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It's Monday so we're gonna make it. Great possess what we did a 607 on the club road show. Nick Houston would mean. And it is Monday July 17 and you. Already more than halfway through the month. Where does the time go through time I checked by the way is brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewelers witty answer. Is always yes. The answer will it healthcare reform bill get done soon the answer is probably no. Senator John McCain's absence. You know did have some surgery done some light debt like Claude overs. It's of the he bring he's making up. He thinks. He's trying to avoid. Having a vote on this thing. Now if it's serious health issue but today his absence has left the senate with no timetable. For a vote to repeal and replace obamacare. Some Republicans delta proposed health care bill. Even have the votes go to pass. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Kentucky Republican indefinitely postponed a vote. Plan for this week give mr. McCain time to recover from procedure to remove a blood clot. Above his guy. There are few people are tougher than John McCain and I know he'll be back with a soon McConnell said. In a statement on Saturday while John is recovering the senate will continue our work. On legislative items in nominations and will defer consideration. Of the better care act. All right so what. Our prayers for John McCain and his full recovery. And his surgery was a successful. He's resting comfortably. At his home in Arizona. And you know who else is resting comfortably. Heartland now. Yeah hopefully he's resting comfortably in peace rest in peace mark Landow weigh 89. Yup that's been around long illustrious career in Hollywood and TV and everything else in. In Wailea. 89%. Michigan say mission possible yeah sixties era Alia on way back in now. It's a great movies last fifteen years yeah he's kept busy in new you know that Canon. Keeps you young and I saw a photo as of I think Tuesday about three years ago. No great. Who are great but. Gap so he's passed away the age of 89 Roger Federer. He is he did get an old. As guys get handled 3535. The oldest the oldest to win at Wimbledon. Yes. And this is his eighth Wimbledon title so he is all alone and as far as that's concerned in the record books and he's all alone when it comes to being the oldest yet to win. Wow so well Roger Federer in straight sets one other guy on the Internet one match and he smoked. Got a guy yet had an injury. In any Reid had a blister. Not downplaying a blister I've had them before. But. You're at Wimbledon. And now I mean the of the term suck it up man comes to mind the two planes that are. All the more reason why you should focus on China and win a few points and Federer smoked a man just cooked. Federer is a good tennis player now he has and he has a good crafty Smart game and some killer shots and he. He's blaze Roger Federer. That's and that's the end of that rank news he is a man. All respects deserve the job browser. And my understanding is a heck of a good guy to. You know really does a lot of stuff which Ares and might help sell a lot of kids and things like that whatever he's a tennis come on him. We mean by that. What you say it. I'm a couch. A sand from the couch that's right it. I. Announce its interest in look look when. You've got to find an interest in a sporty you can actually still do. It now. That's the problem and it's not whether you're capable of doing it you actually have to have other people to play with like. So my Billy get up and down a basketball court neck as we know you were a stud college college full ride knowledge. Now I know. Walk on. I don't walk crawl on where you are crawl on here's here's what I get when coach I gotta walk on trial today I knew the coach. I gotta walk on try. Now what did you try out for was it William or married bolt that they reject it and rightly dream paying attention yet now. Again that the seas. The season at this is the only I basketball's old different idea more for folks getting into the dance William Hurt is like 15 teams in the country. That has been in the dance are right. I want I went there were only like Tony team's account but India and and William and Mary was they won twenty games like four years or older. So I get a walk Contra I mean a bunch of guys all city from Chicago and stuff. I played two days. And I think I got off one shot I mean it was on believe these guys were animals. I was out of that is that I had to do is work on your move is set to work on a movie ST one move. HAU under the hoop and eight because of it taken to boot to. I got to 66 guys with a wingspan of you know like eight yards. A. Back. I mean it's called are you just little little extra arc on the ball you are you have to learn the art in the Arctic. Yeah there's a big difference and a lot of folks if you assess the kid you and junior I was the. Seven best to kid on the team the six being a girl yeah thank you not me not dog does not make up yet. Now there's a big difference from high school and college. Big difference and our high school team was pretty good they were state champs won here when a sophomore yet and they're going. South Korea. Is willing to put their Norris. First Intercontinental ballistic missile test us side. And work with the isolated regime on easing tensions. And resuming reunions of families. That have been separated by the war dating back to obviously 1950s a Korean conflict. So we'll see what happens. Vice defense minister so what shall silk. Said Monday the south's defense officials are proposing talks. At a border village town Friday to discuss how to end it hostile activities along the border. And vessels acting Red Cross chief. Says did today it wants separate talks at the border village on August for to discuss family reunions so. Mac at the start. Of something good. Good day we'll see all. And all this talk about Russia Russia Russia and meeting with Donald junior and all that. And the big story I guess according to mainstream media is the Jerry sack the love going out blaming the Secret Service saying all these people were so bad they should never. Let him meet with Roger junior about. Keep seeing Roger. You know. They should have been meeting with the president's son but he's. Donald junior didn't have Secret Service protection at that time and you think secular would know that before they sent him out to vote you out. He did the Susan Rice that you went on all the networks you know did all rounds. You need somebody would pull him aside and go hey. He wasn't under Secret Service protection. Not to kid not then. So that's Condo right. Oh well what do you do that. But if you want to talk about Russia some that's real. They're involved in financing groups there were opposed to fracking. Yeah US groups opposed to fracking they were financing them to hold signs and run around Pickett they did it through a shell organization. Offshore. So we'll get into that but first you've got some from hasek allowed he has some. You had some that disappeared. Into the ether literally into the ether. A yellows computers. Let's take a break 616 and above rose show 877975. You've 9825. Next fall apart already has to its early on a monies far apart. I think he's intimidated because. He could be in the presence of a future star. A star is born ladies and gentlemen I'll explain. Away I'll explain next. I wonder why there's very. The Secret Service that this was that the car is why the Secret Service allow these people when the president had Secret Service protection at that point. It's. Good money and wealth goma cafe Monday want regular grade went six to only 21 above road show your time techcrunch do you buy. Christie's case Jewelers where the answer. Is always yes I'll vote on any kind of Health Care Reform is going to be. Put off indefinitely and told John McCain is back in active he has surgery above his eye to remove a blood clot and he's in stable. Find condition he's resting and that's so all good bit. They want him back if they're gonna bring it up for a vote. Hopefully they'll do some tweaking and working on it and making sure that in the meantime they have the votes together I mean it is now a no brainer would you think that. You'd make sure you just call around and you say hey ya know what's the deal when major supporting a sport to see now now if not. You know what you give us one or two things we can viewed it kind of make it right. Now and that might not be enough. You know like I said a set all along senator Rand Paul says this isn't moderate. Not yeah that's what the American people have asked for that's how you know one of the main things that Donald Trump had a run on. You know we're gonna repeal and replace obamacare. Soul in the you know why is that so difficult concept for both the representatives of the people understand. But apparently. Now all right so what will seek we'll see how this goes. South Korea North Korea. They're kind of talking a little bit that's that's a good sign I think in general although. In elm Kim Jong none he's very unpredictable can't be trusted and you know of he's biding time. A possibly. On you know trying to pretend like him he's easing up a little bit. Who knows but at least for now. This could even as much is like family reunions at the done occasionally I guess where people from the north think about it separated from here. You know your relatives. In a from the 1950s. So. That's. You know this could be end of life thing in other words you see your. You know your cousin or some other relatives that you haven't seen in years and they might not seeming guarantee its has been heartbreaking say at least current. Ul and I'm not sure. How much longer. I'm going to be around. Here yeah ligament that Hezbollah yet. Yet you. The key. You know the larger voices are calling us all and how I have to outweigh them. You remember PC. Chip and PC drives how unhappy hour. Will PC has always had and PC productions I mean you guys always been involving computers. And marketing and all kinds of stuff and ice stays busy would that but he still finds time for real passion is. Getting into some filming. All right and the making of a TV show called Colin Powell boom. Come problem Colin Powell boom. And I was asked to play a part and it in Iowa this flattered. And I said yeah I give a shot don't have any. Experience really in that area as far as acting. Do I guess. Yeah I mean it's neat you know you've got some dialogue had to remember some line see you know I was pretty close. You're pretty asks I was close. Enough to call balls and strikes it would they were close but. Com. And you know you so much from a couple different angles in a season and add and you know Heidi and make sure yet the sound right in little eating ride in. It was a great experience here really was idea posted some pictures up on FaceBook dot com slash the sky well. And there are some stills from that him and uploaded any. Video from that that particular scene although a few. It duel looking around there on that follow that site Kong Powell boom. That's on FaceBook and it's you know dot com as well. You'll see some stuff on there related today at. Project Colin Powell boom. Yeah it look this is one of those deals where I think the production values are good enough to where you actually could. Air this kind of a thing you know I got a network. I like Amazon has their things going on a screen notice it. Or war he might get lucky and just be able to kind of sell it or the story line off to. You know one of those networks they're always looking for shows and now this new. You know media that we we live in now people have a lot of different choices and are always looking. The folks have run these things are looking for programming so. Would you like bowling got them. Yeah pay outplay a biker but I know yes we're not typecast at all. How hub. Yeah and I basically what I and my role is I just met. There's a woman Sally. Who's who in real life cam cius such case it's nice lady with a ton of experience. He's all about their drama she teaches drama so. Anyway she was very kind of very helpful and an idea but I played blood and I just picked her up recently. And already I've you know I gotta put the hammer down and throwers thirty year old kid at a house this time I'm gonna you know fly from the nest on zone. Column is that somebody some of the comet somebody's sick Colin Powell chicken why. No Colin Powell boom. That's when it's all gathered that that title will make more cents. Made a lot more sense. Yes it's circular that was funny part of so who knows. You know a star. His board possibly. Chris Kristofferson I have heard. Very. Hypocritical if you're all so you're not so concerned about losing me now found out yet. Ed you probably shouldn't be there plus that you actually you know land here. Let's talk about. Rush job Russia involved in fighting it. Just up the US fracking but they're being very quiet about I explain that coming up on news talk 97.3 this guy hang on. 637 and above Rochelle live in low. A sacred Julianne hang pretty user grant who did you 6000 box. And it's not sing like that refund there and cold or got from delta I'll put him. But a thousand bucks nonetheless yes if you want a 18 U2 and did you stay tuned because coming up at 7 AM this morning we kick it off once again. You listened and a code word and a new text it. To 72881. Message and data rates apply but we do it four times today got a shot at a grand nap at a welcome. So good luck on that. Flooding they're not so friendly skies. Yet it seems it can't Coulter or. I'll pay a little bit extra for her ticket on a if delta flight. And it was for a little bit extra leg room and it's not like a first class thing it's just. A few seats they've had a little Scotia more leg room well. You know she is the leggy blonde that goes six foot I knew she was tall she's a six footer so sure a lot of water actually grow our. It was just him as seeds and offers about three inches more leg arise when I understand. Well yes you're six feet tall I mean I can understand in most of it being legs. They nearly go up to an act but. So yeah you'd want you paid for a little extra room you want to write so they gave her seat to someone else. As she raised a fuss about it she raised a stink about it and you know Hoss he speaks in sounds so she got a little nasty. She did I I sought over the weekend she unload it on dealt. Well. Look and here's the thing and delta I think. Made a huge mistake by jumping into little tweet storm if you will. Because he had racing yet there like oh. You know. We're you know will delta expects a mutual civility throughout the entire travel experience. We will refund. Our cultures thirty dollars for the preferred seat on the exit row that she purchased. May is only oh she's making this big fuss over thirty bucks no it's not over the thirty dollars is being stuck in a fly eight. Where you paid for additional leg room and didn't receive it. So it's not a matter of here's just thirty dollars back sorry about you know your cramping back aches whatever else that comes when it in Bavaria. Uncomfortable scenario and being upset the whole time and I'll monitor side. Look at these folks all of them not just the airlines and everywhere pass we held accountable. For good customer service. You know it is simple it's here's the ticket it goes to this person who paid extra sodas deceit I mean I don't understand. Well why you why do you make it more difficult than it has to be. And and then the other thing you can do as you know let's just say for whatever reasons. They overbooked that thing went on how to do that because it's always. So many seats but. Let's just say they've messed up you know then you clearly go to or immediately and say. We're extremely sorry for the mix up we do not have a seat to sell. Will fully refund the money and in addition to that. In anything you'd like to two eater drink is on the house. You know we'll cover that bet you do I handle. I have to be customer service manager for everybody. Now and look I can make too big of a deal out of it. Delta kind of blew it I think and you know that's the thing when you're dealing with a customer. Aldous. Richie blind you know I mean like grass you know they'll get chatty in towns and some of flight attendant right. And how he represented the company she's a customer. Right. But on the other hand OK it could be worse. You imagine a fan culture. Switched places with Chloe king. Who was on on American Airlines flight. When a guy next to her was some. Well if he was there a gas station here it would be called self service. OK and so this woman is on a flat as she is sleeping most of the time. And I guess that would seal woke or something he pulled her aside and said hey. Swung like you know the guy next year was. You know do in the cell service staying while you were sleeping. Yeah and then and a unlike all the other customers around the guy they move those people to different seats. Modi and wake up. Her to move her in fact even after the fact barely shouldn't panic climb back over gamma. To get back inner seat next to the window she was seen was stuck between. Self service guy in a window. Yeah. According to king. Other man was informed that he would be arrested upon landing McCain herself was not notified or woken up by the flight. Crew during the incident she only learned of the man's actions after she awoke a bit later as the plane was descending toward Charles de Gaulle airport and not what Paris. King says at that point. A flight attendant called her to the back of the plane and explain what happened because they just wanted to let me know. What they didn't do was wake me up and move me to a safe place. We've now reached. Creeping at altitude. At that that was a good line. She used we've now reached creeping. Altitude. As he further claims that she well she wasn't allowed to switch seats unlike other women. Who had been seated next that a man instead it may be climb back over the sex offender trapped between him and a window for the rest of a flat it was shaking and crying. Try not to get sick after landing. She said she met with a blank stares at the American Airlines desk after reporting the crew's actions. She also claims the company sent her generic email after escalating the matter to American Airlines legal department. So. It could've been worse. And called circuit who equipment. Oh man now. Fly any unfriendly skies these days. Flyers be aware that's all I can say flyers be aware. And now you've knows planned haren now Roger Federer. He won a Wimbledon. This is is eighth so reasoning category all by himself along with a another category. Being 35 years old he's the oldest. To win at Wimbledon so congratulations. Roger Federer. And coming up. A story of money and propaganda. And you who are concerned about Russia's influence over our election what about Russia's influence over. Whether we frak or not. It's in their best interest that we don't do anymore hydraulic fracking. Because they're competing. On the world stage as far as oil production and prices paid and all that. So they don't want us to produce as much. Today we helped told the price down by producing. And a lot more than we used to. So Russia's next have been involved with the folks at hold signs and run around trying to stuff fracking. Russia. And I wonder Hubble lefty media we'll treat this lefty collusion with the Russians. I. We'll talk about that more coming up on above road show don't forget chance of 1000 bucks coming up at seven. It's 645. News talk 97.3 disguise. As drivers stars born. I'll be big CV Starr here soon just a matter of time the right people say it. 651. Alibaba Rochelle. Nick is with me seriously go to FaceBook dot com slash the sky and there are some stills that are up there from a a pilot TV show that was put together by TC of much of MPC member of the drive time happy hour. And PC productions so. I was very happy to be asked to play a part and has called Colin Powell boom as a comedy in. I don't I'd I'd. He's got a real shot I had a great time and and I only avenue BME united know what was going on I don't know that the terms I just you know. Elegant dog we Tillman are in now when another is embarking Wanda sue written you know to get your lines right. Yeah so I thought I did pretty well you know via. I was afraid of that kind of memorization thing that it's funny how well you know once it went through a few times they gonna kind of organize and I had. And I feel little limp rob in their name they left it and I liked it. While I golly I get a start talking about. Yeah so I've could be taken ad industry by storm. You know my radio careers any indication in being a star market 83. You just imagine. You now in Poughkeepsie how I'm gonna play down in on time or not. I wanna be your rates yet you do. Could be good right offer you 8779759825. Rush job. Not a hacking but stretching well actually acting the fracking Russia's money. Behind these organized well folks who won stuff French. And they say that this propaganda scheme in the shell companies that are supporting this anti fracking stuff here in the United States. Is so complex. Investigators are like wow I mean he really went out of their way. Capitol Hill lawmakers are now wrestling. With one that appears to have twisted American oil and gas policy in Moscow Saber. So I'll tell you about that coming up but first. Pizza on the air hey good morning Pete. Good morning exciting news about your Hollywood career. Shelter your TV career. You know you mentioned that you had at lived a couple of line. And some of the greatest lines in film history. Are at it like in the jaws when the guys as you're gonna need a bigger boat that was in the grips and now it's extremely famous line. But it status talks for an older you know are at a breaking and but I want to give it it example that Danny Aiello. You got it in moonstruck he's been a lot of the receipt he got his break and went over got ultimately it was sparked is walk on actual somebody. A lot of restraint when the guy that Michael Corleone says hello. And they left the game. And that catapulted him to a whole series. Of a small film rolls got to be starts that you keep at it make. And Ed by the port directors and writers to leveling you changed a script like about it. At II. Nicer out it's just advice. Yeah. Luckily they guy that you know wrote most of the script does he see who is my friend so there or via. And I asked you know how close well you know. You know stick till I look at champions and outright so the other actors nude accuse. You know remains important yes but when I'm doing my little monologue you know. I'm gonna bring to life a little bit. Target it's a great experience. And I totally you know hands on with a now I think everybody gets that right now you'll lose me. And I anytime soon to the weekly lights evolve Hollywood. And. Yeah this Russia propaganda thing this is very interesting and I wonder how much plays gonna get the media I found in Washington times dot com. And this is me folks set up shell companies in that too. To bolster or to be actually you know pay. These organized yet these organized folks. To go ahead and fight against. Fracking. In the United States why because it's advantageous. To Russia. For us to produce less oil they'd make more money the price of it goes up. And that's exactly what they've done. Adding fresh intrigue to the multiple Russia probes underway across Washington top Republican lawmakers are demanding that the drug administration immediately investigate. A Bermuda based shell company. Was suspect. It Kremlin size that's accused of working in the shadows to move millions of dollars to anti fracking activists. Across the US so. It it sounds like. There is some collusion here but it's more between the Russians and the activists and lefties. And it is between. Trump. And the Russians. More to come take a listen up for your chance at grant them the minutes hang on.