State Sen Keith Perry on school safety and economy

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Wednesday, August 1st
State Sen Keith Perry on school safety and economy

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It's. Good morning long. Hello Bob Rose showtime Jack Rossi by prestige Kay's jewel is ready answer. It's always yes president trump threatens government shut down. The US secretary of treasury no says hey I use NC reason why we won't have at least 3% growth of four to five years and is really some good news. And I and good news we've got itself. A local guy and here yup state senator Steve Perry in the house stuff from district eight and welcome keys I don't I'm doing very well thanks for army and hey I do wanna make sure clarify this isn't listeners and I was confused. Though the lot of got passer had dual Marjorie Stoneman no Douglass high school in in South Florida. Raising the age for long guns for for folks in Florida to 21 used the eighteenth for long guns are talking about. A hit allied changes it in on the air you said that it's the same as what Texas has and I looked it up everywhere and I. Then it's not to be sound that's I believe not to be the case that the Texas has a law Texas who says all long guns yes to be seen. Yeah well I got that wrong are got wrong are got up from somebody Yeltsin in god we tried to do what I heard was Texas nominal verify this. That Texas to buy a shotgun or rim fired. You could be eighteen in the center fire longer engine between one that's my only hamburger before it's over I'm I'm they may do I pass the amendment we had an amendment senator Sims myself had an amendment to be filed. Right for that bill we try to do that what it did was exclude rim fire and shotguns in that you know now some that we try to get down we couldn't really go by next session. And try to work on that again. How we gonna pay for. All of the rest of outlaw I'd be even though a lot of it makes and senior gonna hands school resource officers he had the guardian program and he's got more on mental health care and things like that but how we pay for all of us. Well it was funded for the for the most part we find it all the mental health. The school's resource officer. Which I think would have been fully funded by the state. If the school system board of chosen to take. The guardian program in should have sworn law enforcement officers so if you look at the cost. Other data retired. But did not go into the school I think he's making 8000 a month and when something like that to retire. I was in a chink in middle school and black. About a month ago I met two African American guys that were retired military. They're being paid a small amount of money by the federal government to the title when schools are there in. Those guys would have been eligible. If they're go to the active shooter training through the church department become certified to them they have been eligible to Kerry at a cost of about. 25 or 30000 year vs cost of over a 100000 years so. A black church and school board that even explore that option they said no when I can do they do you look at it when I was a little disappointed. They didn't even have a good discussion or debate about that. But those of the cup and these these guys that we that I met with. There in the hallways there interacting with the kids on a regular basis being involved in their lives they also could have been. The the guardian is well. While a guardian program to my understanding. It would they would be employees of the school or the school district. But yes the but the local sheriff would be held accountable for them and that's there's. There's a disconnect. Thought well thinks. I mean there's actually Billy Woodson Mary Carey surely have we have to talk about it. Yeah well from the disconnect certainly they're not important direct employees put their training ghost is councilman I don't know what's called disconnect surely there they're not they're not sworn law enforcement and we made we didn't want sworn law enforcement as. The reliability perspective it would be a sheriff who would be held accountable. Well lets you know that's certainly some good debates yet he wasn't in charge of hiring you see how affected beef yeah Aldridge and all the sheriffs is responsible listed to do the training and provide that training that that he does down for his own sworn law enforcement. The only it's the differences it's the emphasis is only on active shooter may. You got beat up and Gainesville sun racing crab apparently does not telling years. And guys wanna give you a chance to defend yourself on some of the stuff so I he says it you were what you were meeting with a folks in dad to school in Hawthorne. Com and that you wanted to keep it open you said you want to keep nobody supported legislation that harms public education and makes it easier. Ted closed schools like it is that true. He's partly true he does certainly doesn't tell the whole story at all he selected denied you know what we do as we look at their school so Hawthorne. School high school has been a failing school for multiple multiple years I don't think about this think about you as a parent and a child. That our zone for an error you don't have the resources you're gonna go to a private school and diesel from all torn that your natural choice. We have kids that have enrolled in a school that's a failing schools. And they go through that their entire life. With no chance of anything else except for to go attend a failing school. So we looked at that. It was a lot of debate and it won't said is that look we're gonna take these schools and we're gonna give these schools. Special attention to thousand dollars per student extra funding. I wouldn't give them other errors but they have strong proof. I mean we're we're not gonna get an extra money in them in years later just let him continue to fail so we gave them a time. To change we gave us some flexibility. And if you look at Hawthorne high school and our northern great is I thought they may be a be school this year. Firms for the last year a beach. Even if there see Jimmy they've been d.s nest first six or seven. You can say there's been an improvement and do you wanna take at least partial credit for the fact that you lobbied in legislated for additional funding correct absolute is that. You can't you can't sit by and say well here's a failed school we'd all like that it's failing but they'll do it don't take any positive action. Toward changing and you have to put some pressure you have to make some accountability but we did the accountability with the actual funding. And that extra funding and the resources has a wild Hawthorne high school and I'm at the prince but there this is a remarkable young man. Michael knowing how things are about forty but. Incredible guy that's gonna turn around you talk about a grind you talk about a job. That this guy has put forth but they've done it and in it happened because of resources. And Nathan Brandon and mats or she's the mayor out of Hawthorne called me out attacked me. I offer this and in India you know I don't know what mats are seized. I want what are his options were what I don't know any plan he put forward to change our school except to the community ball in the great that we have Jimmy involved. And that was good. But you have to have the resources there in you have to have accountability and I shall we did. Going back to the op Ed piece says the online at. Ads focus on issues they're typically aren't high priorities for a candidate for state office much less a Republican want. They include homelessness. Roads and traffic. Com I just wondered how responsible. State senator Mary in Tallahassee is responsible for roads and traffic on the local level. Yet they're young and his leadership doesn't notice the traffic going up Babb when I got elected collateral kind gains on us because at least I mean I'm not Clinton. I'm the one or as tourette's syndrome driving through brings all of the traffic all the time nervous thing urban portion and and again this is this just cheap shots. You know when you can you can read this. Our front of this article talks about the Democrats need to take this seat in order to take over the senate and so in in the fact that they can cram unfortunately. Jenna dvds or under Rupert. Goes way from journalism. In June just these I don't know he just picks topics and. Can do is select easy editors and opinion. It's an opinion tight piece but you generally within opinions I've piece a year attacking somebody. You wanna have some some facts to back it up I mean. You know he might wanna include that you know it was in the states faulted main street got divided in and he gets funded by the state because it was a city Gainesville had decided to. To make a local road. No and you know this this is what drives me crazy in Gainesville. First it's a quality of life issue. And the cost of living as well what you know I have a lot of service guys out there with may drive to your home sort of taken ten or fifteen minutes it takes thirty or forty minutes one way. I gotta charge somebody for that right and then try to George due to go to your house. We have limited time were all busy and we're stuck in traffic in this town and the conference of land use plan of a lie actual county. Talks about traffic congestion is acceptable. It is okay. If it draws other forms of frustration this is this is a thing that the city and county have been pushing for years and years to make traffic bad. For you and I and they Nathan comes out and says is my fault I'm you know. We got in this in this given the state of Florida has money. DOT has money for gains go actual count me. But you have to ask fort and they never asked what do you believe that the we have money to do more roads to rigorous better and they never asked for. Wow that's a bombshell right there are I don't know if everybody knows that state senator Keyes very we want to remind you to stick around we still put any more questions we wanna. Find out why it's also your fault all the homelessness that's an initiative of yeah well let's talk about tad more. Coming out on the Barbara shows age sixteen. And you're tuned to news talk 97.3 this guy don't go anywhere. Oh. It's funny till the Bob Rose showtime check brought to you by prestige case still as well the answer is always yes. And apart you know as we continue talking a state senator Keyes Perry years in a house and a Steve that blood Nathan crabby in his op Ed piece against you I mean you pay deeds yup they're pretty good. Army blames you for homelessness. One. That can be a local issue that could be a stationary to be a federal issue what what do you see about that. Yeah and I cannot tell you what it's it's. To talk to people in and their lack of understanding and apparently Nathan's two of us homelessness in the cost of living in the cost of housing. Both in the city games will stay for nationwide is this the number one increased last thirty years adjust for inflation homes and building and send it also goes long with a with shopping centers and everything else that we build Jewish construction general. And so his answer. Apparently is this a balanced fund which is a tournament you know are fond of taxpayer money. I says hey we're gonna give this to solve homelessness 200 million dollars. Twenty million people state of Florida is ten dollars a person it's not the answer. And it doesn't even address the question the question needs gas which end in the problem is the government regulatory environment. They can have 405060000. Dollars per home. To the car and you know and serve you look at that that's where the focus needs to be announced Robin work and also he attacks me for not supporting growth management. But it's really not what it is it's look at that one as a regulatory environment that does not allow people to build affordable housing. More regulation you put on the build their way to me indeed does ever magic checkbook is yet to pass along to the purses and purchased a home. Broad view if you have forty to 50000 dollars per home run I had and regular tour and that's not the land that's not the congress does not atrocities. That is the regulatory you have 4050000 you're not gonna sell a house for 125000 Anthony B yeah you can't. You you you start off when you trough and hold on every ounce or you you have to sell houses Jordan fifty on up. To even start to breakeven and so that the direction the builders were built houses for 125000 all day long. If there were if they you can do further cost because the markets there and they wouldn't they were duel for the market and this is you know is this just does either. Ignorance or disingenuous for them to talk about the problem is somehow magical wand you have the Sadat he thought and money does is swept from that and I wish you wouldn't. And always in it and I think trust fund should be set up it's gonna have a trust fund spent Fortis and I've got no problem with making sure that we spent trust fund money we're supposed to be spent. But about jobs because it would not help the homeless problem it's those people were working an area business says and working and construction jobs is you know alluded to it's Arab owned only if the regulations were rolled back. I mean they would have jobs but would know how it is to alleviate the homeless problems. It would absolutely and in Gainesville again gains all latch or Kenny is one of the biggest disproportionate. Rachel path and have nots and pass a lot to do what kind of job opportunities and we are if if you're. You know and health care great keep your mother feels great but if you're in blue collar work you know you better move out gains a battery about a black to kind of join an opportunity. All right in Tallahassee what are some of the things you're working on you think our priorities. For especially for this area for district eight. Will thing that we've done every single year which got about 4000 regulations so we're doing the opposite of what do it might be condoned locally here we're we're cutting regulations that are redundant. And unnecessary antiquated regulations. Taxes every single year we've cut taxes and almost. The overwhelming majority of those have gone either to individuals are there smallest company so we're doing that thing about this week's cut. In eight years I've been their ten billion dollars if you look at recurring dollars that coming intend. Billion dollars in eight years of tax reduction. And that same time we have an increase in her base revenue of twenty billion dollars. We paid back state debt of almost nine billion dollars we have three and a half billion dollars in reserves and I tell you that's up to me you know I've said this before this is a moral issue. People politicians who spend money they don't have it is immoral for the next generation put that that that burden upon them. Federal government we seeing that overwhelmingly. We see them a lot of states that the state of Florida has been on what it was. Consistent trend. To reverse that and we've done that in him and in a big way and it has huge impacts. Not to pay the death on. On that eight billion or so billion dollars on video has been paid back. You talk about real dollars and talk about not burdening the next generation. Tell me about health care in a state of Florida that squandered so. I was gonna tells one when it comes to expanding. Medicaid decking come with tremendous cost what's what's going to Tallahassee. Well or you know you see that every year Medicaid is the largest. Every year year after year is the biggest increase in cost for state government. A Medicaid alone takes almost a third of the state budget just Medicaid. You know for three and a half million people. And I'm upset just for this this is what I don't understand you and I would never accept Medicaid. For you and are firm famous. We would never say it's good enough. And that we take that program. That is one of the worst. As far as health delivery I don't care of the comes from. What are the most expensive and one of the most worsened health care and we would never say that we have other politicians saying yeah yeah let's let's just explain unit expanded make it bigger meth and is in the U I I meet people all the time army people would just to build have a child with disabilities. That can't get averaged here. Kinky good quality care they have problems all the time wait times all the other things. Endowment. And so we don't even take care of the kids the disabled in the elderly move is designed for. Let me just say hey let's expanded I mean. If these people ran a business they've run out of business and about a week. With or emotional thought with no research no understanding of about economics. Yes that was interesting had done Nathan Crabbe. Did they call on the Gainesville sun's opinion engagement editor and the I guess he was upset that the amount of money to your campaign has raised. And he said don't let them get away with spending big to change the subject when and is now with the Democrats still all the time as a rule will use taxpayer money. All of a person is giving directly to a campaign and supporting a candidate the free market yes very very good all right state senator Steve Perry we know we appreciate your time very much on air thanks for coming up you bet thanks for high helpfully we'll see you again soon. It's 828 on the. La Rochelle. We've got a lot more coming up but let's see the pulpit missing illegal immigration many areas like just some bad things like prostitution. Talk about that more coming up on news talk 97.3. In the sky.