Trump is the 'guest of honor' in France

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Thursday, July 13th
Trump is the 'guest of honor' in France

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It's. The final hour of the five rows show begins right now why how 9 o'clock stretch him progress. Time is flying right by. It is 906 and your time checks brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers were the answer is always yes president trumpet in Paris guest of honor. For Bastille day. The guest of honor. And a huge event. I guy who love. I don't know the lefty media's told us everybody around the world hates him so I don't know how I became negate the guest of honor I'll. Can Iraq's gonna run for senate in none Michigan. Yup running against longtime Democrat Debbie Stabenow. Double a democratic congressman couple of bozos. Are trying to come up with a articles of impeachment for Donald Trump. Outside a joke. Per say but it makes them look ridiculous and silly that it's it's. They urge the what does I Democrat. Congressman from from taxes. It got me from Austin is now and the only like old democratic slow foothold a mental state. Got to be right now which courtesy calls out to visit and never been there but. But it is there there if it's there. Communist archipelago. In in Texas like Gainsville is in here and flew air yep yep yep. I. President trump. When referring to his son Donald junior. He said that what everybody would do that everybody would meet with disperse. And and I agree. I agree also in case you're unaware there if you just tuned NN. And it may become more public knowledge in May not this is from the hill the only reason at their Russian. Attorney. Is in the country is because the Department of Justice. Under leader similar renal lynch let her in I mean this goes to the highest level. Loretta lynch had dig a sign off on this. In October the government bypassed the normal visa process because she was deny it. And gave a type of extraordinary permission to enter the country called immigration parole. That according to assistant US attorney. Paul Monti Leone. Who had to explain it to a judge during a hearing January 6. That's a discretionary act that the statute allows the attorney general to do an extraordinary circumstances. And so she was here to actually defended. Somebody. A Russian businessman from the Department of Justice had a case a forfeiture. Case against him. And so she was led into that but long after that expired. As when she that would trump junior. So there's more herb shenanigans going on here than meets the guy with a liberally biased media. With the the same kind of hunger. Go after this aspect of the story. In out and is this some sort of smoking gun. You mean like the smoking guns have been Ghazi. As thorough and M from my son's benefit. Physique he doesn't like it when net there's that equivalency. When somebody says all they make a big deal about this best your smoking gun. And they're the only smoking guns I iso or a Ben Ghazi. In like that so I started throwing in program that's free erotic. 8779759825. And Keith joins us Keith what's going on. Policy you're. Traditional theory it should your and racing like gateway pundit put it yesterday posted eight and sure. Going back to December 20 of any that was posted on Russian lawyer that I get that nice. Posted a pick from inside of economic gains office. It's on her FaceBook page it does not list why they actually met but yet this what was seems to be not just. No warning and watch. But it. There aren't very friendly and has some inside. Acts with a lot of the people who basically the hour trying to destroy president trump. Which as against fuel to the fire of the fact that yes this is more horse market started to smell and look. Like your typical liberal. Insider setup. Jack and me and maybe and maybe he would of that help of even some Republicans. They're certainly not descending. A president's company haven't been many of them. But yeah and the other thing about this Russian attorney is a barely. C.s being assistant I don't know if he's officially registered as a via. You know as somebody who's lobbying or not because they're supposed to do that. But sees hanging out with former cop a democratic congressman Dellums. That's yeah part of her deal. Yes the attorney and her US colleagues which included former democratic congressman Ronald Dellums. We're lobbying other lawmakers to reverse them it's Hinske active restore the ability Americans adopt Russian children. And Moscow had to suspend his so. Yet you see you would think. In other pictures of her now in the surfacing John McCain's office she was at all these different Messi was that I don't know what an event though it took place at the museum. If I knew that in Washington DC I visited them last year it took that and it was interesting when an act. Three double digit do where you there. Yet it is it is and it no it really is interesting. To you realize it's just a free can allude to the media. But that's the whole idea I'm. I mean it is Sid Sid saluting a media and brought us up. Stories from around the world and they've got old newspapers dating back can while Thornton you know huge events of the past. As good answer stick. It is. And I just kind of look at the skeptical lives and I mean it's a museum about the news it's museum. Now. So you don't like did your part of the media and yet you were I'm not that not that me. Not that mean now that are. I'm for free media. And to people at their own museum or for a free media. They were today either but how what. A are right so anyway get. One of the big stories is that the Department of Justice left the Russian lawyer into the US and India was like a special permission type thing. It was beyond the regular visa process because she was denies that. Solar redolent. Of the attorney general she signed off on this for the limited purpose of helping a company owned by Russian businessman. Dennis Katz says her client defend itself against the Justice Department asset forfeiture case. Then the government and are you gonna find this hard to believe kind of lost track of her. They kind of lost track of our Justice Department a State Department officials could not immediately explain how the Russian lawyer was still in a country. In June Mona. When she was supposed to leave in January 2016. Susan in June. Meeting with Donald Trump junior and a bunch of other events apparently she went to. So yeah as usual there's more to the story in middle come out and drips and drabs but. No lefty media and the and their agenda. They hope will be served by the initial. Russia Russia Russia saying and then you won't delve so much into or care. About. Know the actual true story right because they got the headlines out there too and it's are you really need to know right. And info of well didn't they call it the smoking don't know when Donald Trump junior released email chain. Als like why how what in the world and and I read it I go. Where's the smoking gun and he agreed to a meeting. They said they had to dirt on Hillary and so many words and he said oh yes I love it. What else would you say. It's it's true. Nick they're preyed upon it that that it may even tea of the American people. They think all that the American people don't know what opposition research is their budget todos they don't know what daddy is. So we can make it sound like yeah yeah yeah he was he was attempting. Took collude it was an attempt to ask collusion. Well. First subject that I swore I was gonna not you know delve into so much because. I was tired and bored with it new was all fake to begin list. Now I can't help myself now that I see it has so many twists and turns it is actually. Has some interest to me. Not the same interest as it has to the lefty media it to make Donald Trump and his inner circle look bad but it's interesting from the perspective of well. I knew it'd be more of the story I just didn't know would point back to people like Loretta lynch sold directly. Now if this lawyer look like Maria Sharapova. You would there be more intrigue. Maybe could have been had issued a select so it's okay and now. It's the accent. Is here that clear ice now. Did hit it new Russian section spot available sooner. 916 and above Rochelle. Nixon here today and beat. The number to call if you want and is a 779759825. And all here's a story that I mentioned earlier I don't think it's gonna get a lot of play because it makes a makes. President trump look good and actually George W. Bush shifts. Do you understand history. President Donald Trump has intervened to allow a group of Afghan girls. To enter into the US to participate in an international robotics competition. Next week in DC. So while it's a positive thing and Donald Trump I apparently maybe I don't know if they're Muslim or not but maybe he's saying that not all Muslims are bad now. They as silly as a gimmick him some credit there luck. The State Department. They had some issues with letting an amendment. And down chumps and can you take another look at it Homeland Security got involved at setter at setter and said yep perfectly fine and they're gonna allow them to come in for ten days and participate in this robotics competition. But the real story areas. These girls would have never even went to school law. Let alone be involved in robotics competition if it wasn't for George W. Bush. And his administration and our fighting men and women destroying its Taliban. That. Is a fact that they conveniently failed to report Bobby you're on the air. Got a question or you're you're going to get on when we get an FBI director and that all these little candle Warren sent the left wing liberal media openly now. Trying to get broken trouble in the coming back on and on the home you're gonna ever gonna certain investigated. Mean. Back now. It looked. But the media's always gonna have tougher the media well. On is the political power brokers a you have to try to go after and again that's not easy either a meal out. Look what they had dead to rights they had the IRS woman I mean they better get your rights when she was. Targeting Tea Party groups here yeah there. She locked away scatter pensions everything. Now and when it comes to the media outfits they shine light on one aspect of a story like cockroaches. They will they will skull pull off. Into the darkness. Looking for other other little tidbits that they can make a big deal out of. 918 news stuck not at some point three disguise. I can control control. You can come from good morning and welcome 923 on the Bob Rose showtime Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers when he answered. Is always yes. And we started back up the thousand dollars or given away for times they starting Monday at 7 AM right is that correct yes indeed Ellison for code words is settling debts and I am. The messaging data rates apply possibly is contests as well. Absolutely I just making sure the legalese is covered so we we're we're doing little festivities yesterday to Virginia Tech gators dockside yes so we tonight it was nice send off and not turn out from the all the employees here in. Good time lots of screaming crying and tears and stuff and I told Jerry knocked it off now. I thought. I. So like gators dockside is going to be that's going to be the new rush lunch bunch. And fired the rush lunch bunch here in a couple of weeks and you could when gators dockside Gainesville or Ocala. Free lunch for 25 bucks and watch pretty good pretty darn good deal Jack is really lunch special led the boneless. Chicken wings had that you. Down and Lago. And I was I mean I was full usually get like the lunch specials not enough to really fully up a good team finish all the sweet potato Fries and I even close there. So they really treated us well yesterday we sure this time and and general Abdallah a lot of goodies you know it. And really the best thing though was the if I'm allowed to run to administer the wooden boomerang. Right that you presented to them at I at first I know I know you say it is ousting the same thing how and where it Serb pull out of bag I go. Got. It was made oh lord and I iso as a boomerang and and and nick goes that's from so would come back again are we not a big chuckle about it any heated to Rio's London. On might even see that it was engraved on the other side all it was nice my buddies at BJ's trophies they put that together yes we we call him upset hey look we got this idea here we thank him and you know jays on what you do with the boomer. Anyone pounding boomerang don't order anything you settle go to work on and he came up with this I mean it is an awesome bull ring. And he made it so I've made it to where Jake can hang it. And and it's it's in grins like a very nice I don't know so let's of that sect custom. One all yeah nighters so let's face it fourteen years ago Jay was around here and in the middle of his little his party he laughed. And four months later it was back yeah. But I could never happen. Now. A 1414. Years long time Nazis to stay in one place in this business and need them in which they worked hard we love Sandefur a college boot. And he's on FaceBook he's on FaceBook right now I'm not. He's enjoying it. Slipped in a little man eaten breakfast out now and now I Sarkozy society lurks IDs and I think it's sad he's sitting there having breakfast all along and he used to do that with thousands of his best friends but I think his wife sitting across from she's always in the picture such as nine minutes. But if you know. He's now one to do all that posing stuff so I don't know what's in LA and now. He's the man to man. It is our right what do we got when we get to talk about. State officials in certain states urging congress to close male loophole. Causing drug at the depth epidemic in and look. This sent all the self fiscal year round and and in front and apparently it's in some hair when a different things and it is you'll be by drugs on the street you don't know what you're getting an eight if you buy illegal drugs. You know over the Internet stuff and have them delivered which I guess is the case here. In the again you don't really know what you're getting. Course it's illegal anyway but which are getting at this fentanyl is fifty to a hundred times more powerful than morphine so I can't even imagine. How powerful that is because morphine can easily. All just shut down your respiratory system we've stopped breathing it is not relax is all the muscles. And you go night night and forever. So assist us fifty times a strong. That's awful. Here's my concern. There's always people Larry out we're look we gotta look out for people we got to keep drugs off the street we got a you know big drug dealers got to put him in prison and all that. I don't know what. Affected his hat in terms of stopping the epidemic we have part of the epidemic is actually popped up because of the arm closing all the so called pill mills where people orient pain medication and some and you know unscrupulous doctors who make a lot of money off it. But here you have the state officials from Rhode Island Virginia Maryland Kentucky. Testifying to congress urging him to close a loophole in the global postal system. Allowing these deadly synthetic drugs to be shipped from abroad. I'm afraid that even though it's not included in the language at this point that if it does get pushed far enough. I think the pharmaceutical companies will try to get involved in any. From the background shall we say and make it so that any. Even legal pharmaceuticals coming in from abroad are going to be scrutinized slow. Down shut down stopped. At Stennis that's really what I think is their there'll there enough loopholes all red. And I hate it I can see it coming seriously. We'll talk about that more coming up in about fifteen minutes away from things that make you smile so stay tuned to the Bob Rhodes show on news talk 97.3. This guy. I 37 on the bond rose showed royal box John Swanson and John you're on the air. Well they're more ma yeah. I doubled likely course that cure why oh why don't we Americans stir real merit. I am and again the same bad actors. We were political Costner's little blue same bat and overpaid actors who were. Heard a quote Leo love being here people who dirt ball also as yet. I am America admired your in this single immigrant to trust your little one wired up bobbled it where it like you're young. Now people don't pay enough attention number one number two. Not enough good people run for public office because there really is a headache. A pain in the backside. And so you've got certain people that. In Al. You've eliminated right out of box. They've got people don't pay attention to the issues and we've got people who just have a different take on it and I don't know look. But had to look at the issues you strategize character of the person running and stuff like Staten. In Al. And sometimes we can be easily fooled assists and were fooled me you know day in and day out of the same things over and over again you have. Denny gives the politicians are feeling of how they're really not paying attention to what I'm doing not doing so one million mounting. The year out penalized big country. Now Libya 330. Some million people. In them if if 1%. Were completely. Back you know what crazy. So there are a lot of folks out there doing stuff yeah hello John Adams John my if you want just didn't John call the split it up a 8779759825. If you want and have you urged Iraqis running for senate from Michigan. Rock. Musician. His home state is Michigan of course and the bit ended. Was first law says a website. Kid a rock for senate dot com simple enough right well the singer validate and said yep that's the deal it's surreal. And all of the major announcement a near future I don't know what up I mean that isn't major announcement right he's running for. The senate to take on Debbie stab and a Democrat who's been an office mode in that office since 2000. After the campaign website went live at the slogan are you scared featured prominently on the homepage rocked tweeted a response to the increase he received he said I've. Tony emails and text asking me. If it's real. Absolutely yes. He tweeted out so is there real deal is really happening. Not too long after Donald Trump. Had downplayed his son's meeting with the Russian lawyer which I think is. I feel the same way. Downplay I don't know if you wanna call downplay he said everybody would do that. I had I would agree. But while that's taking place in the media keeps wanting to beat up on that aspect of the story how many of them are running with this aspect of the story. They're Russian attorney wouldn't be in a country full wasn't hurt. Attorney general Loretta lynch yeah as the head of the Department of Justice. Because. She didn't. Get these approval. No this was say Ed discretionary act. There's a satchel lousy attorney general to do and extort extraordinary circumstances. And it was to let her into defend they are Russian client. Not to be meeting with trump junior which happened after that date date expired. So to interest and do dumb and you're on the air. Yeah I guess he got the gist of my earlier call it so happened just bark or Brazil who need to repeal and replace. Rex but I don't. But this lady up. They're our government at work she's supposed to see the country illegally and yet she's married and senate offices and everything and da. You know well no flags no not just you know let's wait a minute work. Sooners red flags as the Russian red flag is you waving around. It seems like a lobbyists is runaround and she wants is mentioned ski act repealed against. Some Russian businessman as to whether sanctions against him. And it because at the heart of the matter she claims is that if she wants Russia to begin. Allowing Americans to adopt Russian babies again but. I mean if she's really. A lobbyist and an attorney so we have to kind of follow the money. ESU wanna say always her heart's wish for these children to be adopted bit. If you look at the grand scheme of things it's more important for her to get the Russian businessman also look the sanctions lifted now and be able to do business to come and go as they please. So now. In outlook you see it's not I took a toll up front clean player now but then again that's probably what draws to Washington's peace ATP. Port area you're on the air. Good morning but I empowering you fantastic and you and doing wonderful thank god that sentiment and I was listening to the Michael Savage show. And he has the most going on their lack of service were not there. And if it was really good but anyway he was saying that this thing with the Russia Russia's Russia reporting on Vietnam MPV is an MSNBC and all the rest. They don't they wanna be talking about this is that you have an audience listening to it. Is that the people need to just stop watching this network that question that still. And you will see how bad they kept talking about this Russia Russia thing the only dilemma because they went an audience. He's. Out there with Spain he says it does that. Getting your we knew that from them could open a door and it's just going to line. That and look at eight various weather outlook. He absolutely true correct dad if the ratings go down on they may have a change of direction nor of programming. But yeah they'd have to see substantial changes there's people that. You know are gonna tune and that because of that as Serbs there political flavor. I'll carry that serves what they are looking for. They're who they believe they wanna believe. Now remember I mean. He didn't win the popular vote president trump did he won the Electoral College you wanna state by state which is aware elections are designed but. It is a get a raw numbers in terms of viewership. Yeah out there's fifteen Beers for half the country that did not vote forum. So that's a big my young that's half the market the erratically. It was it was Donald Trump's you say some about Russia. It China tournament. I told him not to invest knowledgeable computer technology has told or warned you about that. Need. Cutting edge very prudent to do. But I thought. Well you know it makes me smile. And that's for the next segment is so it's perfectly in 945 and Bob Rochelle. Coming up things that make just. While that's where you call in which could gust up to lead to positive things and large knows we need some of its budget by Robin Larson scandal. Finder like drug facelift. If you look at surgery Dennis I recommend Robinson did call in now to 8779759825. Things that make you smile masks. We have a long and very true. It doesn't make sense not to have some kind of relationship. It's. Another day in paradise my friends plenty of things he should be thankful for and things. This should be making you smile now I have to do is called and tell me about it is raunchy I Robin Larson dental fighter like on FaceBook. We pledge did a feeling for great Dennis Eric amend Robin that's Robin Larson dental art call in now 877975. 9825. And Darlene was making you smile. I thought he'd think they police Miley I know yesterday with. We're happy for him but yesterday on the news. They were talking about. To what the county did buying this. Ground campground in Micanopy YMCA Tim McDonnell. Yeah exactly. And they kept saying and instead have a senator key parent they kept saying Scott Perry and I'm going to really you don't know who our senator is made me laugh. And and last but not least I wanna thank you and this guy. I'm not that cloud nine because I use my gift certificate for a yes. Did that play out nine for me actually a change on the out of the science but I wanna thank everybody for that beautiful kids. Off. Do you deserve and enjoy. Now makes me smile tonight. 8779759825. Things that make you smile hey it's almost the weekend that ought to make you smile well is looking pretty at least for now. I'm might be just enough time to get that lawn mode there in the afternoon maybe. Not go ahead was getting a smile. You know what made me. More moms that Deirdre cannot up awfully good. Our Anderson lane and then embedded it spectacular is the idea. He wasn't he started posting pictures on FaceBook he's not eaten breakfast everywhere around around. At that that the did you hear from you knucklehead who balls while my friend. And we go to rock so it's making me smile broke. Op if there's really got me upset this morning but my little dog day I have three of them and I told got rescued when I found Libya today at anfield while. But a third time he jumped the fence and being like an idiot not want people to notice. I didn't put at Colorado and I can go out but when adjusted fashionable little puppy instability comes back this time he didn't. And any had no idea on them you need IDs so don't go well I rigged. He gave up a little bit but that I got my Carlo what will confirm that Stoudemire inept way from home. Okay and made me smile that happened back in patients have to tell people that it could go to their career in a way don't thinking that will put it might be on that though. He and be careful about in now. Yeah audio shoes and equipment that. Shots fired off surgeries bonding no no no no which is Rocco China's tallest dog back. No and hopefully united shooting up in the air and hopefully not now. The mom and you're killing me Rocco. As well it's light. As well a lot of folks are sure about it yankees haven't guns. Again dared Jerry pentagon now. That can handle it these kids rocket speed careful no seriously don't sit tomatoes right don't fire shots off into the air. You know just fire shots for random reasons. If you guess you raise your backyard and depending on where you live and stuff as find you know as long as you. Doing your due diligence but he had a collar thing I'm guilty of it to really PLO what happens is you know the dogs they're rotten they wrestle around and get them off they get Amalia. So after awhile you could put impact on which is that it's about haven't. So. Yeah I did notice just the other day bode didn't have his own. These bony. I mean it's hard to miss Irvine knows that's right he's such a good boy. No I do decide on above road show thanks so much for participating in. Things that make you smile brought to you by you Robin know Larsson general. But don't go anywhere we're not done yet food off. Not get a good for you today yeah good parting shot. Brought to you by Harry Beck puts guns and range within minutes thing on. Time now for your parting shot which is rusty by Harry back listen guns in range. Senior parting shot is a Kid Rock is running for senate. In the state of Michigan and this is not a joke let me tell via the winds have changed they have blown. And the folks in Michigan like so many other places. They are ready for some seeing different we've seen the same old same old politician. So yeah he's Kid Rock he's a rock musician. He's a crazy cat in all that that's true. But you know what I think people are willing to take a chance on someone like that. Sooner than they are. We continue with the same old same old politicians coming from the same old mold. And that's what I thanked and dismissed just recently you know announced. And he already has a website and you can check it out if you want is called Kid Rock for senate dot com. Folks we're asking is it for really finally tweet out yes there's a little really sick about shake democracy human victim when every got to do. But yeah. That could be the direction folks are headed and it'll be interesting. Once again and that's your parting shot brought to you by Harry necklace guns and range. On the gas mix I'm Bob Rose god bless you and your family ever suffered great space day. Pseudo.