'Senator' Kid Rock?

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Thursday, July 13th
'Senator' Kid Rock?

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6070 Bob Rose show live and local thank you for tuning in time Jack brought to you by the prestige taste Jewelers. What the answer is always yes. Mixing in here Libyan and he's got this Johnny fever light thing going on here with a tonight I do get wow man. Welcome back to their seventies. So yeah now we're we've played some like you. Some vintage prints. Floyd later on Matta will be a big trip or not. We let me play some Kid Rock later on he he's running for senate's. It looks like it's for real I'm not kidding you he's gonna try to take on net Debbie Stabenow. And she was first elected in 2000 around for a little bit. She's Democrat. And he's gonna run as a Republican looks like yeah. Senate now rock. LX should be senator Richie his real name is Robert Ritchie but up. Kid Rock for senate. Michigan. I would be huge. All right we'll get to doubt we'll talk about that in a little bit but I am got a big one for you here I don't. You know this Russia stuff is going even watch in this soap opera playing along under the Al junior all my guy she met with this attorney she's so I came right from the Kremlin in our name. Skiff. She's got like yes. USSR tattoos. Except now. So you know a soap opera right bit yet it's forced that to us we have to follow. But listen to this he ready finance. And I even think it. What she'd do weighing you in the country. And what I mean by that is you know it's not as easily eat it to get visas and access as he used to be an especially things a little tenuous with Russia so. We. It's been a little shaky. The Russian lawyer. Who penetrated and Donald Trump's inner circle. Who wrote that. Bay hill. John Solomon and Jonathan easily. Yeah penetrated deep inner circle. Was initially cleared into the United States by eight. President Obama's Justice Department. And discos as high as Loretta lynch because this was an out of the ordinary meaning extraordinary. Kind of a thing they did not granting her Asia. But allowing her access to come into the country. Under the guise of some other legal thing that was taking place where her client. I was in trouble. With the American government. So. They let her in. This rebel. The newest and most intriguing figure in the Russia trump investigation to enter the country without all of these up. Later a series of events between an intermediary. For the attorney. And the trump campaign ultimately led to the controversy surrounding this. President's oldest son and Jared Kushner was there in palm can afford in this meeting which apparently only lasted about twenty minutes. And just five days after that meeting. At trump tower when Donald junior. It seems that debt and we're just gonna caller attorney. Mattel. Okay because that's easier than last. Attorney new Italian and you know who speak. She showed up in Washington right after meeting with trump just days afterwards. In the front all. A lot house foreign scarce committee hearing on Russian policy. She also engaged in a pro Russia lobbying campaign. So she really was there are lobbying. Against this. It's Hinske act. This is the one where. You know we have sanctions against some US I'm sorry some Russian businesses doing business here coming here etc. And if you if you. Don't repeal that then she can't get the repeal that she really wants which is of the law that now does not allow Americans. To adopt Russian babies. I just think it's interesting. That. See this had to go to that this had to go. All the way to the top. Listen to this. In October the government bypass the normal visa process remember Obama's the president at this time. They bypass the normal visa process and gave aid type of extraordinary permission to enter the country. Called immigration par roll. That's a discretionary act that the statute allows the attorney general. To do any extraordinary circumstances. Is not for Joe's a bully coming in off thought you know. The streets of Rome. This goes thought this is a high level. Allowance if you well. I in this case. They say they did so so that her client. This mr. Katz give them. This this Russian businessman could testify. And it may further accommodation of allowing as Russian lawyer into the country and of course that's. Lawyer and Italian. The prosecutor said justice was willing to allow the Russian lawyer to enter the United States I gana. As a trial in the case approached so she can help prepare and attend the proceedings. The court record indicates the presiding judge asked the Justice Department to extend her immigration parole another week. Until he decided motions in the case. The US attorney's office in New York confirmed that Wednesday to the hill. That it let lawyer and Italian into the country. On a grant of immigration parole from October 2015. To early January. 2016. They could not immediately explain however how the Russian lawyer was still in the country in June. Forum meeting would Donald Trump junior. Wow. Still no plot thickens. For those of you who. Thought boot. I'm bad debt meeting was a setup to begin wet. Circle gets the square. In appears this in May be exactly. What is taken place so. Will the Democrats. Won more information in this area will go lefty media. Do their due diligence and start digging. It moved. I doubt it. I doubt it's gonna happen look. They've got their agenda. They get their focus. Its tying Russia to Donald Trump any way they can't they're gonna stick with that line. And it's interesting because there actually are other things going on in the world but I watched CNN yesterday. Wolf Blitzer but so is simply was filling in form anyway I'll watch CNN for the first time in awhile. And it was. Nothing but don't rush the stuff and it was all like a retread over and over again I mean I think they recycled it within. A twenty minute period the same stuff over and over again a panel saying the same. Gobbledygook. In Al collusion connection. Absolutely. Ridiculous. But there are other things going on we're gonna talk about him next including a Bastille day. It's actually tomorrow. On and the French celebrate dec clearly because that was the day did the commoners if you well. Put this siege on the Bastille. And that led to. A lot of freedoms for the French people. And you know what's odd guests to the guest of honor is. Though much hated around the world we can't stand him president Donald. That is correct. Details on that and more coming up on news talk 97.3 this guy. Six when he won on the club road show us. Carjacked crunchy bar prestige case Jewelers were the answer is always yes. Some headlines Kid Rock is getting more series about a possible Ron. Four senate out of Michigan taking a Debbie Stabenow Democrat has been there for awhile since 2000. And the president trump well guess what he he's in Paris this morning on. A day of pack a day ahead in some ways I guess of when he really needs to be eager to help celebrate. Bastille day. And the in a part of the interesting thing here is. Is the guest of honor. And and a Mac grown the president there right. Guess he is at odds with trump putting has it was global warming is simply debit. But he's a guest of honor to Donald Trump does he love Jersey hated. Around the world because were told by the lefty media as I ate it. Hated by everybody with half a brain course. And representative Steve's release yep the congressman who shot he's finally been transferred out of icu while. Talk about a tough journey he's been on. And apparently. He still in serious condition and he's being treated for an infection. There used to be you'd say well now. That's a no brainer that's easy. Then they used to be tougher to deal. Tougher to stop. In now. We build we build these kind of super bugs. Or there or frankly he may have been dead two years area. Pletcher Jumaine yeah this is a long road and the spot that he got hit in in. Panacea he best place where view got all kinds of things happier susceptible to infections. This was obviously more serious blow. Yup. Yeah so anyways Kelis there was shifted to the icu last week had a an additional surgery to help manage the infection. I mean a surgery to deal with infection that's. Now from what little I know about medical condition that sounds but there's a medical term as susteren hourly. Very ago. Looked at the WP BR maybe forty infection developed into an upgraded to fair condition he was moved out of icu in late June. And they said he was be you know ready for some healing rehabilitation dozing a new chapter but then that setback in that happens. Unfortunately. Often. Are too often demand for signs of any kind of infection if you had any sort of surgery don't delay get back. You know if you're at home borrows kind of swelling and redness a little bit of a fever of all all get over it now. Don't take any chances. The turns scary interests. It takes somebody's got to take serious. As president talking to the guys you know we were just gonna rub some dirt I get back in the game. And that doesn't always work. Great story dad Tom. I don't have to admit ABC news room reported story it was kind of hidden. There. President Donald Trump. Has intervened. To allow a group of Afghan girls entry into the US to participate in an international robotics competition next week in DC. You know because of some existing and additional laws and in visas and all that where everything's been tightened up. Some because of presidential order. They are gonna be able to get in. Yeah they were denied entry by the State Department initially. Although they never gave a public reason as to why. And summer saying oh I saw because it trumps travel ban executive order but. Nobody's come out he said that in fact it's true but here's the bottom line. He got them to take another look at it this State Department and Homeland Security. They got it reviewed it and I said OK I. And it's just a very short little visa that they can stay it's and again like got pearl type system at that. Russian attorney got in under which is interest in oh yeah so so it does take somebody of high level to. Get something like this done and down so they'll be able to stay in the US for ten days. And I thought it was interesting. And the article. Serious fairly neutral. Especially when it comes to the lefty media and attacking trump that we see most of the time it's fairly neutral. But you know what's really interesting it's missing and I can't say they did it on. Per pests. But we're talking about Afghan girls coming to a robotics competition. How soon we forget it if wasn't for George W. Bush and going and Erin pointed out the Taliban. Those girls would never have gone to school and act is a fact. And I think that data is worth. You know at least mentioning. You know you're gonna write an article on it you can at least mention the you know why but that shows some sort of success or some silver lining of going into Afghanistan. And you can't do that if you're on the last because all that was terrible and utter both Fleury and oh my gosh. But not you can say part of his legacy said yes. When a consideration was made going to Afghanistan I said you're not really gonna be able to judge. For fifty years truly on the legacy of you know massive geopolitical things taking place. But here we have just what. Some 20020. Fifteen years later you have an impact you have young school girls in a robotics competition come into the US from Afghanistan. Thank you George W. Bush in all the soldiers and help to make that happen. The doctor Mike's now winners. 627 on the Bob Rose show bringing. It's president trump and mentions his son and that meeting he had said anybody. Everybody would have accepted that kind of a meeting and you know why exactly what I said yesterday because it's absolutely true. One that's coming up on Bob Rochelle at 628. News talk 97.3. This guy. Where the world us presidents trumped whereas it. 636 on a Bob Rochelle live local thanks for tuning an 8779759825. Did trumpets and parents. And if you go to some of the mainstream. A web sites I can't find this story again and I saw a little bit earlier when I was in my research around a 4 AM. It was kind of disappeared also I did again but. Know what the president is doing what you think that would be part all of the daily news cycle. Gets a mention maybe he's in Paris why because tomorrow they celebrate Bastille day. And I think one of the reasons why. But the media's not talking about her promoting it as much is because he's the guest of honor this big parade day idea they've been doing this for. I don't know led the parade and a celebration affirmed out over well over a hundred years. Course Bastille day dates back to what the late seventeen hundreds 1789. So my dent. On. And it means you know. Freedom and human rights basically that part of the world was set up at that time since it's a big it's it's very big deal and he's a guest of honor. Now listen up president macro own. Of France is not I don't think he's. Doesn't seem to be a big fan of Donald Trump specially when it comes to global warming. But. On the Donald Trump is the guest of honor and I I think. That might be one of the reasons why kind of playing it down anything that. Is it a positive nature of this president. Like no other president we've seen before I mean I thought it was blame it all on bush we hate bush. I thought that debt reached a new level and at that time it did but now the bar's been raised. Much higher. And a lot of this stuff. Is actually. It's not coming from the Republican Party but. A lot of these a long time Republicans have been up there forever that the 000. He's in many cases has been there for ever. You know they're not coming to his defense on any of this Russian stuff for anything else affect driving the bus over. Over hammock. But they're not asking anybody to put on the brakes and they're not. Trying to rescue anybody from going under the bus is wheels that's for sure. And that's what's different I think vs the Bush Administration one of the reasons why. I believe it to be that way is because these old school Republicans see the winds of change blowing. And if trumpet successful. Then you're gonna get more people coming from the business world. Two and basically try to make America great again. People who really are sacrificing. And becoming statesman and caring more about. The United States and its people then that so much about how we look to the rest of the globe. And president trump says. He's already illustrated that. At the G-20 summit and he sent a strong message that look America's not gonna foot the bill. For this you know global warming crisis we're just not going to. Where we're not dead deaths just eight or redistribution of wealth on a global level that's that's a real when he gets counted that's really. Really what it is and I less you can get people like China to get serious about it which all they do his lip service and yes in the future will do this and that. And they can make very small changes and makes him appear dramatic in terms of on paper because there's so dirty now. Right because there's so much smog. And became Embree their hair they can make the smallest least expensive changes America we have to send you know. Billions. It. It's dat is set up to redistribute wealth and discuss set up to actually address the global warming if indeed. That's a true phenomenon. In addition if it's true leak caused by humans. So. This president he is standing up for Americans. This trend in this changing trends the reason he got elected is people are catching on to the game that has been played in Washington. For the most part. Up until this point and that is evil Republicans and you get. Expansion of government light. I'm Kerry Wood Democrats get that full bodied taste which means. They're tasting your tax dollars that's the full bodied taste and they're Republican it's just you know it's Democrat lite. It's a long way from Ronald Reagan and his philosophies while Donald Trump is not Ronald Reagan. But Donald Trump does represent. I think America's concerns. And the average American concerns. It's interceded takes a billionaire to relate to americans' average Americans better. Then politicians who supposedly. Were 10 loss so whacked out things have gotten. Really cats and now. And this is one of the big stories that we just tuning in welcome. The Russian lawyer. Putt at all this hullabaloo is about the Russian connection a woman sent right from the Kremlin and all that. Why she in the United States because we've really tightened things up even under the Obama administration. As far as visas and stuff go she she was denied a visa. Under the Obama administration but somehow. Somehow they. They made an X you know an exclusion may. They allowed her hand under a a completely different act. And a and discos to the highest levels of the Department of Justice under the Obama administration. This name ring a bell Loretta lynch. The same Loretta Lynn's that was sitting on a tarmac with former president Bill Clinton's talking about their grandkids or something. Yeah. That he took it upon himself to say there's nothing here in terms of Hillary Clinton in the investigation. That any reasonable prosecutor. You know would go after. That is the work of the Department of Justice that's under their purview of whether they decide to follow through. Here's part of it has asked BI federal bureau of investigation. You do the investigation you compile the evidence. And then people in this department called the Department of Justice. When they're all trained in more specific areas. They would then decide whether or not they're stings that are worth. Prosecuting whether or not there's a strong enough case that would not be for you to decide mystical me. So this same Loretta lynch states. Instant nearer death in all that these tentacles everywhere the same Loretta lynch and had to give the green light for the Russian attorney to come to the US to begin with. So that's kind of interesting isn't it. And how much will the media glom onto that part of the story. Welder hill is where I found it. The hill dot com fill wanna check it out. DOJ let Russian lawyer NG US before she met with trump team. He checked out out and you might want to because. You might not cnet's. In other places. Via. But she'll see how all unannounced senator Chuck Grassley a Republican and somebody stick a Mike finest. All we were gonna get palm and afforded here now outfitted command yeah we did use a power a subpoena. Is there Republicans. All right. Going after a non story. A nothing story. Falling into that whole media trap they asked the F that the guy is up for the FBI director ship now the guy. And they asked him if he thought. That it was a witch hunt going after Donald junior using the president's own words right. Then and he said I don't believe that former director Mueller. Is involved in which on UCL carefully chosen his words because the wind chime. Really is intertwined with the media to a great degree and so he's very carefully separated the tip. And it was well done because he even got somebody like senator Feinstein to Cecile given the green light. As far as voting for him to be the director of the FBI. Very uninteresting stuff developing we'll stay on top that we'll share it with the F. And lost to get your opinions 8779759825. It's 645 happy Thursday. 650 Allopod Rochelle live local thanks for joining and have a Thursday July 3 two. Ain't the weekend right around the corner art and president trump. This eased back visiting Paris again it's interesting depending on it we'll listen to. Well when I find stories which. Don't seem demo we you know were talk about amnesty guess a viner. Donald Trump is a guest of honor. In Paris the French president. Has invited him even all according to one article he is still righted it. The city of Paris several times. I had to write it damn. What he said. Paris is in Paris any longer. The president said that back in February. Implying that the city had been ruined by. Well I mean is they're not truth to that and is that. Being mean saying Paris it he didn't say. It's to a terrible city he just said well it's not you know it's not the same Paris anymore but there's a world traveler he's been better. And anyone on to say you know I represent the citizens of Pittsburgh not Paris that was last month. When he said that he would leave the Paris climate agreement. Well that's who he represents the citizens of Pittsburgh not Paris. How best not. That's not being mean to Paris. That's ridiculous. But that's. How some of the media will try to portray it. The bottom line is he's going to be the guest of honor and is a very high water Bastille day is a big big deal in France. So you know the president's gonna go there and and let the attitude of this guy iMac grown. It is seems like a reasonable fellow. In many respects. He knows it look we have. Histories in deep ties it was and a and gum. Well this is what he sent this is a president macaroni said what are two countries share a stronger than differences given our people in our histories. And our values as well so yes there is a disagreement. I guess that the president trump and and I said publicly because there's nothing to hide that being said it does not prevent us from cooperating in many fields. Is seat. That's a kind of attitude of cooperation now we want and our foreign policy. And that's exactly what president trump is getting. Is seep you have to light gamma. But there should be a certain amount of respect. That goes along with his office and who he represents which got a people of Pittsburgh and every other city in the United States of America. Is seat. Every human being. Wants to be lights and and likes to be like me admitted or not we all suffer from that you want to be lied to or accepted. You can you can go on to do and I'll say it's not true it is true it's just to what extent. But Donald Trump first wants respect. For our country. And the difference is so obvious between him and former President Obama Obama. It was so important to him to be loved. And and you love the adulation any love to get it of around the globe. And so we would go around and had very apologetic. Way. So Ari America's a big buffoon was sharp elbows and we've sorry. I'm so sorry. Because it was more important for him to try to be liked. Is that's going to be part of his legacy or so he thinks. Knoll did in the big bad world is actually much more important to be respected. And the into the light. And various. At least one blatant difference between the former president and the current. When you look in Paris. You know the toughest gun laws in the world Paris. Nobody had guns but the bad guys. Nobody. Nobody had guns. And energy is shooting them one by one. Yeah he was saga about the terrorist attack. And he's right. I mean NBC only difference. And why not. We all have a heart. And we don't want people taking care and all of that. But with the problems our country has to taken 250000. People. Some of whom are going to have problems big problems is just insane. No I mean area habit anyway to summon up. President Donald. CEO landed in Paris not too long ago. And in all the media if they report much on a summer using it to say oh he's running away from the Russia. Story. Yeah so. We go again with. Russia Russia Russia. I laid a pretty good bombshell out on your earlier this morning I don't know if you caught it I'll share with you. Coming up in the next segment right here on the Bob Rochelle. It is a 655. Right now 8779759825. When the other things coming up Kid Rock says that he. Is gonna make a run for senate I mean it looks like. He's get serious. There's a web site Kid Rock for senate dot com. Don't be confused of here in the name Robert Ritchie. Because. That's his real name he sensed that that's him I mean he said yeah I'm I'm. I'm the guy. Musician kid Iraq. Said Wednesday he plans to run for US senate 2018 in his home state of Michigan the bid was the first launched as a web site Kid Rock for senate dot com. Which the singer just validated and shared on Twitter also tweeted I will have a major announcement in the near future. And guy looks like he's going to be the possible Republican candidate to challenge senator Debbie Stabenow who's. Then elected dog has been their seventeen years. So will love Michigan handers. Think it's time for a change. I don't know if the trump collection is any indication. It's very possible. More coming up on news talk 97.3 this guy.