Tax reform and helping Veterans, with Congressman Ted Yoho

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Tuesday, August 8th

U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho on the Bob Rose Show Tuesday morning 8-8-17


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Good morning 806 on the bond rose Jonas trash talking and zoos day time Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers where the answer is always yes. And I'll slash congressman. Ten year old Howell congressman great to see yeah it's great to be here thanks Ramey on Bob is a rock star now you're now in im glad he's still come back and member little people don't realize. Hans. And this is probably a little bit more fun than a town hall meeting so you're you're you're welcome back flip top notch security and those are all funds. Hey you're a lawyer let's get right into the media event at the immigration. A look first of all there's a wall ever gonna get built what's the reality and then yeah you're gonna seawall built. In areas where it's needed they got one point six billion got authorized in the national defense authorization actor is bill called. Com save America. And that's that the funding is in the air and our recommendation was build a wall where the border agents tell you they need it or DHS says we need it. There's people I wanna across a whole border. I'll let the experts decide that personally don't think so and if you look at the results. If you look at results is just the rhetoric of president trump since he's been in office in the enforcement of laws imagine that enforcement laws already on the books. Immigration. Illegal immigration across our southwest border is down over 60%. You know some estimates put it right at 70% so. You know how much more effective when the ball won't be verses enforcement of law and do border security as were supposed to as a nation and it's always been the issue. You by name you know you and I were very young men but I remember Ronald Reagan and 1986 when he signed into law I was did it makes sense it's like okay we're given some amnesty there I understand some people are upset but. We were promised you know we're never really gonna have to deal with this issue again and once the enforcement went away in two minutes like it never exist that's what happened you know they put in place the safeguards to make sure didn't happening here but they didn't enforce it. And that's why we have the problem we have today you know we have thirty years of failed immigration policy. And it becomes a mass at what point do you just say you know we've got to change the direction and I am happy with what's happening I mean it has to happen if not. If you waited ten years from now you can only imagine where we would be and it doesn't need to be and I mean spirited away and not at all the fact of the matter is it it's it's very costly oh Los Angeles county alone. Over a two year period. And it they spend dead two billion dollars on welfare type assistance for illegals not to announce for questionable for four really good two billion dollars. You know it's just a matter of hey the citizens are paying for that. And worried twenty trillion dollars in debt where we are in you know you look at the rule of lawless horn I'm gonna follow all the rules on this country why would we expect anybody else that comes in illegally end. You know so it's just one of those things we have to. You know. Do what the American people said do with the law says something enforce our stuff and here's a big one that I know impacts us every day it's impacted me in my family yet. And that is the obamacare. Let's not pretend like health care cost were perfect door or not climbing every day before obamacare case it was and people did clamor for reform. As just a brand of reform week out while the Democrats were in power this obamacare. Has been once again very costly. To the average American family. I was promised by President Obama that movement my health care cost we're gonna go down 2.5 hundred dollars a year outside. While I'm not crazy about disguise policies that if he delivers on this one. That would be huge but that's why they went out 2500 dollars when they did in fact. Now you know since you brought that up Obama care in Florida has 84% premium increase. 84% premium increase since 2013. There is 21 counties in Florida had only one choice and Tony 1772. Counties had. Two or fear choices in 2017. Eight left the insurance market were seen us all over the nation. And you know it's gonna continue to get worse it was never designed to fulfill the need though the whole purpose and this comes out of president Obama's. You know own talk is that he wanted to go to a single Payer or her universal health care. And he said the American people who were were ready to accept that so this was an Enron and the goal was a fail on and go and universal health care. Now president Charles as saying yeah will let it sail a letter to implode. And maybe take away those. You know netcast it's added to it took for for the people who can afford it CSR's or something as he gets referred to. So if president trump does that. All you're gonna have in my opinion is snow lefty media is just in to come out and go crazy over. Individual stories of people are losing their health care because of president trump. Bob they started that before the election and saying when Republicans are there to take over this is what would happen and so they just that amount of that in its rhetoric and this is what's wrong whether it's comprehensive immigration comprehensive tax reform. It causes the divide in our nation and they use said as a political tool and I sometimes wonder after being up there for five years and I won't wondered before hand. They don't intend to fix it you know if so why didn't they fix immigration when the Democrats had all three branches of the house now it's on us. Why don't we fix and course you see the results that are happening. That so many times they use that political divide for political. Benefit so that they go into power at the expense of the American people we cannot afford to do that with health care we have to make sure and our goal. Tennis not just a Republican goal it's. That's the goal of government and congress is that we wanna go ahead and we wanna make sure there's access to quality health care that's affordable. Where you make the decisions with your doctor not a government panel. That. I think we need to think a bigger and look at the whole model of health care how it is delivered how it is paid for. Andrew and and not in a single Payer system and actually use. What's made America great the spirit of competition. And it lowers costs it gives people more choices it builds a better mousetrap for lack of of the you know better terminology whereas that you're absolutely right but also what made America great. Was the responsibility. And the pride of our country you know go back to John Kennedy and I'm always a Democrat. But it was me today if you would like today and he you know he gave his famous line that gets lost today ask not what your country can do for you what what can you do for your country. And that's exemplified in our own military and our first responders. Our teachers and every profession out there for the people that are out there to make this a better country. And I somehow we've lost that in the last 1520 years and one of the things we might wanna look at is not tying. Health care to employers are saying. First of all it's a paperwork burden and a nightmare for many of them are both I understand the strength and buying health care thing you know in numbers how that makes sense but. Maybe a different way that we tend to go after that. And maybe a pricing structure where you go into a health care place and they say hey for this operation or procedure this is what we charge and this is what we charge for a visit. Everything being upfront and transparent. Well you know that's something that's been taken out of the human medicine model in the veterinary medicine model I know well you know you come in. We don't ask for your blue card your insurance card. We look at your animal we make and it would give you an estimate in the treatment options that you can afford based on your income and what's best for the animal. We've got away from that human medicine where governments dictating policies. Insurance companies are telling you what they will own won't cover and then you have the big hospitals and pharma in there. You know happen after and you know the upper hand costs roughly 600 dollars. I can give you the same dose. And it's the same drug. And I can sell it to you for twenty dollars but could skip some neutrons that now appeared on the left anymore. No but I mean that this very interesting and and hit that that's is one thing one thing and we can't even address that governmental lead out one thing and say. Hey this is out of whack what can we do we can't even get to. You can't get like minded Republicans to agree on a single thing where you know and that. And that's what pains me probably more than any thing every Republican up there ran to repeal and replace the affordable care. We all ran on that we got elected on that and come down to only fifteen to test it 2015 we pass. So in my house and the senate and President Obama who we knew would veto it did. We can bring that same bill up in fact we put in discharge petition which is a legislative vehicle to bring a bill up in short order. With that same bill end when we get back in September our goals to bring that up to Paul Ryan and Paul Ryan he'll either choose to bring an up or not. If he doesn't he'll have to answer to this constituency if he does. The Republicans have vote against it we'll have to answer their constituents. That summoned there to repeal replace obamacare. How do you party guy you've got you know what Merrill Macau ski out of Alaska you've got to cows are arraigned. To listen to senators that yeah I mean. That there won't vote for what they already approved and voted for and Tony fifteen and as you say ran on this repeal and replace. But I want to further this conversation. We're talking to congressman Ted 001 of Bob Rose show and I wanna ask about taxes and and you know again I wanna see a sink a big kind of attitude instead of going through all this minutia of slopes adding more toward tax code. What about a fair tax and ask you to answer that question more coming up next on above Rochelle live and local news talk 97 point three's us guys. Page 22 on the Bob Rochelle live and local. Congressman Ted yellow in the house send give us a real deal on. What's going on in Washington DCN. You're able to navigate doses cause those waters up there are no we do we feel for your congressman we know it's not easy but you do have some good news. To share with us a couple of VA clinics come. To our games really get the funding for you secured debt. Yeah in the NBA which is the national defense authorization act did not funded for 20 clinics one in Ocala wanting gains or were really excited about that too when wanna. Make sure our veterans that have served this nation get the service that they do they've earned. And that they deserve and we want to red carpet out Foreman were also working to get one from puritan Clay County saw were excited about that and in addition. There is a 2.4 percent pay increase for our active military missiles. This is I mean monumental. This is something that's really good it's signed in the law finally. And we don't have to worry about it. Next year well we like dead too because he had no way it's easy to get lip service to the military in all the sacker says assess the sacrifices they make. But finally you got together. And were able to secure that. And I think debt that's absolutely huge. Let's get back to. Taxes. Why can't we do a fair tax why is it never is seems like he's never talked about into accepting talk radio on we have our fair to fair tax people. That you know go around and try to educate people on it. But the why is this never really caught on I read both of the books it makes great sense there's no tax on businesses. So I'm not understand them you know them you get the Talking Heads talk against sit out of ignorance they him. Read the books and study did if you look at it this thing is since the fair tax has been studied. For over twenty years millions of dollars have been done into the research what you have for special interest groups lobbyist. Everybody wants. It's okay to cut everybody else's tax benefit but when they go in your program. They raise Cain and are up there fighting for this some were going through right now off. Whether it's the rule states the farm could side the fiduciary those financial planning. Everybody has a special carve out they want for them but it's okay to get gritty here is and that's where the fair tax. Would be great because it gets rid of all that everybody's on the same level. And the it really is the best way and I'm convinced of that saying that what we're looking at doing is giving the corporate tax rate down from 39 to 20%. Now used to be fifteen to happen and that. Well the president trump once fifteen vote and what worse thing is that's not gonna happen and industries. Now talking to many a lump they said Tony 125 would be significant they would make a slow that much more competitive in the world. And on. You know politics is played on the stuff. Too much instead of a group coming together say this is what's best for America and then selling that to the members of congress I got elected by we the people. And and put forth a plan that's best for this country not for political party not for special interest group and the sometimes they need to put. The headphones on and block out the why you know he's from all these other special interest groups and set a policy for America. Yeah because of the I I feel the same thing will continue to happen and that is. Yeah you know you're gonna get your caveats your car bouts are still remember that you're gonna cut to taxes. A little bit. But and the people who can really take advantage of it they're gonna pay far less and the people who can't take advantage of those car routes and you know they're gonna pay them the maximum amount again. It's still live you know the system it's for lack of better term. The system is rigged. Well if we don't make major reforms you're absolutely right because it's the people I can afford. Higher does talk to business got the other day he spent 40000 dollars preparing his tax. Last year not paying us taxes that's what he paid to prepare because he's looking for every car route you can. This would get off the table and it would go down and you know we've got to count my hybrid right now one of the things that goes ways is death tax sure your return for 90% of Americans would be a large postcard. And the tax brackets would go from seven to three. They would keep. Home deduction for your interest that would stay in charitable deductions. Those would stay at a 100% and so on and there were moving in the right direction. But to simplify. It would be better to go to the fair tax in this goes back to health care. The best way to fix health care is 100% repeal of the Affordable Care Act and put it at a future date like January of 2019. If congress knew there was a deadline we get rid of it and we come together as Republicans and non Democrat. I if I bite thought that was pursued that it was something it had a two year delay to take a fact I thought that was pursued. And I guess they realize when they didn't count the votes. And sometimes they actually town and sometimes they just talked to everybody and you realize the and we don't we don't have enough to pass a sore and I'm gonna pursue that or. You come makes you wonder why are they not pursuing that if you've got to house the senate. In the executive branch why are you not doing that they wanna get Rivet at the upper levels of politics you know the leaderships and well and then again I knew what happens is it you're gonna get a lot of people that turned out to vote for Donald Trump. Who would basically before that kind of given up on politics because it's it is so entrenched they would call in and say. You know really what really big differences between Republicans and Democrats and some times. Quite Osce is hard to defend the Republicans it's easy to descend on ideas and policies or. You conservatism is easy to defend but how many Republicans have been there three years. How they represent conservatism. It's kind of embarrassing did. It is when you look at the voting record and you go back and look at them I mean that's speaks loudly on you know I'm proud of what we know we statement. True to what we said we're gonna do and you know I look back when we voted one the health care bill got polled. So didn't come up and fail we fought strong to get some reforms in there that were better so we made a terrible bill better but it's still a bad bill. And you know we've got to fix this and that. It inadequacies of congress you know has to change are so many people up there that are there's an aversion to making a decision. Because of my vote a certain way it's gonna be used against me and what I see is her self preservation up there and I'm so glad I ran on term limits. Because you know I've got a finite start date and a finite end date. And you know KB home. Yes it's just it's frustrating for Ben Beaulieu said those people a lot of them that supported trump that hadn't been involved in politics a long time. I'm afraid a lot of them so there are gonna go away and two you're gonna get to Democrats are gonna take power and you know what really you know work on next it's gonna be liked and obamacare and it's going to be promised to something great and it's not going to be delivered way. Down. Going back to taxes and John Delaney who's a Democrat came in with me out of Maryland. He and I have a bill and it's agree builds called infrastructure 2.0 and it brings repatriate overseas profits which are 2.5 trillion dollars. We have more overseas profit for the first time in our history. Off our shores then on our shores this would invite it back at eight point 75% it would fully fund the trillion dollars. That president trump wants to do on infrastructure this is new money's coming in not old monies so frees up the old monies that we can use to start doing other things that we need to. What would you say donor corporations is said hey we didn't play in my new rules and not doing the offshore saying. They're getting away with eight point 7% tax the corporations are saying hey we got nailed her 30%. The way you you know they did and it's it's it's a choice people are gonna have to make. But if we don't address this more money's gonna go offshore. So let's invite that create American jobs we've got legislation in place again he's American steel American that you equipment. And if we don't do this more money's gonna continue to go offshore in till we address. Tax reform in if we can't get comprehensive tax reform this is a good six to do our infrastructure because we are. Falling behind on our infrastructure we have them put a major investment in that so what when you hit the ground running when necessary when he backed concession. We go back on September 6 and were in the district were working in the district every day our our team is doing an awesome job they've returned over five point three million dollars. Of taxpayers' money from government back to them whether it's through the VA Social Security IRS. And I'm proud of the fact that our offices returned over 750000. Dollars out of our operating expense. We get paid X amount a year to run our offices we've got five offices. And I'm proud to say that we've returned over 715. Thousand dollars of the taxpayers' money back to the gov so you runners less than what the budget bill allows for my phone yeah we we yeah granite like our veterinary practice do more or less you know and focus on customer service and you know whenever you run a business or big organization. You bomb you can't please everybody but you do your best to do the best customer service and I don't have constituents are customers and though we have that attitude in our offices and no. Congressman Teddy you know didn't keep up the good work in there I guess there weren't just wish we had more like you in DC. Album come join does this not made until right. Several US sports. There's one in order to do right here is you know it's planning there isn't doing a great job doing what you do thank you congressman. Save 300 on the Bob Rochelle we just claymore gonna talk about including doesn't normally got fired and why if he's just telling the truth when he gets fired. So I'll tell you like coming up.