go up so residents to maintain a sewer will anything be pushed over to their side in terms of increased costs now. Now okay. So and that was a big question so it's going to be handled. Who's the other sewer which will be completely treated there won't be there won't be left you know like you said to about down there in the woods connecting it's not even out septic it's a sewer that's right bump. Also Amman they are gonna have holding tanks and back up generators sisters ever power out issue for rebounding kind of back up on the server system is gonna continue to flow. Through the actual source system. So you say you've you've got that covered and what about all you know. You've got rain falling got run off the other parking lot you know that how you feel that well bylaw you have to capture that treated you can you know push it back and that's why when you see new roads being built or expanded UC. Drainage areas because it captures a Rainwater that has a chance to percolate or whatever the scientific terms are. And then goes back into the that is correct on that okay. Jerry what about the local benefits as far as the economy do you see this as something as there will be a positive for. Keystone heights and start the reverend county area. Almost directly asked thinking it to both communities here you see your downtown in both places you've seen a lot of buildings. And businesses shut their doors just recently had the local pizza or close accuse somebody switches that's kind of highly unusual beats are close. Mom we go to Brooklyn boys but yet go to Africa but you're here you're also about to have a bypass built on Israel on this and go right around stark. Which means that the restaurants on real wind are and take a major hit. By that bypass opening in order to start now it's going to be actually ramp off 301. Wow so I think they would be more than happy to have some the financial benefit of having an additional 800 customers coming into worse. So and that's when you look at that potentially because there's 400. Kind of spots on this in a resort this is a gators are the enemy gated community. So the plan to make it it has to look nice otherwise. They kind of people you want to attract the well heeled people I mean and I can they don't wanna be on some bug patch of sand. Where you're right in the you know the builder that's in charge of the straw there's a guy named Charles Clayton he's out of Orlando. He was between fifteen builder of the year for Central Florida and the man's known for building homes that range from 900010. Million dollars. If he's gonna put his name on a project I can assure you it's going to be yelling. Yeah I just like in Toms barbecue and a sister restaurant but they've done a very good job of the way it's landscaped the way it's laid out the way it's maintained. So you're gonna look at something like destiny landscape properly. Where exactly you will. We're on state road 100 if we're drive now 100. And relieving keystone and we're going toward the airport where now what now where's the park going to be it's going to be just west of homes into bucks Tom's property. Costs are all okay. So is going to be right there isn't mayor ray. How does that from the landfills. It's across the street. So there's no. Neighbor shall we say across the street and there's no. Buddy coming and going from business is creating traffic situations. Because nobody's pulling in are out of the you know landfill no. So you've got airport traffic is how far down that's another. Probably about another mile and current. Idea and I'm just trying to in my in my mind kind of picture where is Suzanne how far off of state road 100 is it it's just right off the road. Oh yes absolutely but you're gonna have to turn on Kenner a 21 being. Or to get to the interest. The actual RV resort. And it's 21 being a road that runs right there next to Tom suggested it found they asked to try to put the interest we also 100 but the Department of Transportation would not allow them to do so. And they have their own reason sometimes it makes sense sometimes they don't but. This is a same road you go down from my friends ago and help out like soldiers of freedom and stuff like death that's that same road yes it is. And and going down that area and I'm not totally familiar it just a little bit from knowing people out there like chuck. But that area. Is not in other words this RV. Park this resort would actually. Be beneficial to people own property in that particular area because part of there is not that nice I don't know what terms to use but yeah it's a nickname speed dollars and rattles him. And I think you would enhance property values not take away from them. Not only that but when you look at the the amount of business and be done by people who are staying in the RV resort. Now if you take the average span of two person household the United States. It ranges around 39000 dollars a year. Now you take that and take the four months of the park is there and full to capacity in the the other eight months it may be a 30%. You're looking at approximately. Over seven million dollars in span they become into local economies are keystone stark nick never real impact in that area. What about the people concerned with the traffic on the way to local residents and actually live on the lake they're worried. About those boat traffic only seen her farewell would you say to them. Well I would say that you know and the proof would be in and seeing what's actually done when it comes and I've yet to see an RV driving on the interstate going about I'm not saying it can't happen. But I also. For CI guess American C one to usually put drop a boat into the water on a Rampage well right I know I don't I don't think you're gonna see an RV backing out because you know quite frankly I can see America's funniest videos within our Yeltsin. They pushed the wrong pedal it ends up in the lake and now you've got an RV submarine. Yeah that's not good now. Unless you specifically built it to be that way which I know some people. Hey Tom we've got to end it here Carrey Carey star Alex thanks so much for your time and the biggest thing here was getting out truthful information about the issue because sometimes people kind of distorts things but just. Frankly don't know when so they've they create fear amongst the people in and then they tend to turn against him still listening to the fact self. Appreciate coming out well thanks to some of appreciating him I was hopefully bring some barbecue and. Look analysis. Nine joining nine other above Rochelle. Always got a lot more to catch you up on all the headlines that you may or may not have missed and things that make you smile. About fifteen minutes away on. Not 37 on the Bob Rose show a lot of local while you're doing well light. Just a gorgeous day. I'm blessed to live here in the heart of Florida like so many other parts of Florida there's always debates about you know where to build what to build a you know how much you try to preserve. And that was part of death to the army argument and the concern about an RV resort. Dad's is gonna be build and I. Honestly just from overall I thought it was going to be icon like Santa say just two miles away from like Santa Fe is not even gonna be in the sanitary swamp is near eighty acre buffer between NASA. The Sunni are very high and gated. Well done kind of a really odd community. Because he's going to be people that have so you know the motor homes that's got something to have. As a team she Motorola 200 granderson going to add. This and upon a lot of money into the community communities between stark and keystone high Sid. Really can use an infuse of cash and it's 55 and older community so. Here are not gonna get people who were saying okay Yemen a move here but you got to educate our my kids and put him through school adding two additional cost that way pot. These people are here they're here to have fun under your. In events and things like that so I gotta tell you based on what I know who's here hi I'm definitely leaning toward this being a very good thank. But I him but I looked don't be shy and however you feel on it if you have an opinion on it 877975. 9825. And Tom joins Tommy on the air good morning. Tiger more hair poker buddies go well this morning. I don't Canada a couple of comments and end first public say about school nurse was in the show earlier that it was trash talk is and those but disputed theory presented at the joy that. That does. Tried to a avoid that because there's obviously a lot of trash talking going on and much of it is certainly not necessary so that's that I just want to make a couple of points. The opposite I am. Not in favor of the RV parks can you live on like ten effect all the exposure in my backyard at the swamp bio swampland in Florida. And I've grown up here. And it's not so much that I don't want to see changes to the area that really has no back but I am. I'm fully committed and and also feel that it's my obligation to protect. These waterways C someone had mentioned that the border. Is not does not have any special designation by the state of Florida and and he. Apparently today don't know or someone doesn't know that the the whole policy and a safe system. Being delayed the swamp the river and even points north from Leo lusty river or not. Is all considered an outstanding Florida water and that's designation by the state of Florida. But you realize that you realize the park is two miles from the lake correct I realize the partners to miles from lake and I realize there's. Eighty acres between them Howell cover eighty acres. You know as did an depending on how you measure where you measure eighty acres would be a couple hundred feet. From from the swap. What I can tell you that I give Taylor the RV park is closer to a landfill. Manifest to the sort pump. Yeah I don't understand the attraction there either because they're gonna make it nice the attraction is Florida sunshine. You know people cannot. You know it's it's a nice area you live there you love it it's a nice area people people wanna come so the attraction for most people I think would be that the climate the weather. Yes. I I agree idiot. And to be the other issue is that there wetland but no matter how much you try to work. Protect. And keep the drainage and the you know things and Shaq. If you look at as much cool rain as we've had in the last month. And that is running through the neighbor's property. The neighbors on that property for many many years and has become his legacy erases. A lot to see cattle on that as fast on all that flows directly and his property and directly into the swap. So there is some concern of the potential damage and that's why we call the order Richard protect our sport. Well we don't we wish that people have protected the elections he's done I'd. On years and years ago and there are people took their files. The ball and look what happened to settle it. So well way to look at what happens and ranks well most summer dried up they said dude in a bid people not taking care of them or is it do. Maybe I don't know camp landing or some of them mining that is taken place. Exactly a lot of those so a lot of us this is not my typical Andy's been there so long time. Right I understand that what I'm saying is that the the that the people didn't necessarily not. Take care of and understand that a lot of the mining and the other thing that happened civil rights unfortunately they drain that the pact they did give rapper. Okay so they don't let a whole another topic that we I'm happy to do do do more research on it are you back but just stick to this one. You know we we. Well well well you know we're worried about what and I shouldn't say we I'm worried about. The the consequences that could come. To this. For the area. What's on our game you know that they're they're tied into the into an actual sewer system CI a story about bad. And when it comes to the rest of the run costing you mentioned earlier like a rain. That's taking care of now by any new construction. You have to have all the standards of you know areas where water sits in percolate and all that so you know I'm gonna have this director run off scenario where it's just racing across other another owner's property. Yes yes there's so far we've heard a lot of please say just trust. There today and I'll know these these are these cold these are code issues dies they can't violate if they wanted to do. I understand that but so far we've seen I've seen nothing and you know of all I am their plan was. Was. Basically taken. Back and they've asked for a do over because there are so ill prepared for the first made. And it literally I think. My personal opinion is that it was a little wink wink and nod not that they're gone for the via these state and expected that this will walk right through but. Tom DOS or got to tip Tom Gilbert. Tommy mentioned you live on on late Santa say to you does your home have a septic system. My mark I have a septic tank and during field. Yeah I mean is that how and how close is that to the lake. And in we're better alternative. That's for sure why not sell and so on saying look Camby you living there and you're enjoying your lifestyle and I don't blame me that's beautiful out there. But he you know you have an environmental impact these folks may actually have less of an impact they use a suit or the run house going to be controlled because of although I have a codes and ordinances that are being instituted through that state and federal government I mean. Here is you're actually it's you're better off with this kind of thing being built and maybe. With some of the residents of whether they know it or not might be doing the lakes and a saves through the Celtics right. No well. I would prefer I much prefer to have a skeptic at first but if that was possible. Are you mean a similar note yeah a similar sort certain so. So I certainly. You know are out our problems would mark septic going up let me let me ask you this let me ask you this dumped there. If if at the OK let's say you're the property O'Neal on the property or whoever owns it at the property owners have a certain right to develop a large chunks of property in accordance to a how things are zoned etc. What could I did. Could be developed in an area where you say hey gum that's so bad if you have to have development Max wires he would be good what would that be. LA you know I'm not sure to be honest within. I would want it to 400. RD is crammed into 72 acres and and you people have mentioned other side other RV parks. Are around. Florida and we're looking for example us twice is a bit. There on almost a 150 acres and they have the same amount of site. So you know it's it's not apples and apples they're compared compared. Personally if it was if the PlayStation set and again my concern is the water system in the hopper and all that. Okay and and I wish we could get into it further but I I've got to I've got to go because it is time for segment we call. Things that make you smile I do I but I appreciate the the employed very much and guys would bring this up again you're more than welcome to weigh and it is nice 47 on the Bob road show coming up next things that make you smile brought Chiba Robin Larsson general. Call us now an 877. Net 975982. Size.