School safety after the Parkland HS shooting with Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods

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Wednesday, March 28th
School safety after the Parkland HS shooting with Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods

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Good morning and happy every Saturday you're listening to the Bob grows every line happy Easter weekend. You know we talked about what was soon being passed in Tallahassee they could impacts. I'm citizens law abiding citizens what has to do with guns the recent shooting in Broward County in all of that well the end of the day after Tallahassee is done. Who's gonna enforce the laws. Win this Marion County sheriff Billy woods and all that goes along when that. Right now on the Bob Rose three Y 97.3. The sky. The other. Yeah I'll share from Marion County. Billy woods and no you don't I'm doing good Bob it's a good morning beautiful ride here. You know it's always great to wake up no that your. Still here to the local law enforcement officers get mad when you you know turn on lights and run all the red lights as he can't get through Gainesville not in the least you know if you don't they get mad they say is still. I Sarah snowplow all right so back ansari SM belly up but but I will say they knew or may also wrote on the way here wow that's all you mean because they're on a cough. No I'm just now I. Annan that Israel table in general people in general Ali LL hurt me if you're trying to get down a road you're interfering with their texting their -- others in my goodness. Hey John we've got these new gun laws now and in a state of Florida and someone in effect right away they raised the the crazy agent I know your lawn force we have nothing to do with. That portion of it other than look a new law comes in he got to enforce the law I guess here's one my first questions baker acts. I think that there's a good thing that there's more of a focus on doing something with somebody who appears to be a threat to themselves or someone else and that's always been a law. But now it seems like there'll be a little bit more. Two which they'll they'll ask you two or you'll have the power to confiscate someone's gun. CA that this new law has a very. Why don't blanket to cover a lot of things and and baker are the base correct law. That this is way eighty past due of changing we and all fours may have been struggling with this for. For decades to be honestly it. And individuals that are a threat to themselves or threats to others. Law would not allow us to add don't use the word conference because common skate usually means that I take it permanently. No I just limited us from temporarily taking the guns from the AM when they're in a moment that they may harm people and K and we couldn't do it. The loss of you know the courts had ruled that we couldn't do and now this new law allows us to do it and then go through the proper paperwork a petition the courts and saying hey look we need to look at this and they're saying they don't need to have these weapons because they could turn into an active shooter you know how I would got to protect them. Coming to protect our citizens not the individual necessarily in that moment in time so this new law is helping law enforcement to do our jobs and to protect citizens. You guys already have your hands full when you arrive in any sort of a scene I mean you're supposed to be you know you're you're you're you're part clergy and your part you know don't try to act as a counselor enrolled until law enforcement and you're. No merits house I mean you get you know you've got a whole host of things now you do you yell you're gonna have to play psychiatrist here's my concern I guess. Somebody is misty gaming. How do we know it's episodic meaning it's gonna pass and maybe has occurred before not could be a reaction to medication could be an extremely stressful situation loss of a loved one or something off the defense. There's temporary. But they have their baker act on their record which then would it if they couldn't then owned firearms after that right. Because there's a question on you know when you apply. Currency get a yet they ask you about if you you know Fuhrman did adjudicated mentally ill aren't stable and the baker act and it falls under one of those calls okay. Is does it does very strict and to a certain degree and but I don't think it permanently eliminate some from heaven and it depends on the diagnosis asserted that usenet com terminology for now. It in my law enforcement when it comes to make Greg law enforcement is not making the decision whether or not the individual stable or not. It shows there's enough evidence that when we get into the situation. To say that this person's actions byword or by physical action. Gives us cause the Salem they need to be evaluated the baker act allows us to take him into custody because. The only time that we can taken into a person into custody is when they committed a criminal act to OK put them. Behind bars or whatever you wanna call it in a baker act this allows us. And non criminal law act to to secure them into a place in the baker act says hey look. Use the professional the psychiatrist needs to evaluate them and that's what a may correct is this not a law enforcement officers saying that. The person who's also a rock her or whatever may be. Bombed. I'm just concerned I guess in this again might fall outside your purview but you know you get a psychiatrist said Ted there's an anti gun guy. I I yeah yeah he's unstable let's take his guns another sixty days and you know all of a sudden he starts stamps and things on there that's a guy is never going to be able to you know I'll ever get office record for so I guess that's one dies and that's a good point Bob I can't say that I've ever seen that and I hope that that doesn't occur but it's definitely concerned they'll actually I talked to somebody not too long ago about. Hey psychiatrist. Or in the could be psychologist of somebody who's working. For a law enforcement. Agency. And he or she was turning down an awful lot of applicants. Yeah and maybe not based on what the normal criteria is you know some give a psychological these are some don't to join our agency. Apparently this person was. Exciting anybody who appeared in their mind to be I'm kind of zealous about enforcing no lie you know I mean I do so so well I had. To that then that's administration and how they need to evaluate and say look mere nod their bright person for the job and it's. Interesting that you bring up the psychological test this new law. Requires. Four of school resource officers to have the psychological exam. They give a criteria that its deal lead to standardized testing. And not are like you said not all agencies do. They should think and don't measure courage senator America. No now they don't do that unfortunately they. Right so yes so we got that is part of this now but some pulled over and you find I've got a bump stock that's a felony unit. The way I redid the moment that is correct it is a felony. Illegal to possess. That we have not being confronted with that as of yet. And even at all my years out there I have this. Cannot think of any time that I've come across an individual being in possession of such a thing they do you know. At that bond stock thing here it's this I don't know why anybody would want you still got to pull the trigger. If I mean there's all kinds of tricks you can do to increase of Saddam the fire frequency and you can even use piano like a rubber man or some other apparatus so what actually pull that to trigger you know an Internet is that you can do you can manipulate the see. Some mechanisms all you want the thin. The truth is I think what's amazing Bob what iron talking to people and in large groups is the individuals that is so ignorant to how Gunn works that. They fully believe. That we have fully automatic weapons are king. Okay that's a semi the semi automatic it's all the same current but the truth is. As I can take a revolver. And fired just as fast as anyone in the semi automatics so. The and to say that you have a fully automatic weapon out there that does is doesn't exist there's people that believe that individual and in Parkland. The Dallas fully automatic weapon it was not. People are clueless. Of what actually a weapon that can and cannot do. Yeah out there and trust really know I mean the conversation we have there and to lose things we've heard you know via the media and stuff and these kids god bless some that are out there marching on and I just don't. Right you here's here's what it all boils down to the DH. And the bulk stock will mocked. Will not prevent a criminal. And lone gunman to do what he's going to do he or she should say. Got to me a call have equality years that's it won't per minute I'm sorry we'll onto. What will prevent it in a free and open society. You know that's where there's a huge balance between what you just said it's if free society and restraint. We have to get there is no perfect solution there is no guarantee we cannot guarantee that somebody will not be killed but you have to get as close as possible. The gun control is not the answer we are restarting your dimension one bay correct. One of the biggest things in which law enforcement and us and in this room came. Say a whole new whole lot about but starts at home. I think that teacher and it won't FaceBook to put that post and in those opposed she's absolutely right starch all impaired and be apparent don't be a best friend. Okay it's simple as that. That it's a shoot your responsibility so its a combination of several things you know those safety. I just love it I just love it when and net. There's a call for more government involvement went in the Parkland shooting itself. The biggest failures were on the part of government the FBI did the sheriff's office. That endear and the local resource officer working for the sheriff's there was a whole lot of break now yeah and so but people think more and more lozenge that somehow look. If we've been saying if you see something say something we've been promoting an all of us right we've been promoting net and then when people did actually say something. Nothing was done. I mean why are these failures being addressed hey you know good. Ballot just probably right instead of instead of let's impede the rights of of being Nelson supposedly free adults who are law abiding. They all wanna look in one area as opposed to looking at other areas well to being used to. For an for a bigger agenda I all America I would not argue that point. You're listening to the mob grows real wind we're talking Marion county sheriff's hilly woods. And we've got to play more to talk about next. On the Bob Rose rewind 97.3 this guy. Great discussion we've been having this morning would Marion County sheriff hilly woods. And we're gonna continue right now on the bond rose three wide happy Saturday your tune to news talk 97.3. This guy. This year and asked do you know he's blunt force an officer in the east. Datsyuk Jimenez. Personnel they've got to us. In a make sure that the laws are followed enforcing gun laws has changed and this is the state of Florida and how that's gonna impact people on the baker act we've we've covered some of that. Also on. I know this might be a little bit sensitive on an amateur wanna get into a bit there's some on March that is planned to. To be support of all of the Second Amendment and it's in Ocala so why wouldn't I would guess that maybe. That would be fall under Ocala as far as their laws and rules and jurisdiction that's correct. It does that marches in the city limits of Ocala. And obviously it does bring concern firm in my office because we may have to. Assisted. Bill Kalla police department from more than willing. You know the city does have an ordinance that says that. You cannot they cannot see any individual between the ages of sixteen a sixty cannot fish in their ponds and or lakes or oceans and when called to a school. Only consider its upon. It is so it's considered here you're not allowed legally not allowed to stationary if you're between the ages of 1660 noticed a little kids. While learn how to fish or senior citizens who want assist again and everybody else. And that's been in the last away for a long time two years since I was tired and old oh and that's hard to build any and that parks that particular body of water you know is covered under matter it is it has all the body waters in the city limits so he sits in the city limits say there's no relation between the ages six and six it that's correct well I would remember now that they're wonderful improvement that might be. An area of concern. Ted is anytime you have a march like that just like when you all had dumb ol' what's his name they came near Gainsville Richard Spencer bats as Spencer. You know its its concern everybody's got their right together freedoms to us to do that but it sometimes we have to use common sense and. It only takes a couple of people who want to try and you don't know who like. Won't really where they're coming from they just for whatever reason they're gonna make that they're it's they're gonna creating huge problem possibly that's correct and it and it's not it's usually not the main group is like you said one person or two. They get into this some type of conflict and then the sparks fly and then it all goes downhill from there they're drawn into this and they could be and I could be anybody to be like an arc just right groups that just wants. To serve you know does he have a can break down correct now yes. Hi so we've got down what are us some other big things that are going on Americana you know prop. Laid this is not just us unique comparing county Murti mention this law the biggest thing for us is this school resource officers that the entire state. All all for Sunnis are gonna have to do you know there's new all. It it's did written in there. They've purring vice falls on each of the sheriff's offices are responsible to the placing a school resource officer into the school. And like for myself. I can answer from my agency. I'm looking at 29. That. New deputy trade off I have I thought it was even more than that because I thought well I don't beginning because the governor had wanted one for every two every thousand students which I agree with but however the you know the house and the senate. Change that apparently took it out for every thousand they just made mandatory for there has to be one in every public school and I include your charter schools if the public school basically funds. The facility or the school you have to have a school rouge source officer and their four. The guardian program or a combination of both as well and you know in in Marion County are they going to enact debt that guardian tonight. You know right now we're discussing. And they have a right and concerns and I'm pretty sure every community has concerns regarding the program I do support the guardian program I think it should be in place. That's one that's another step that we can get closer to protecting the children that you asked earlier. But there's some concern is that I. Have you need to relieve them of those concerns as say look this is the measures will put into place. And I think about that everybody's asked question I get passes quite ought to want teachers are nobody's at listen. People are so lost on this. No one is saying that every single teacher and every single staff members going to be armed infected and nobody that doesn't wanna be armed will be ever be forced to ever that is great abilities voluntary. Okay it that's the first thing and second the criteria to match it is so straight because of the hundred no. 44 hours correct yeah the 400 that's always thought a lot of training. And it only goes magnate to those that are in law enforcement retired law enforcement a military Bluetooth hand they have to pass that psychological exam. To get it through and it has to have the sheriff's approve the sheriff is a one a says yes as personable in the program. I think about that user concerns deserve issues are guarding people getting hurt absolutely you know making a mistake. But however I think about the incident down south if that coach would have meant an armed individual rent my. The possibility of saving his own life and saving other students. Was was there. You know I think about a the Maryland and SR that did did his job yet the took that threat now than current. But however it's it's one extra measure and I don't think it should be standalone some some counties they don't have a choice. If you really look on the they don't have a Choi visited the guardian program may be their only option just because of. Funding issues and here early in the last we're counting they've decided that that is not an option at this point a and they're saying no to it. Correct that's from my understand Brian haven't I haven't talked to anybody here and made a decision I sought. Kind of hastily and you wonder but did they taken all the information there was there a little political issue there but wait that's for another today that. So. So in Marion County. You're open to it at this point no decision's been made for sure one way or. That is correct yes. For a discussion but the biggest thing it is filling these positions in and throughout the entire state you know the numbers do we were given from Tallahassee is across the state you look at that every law enforcement agency together over 4000 law enforcement. I'm gonna have to be hired sworn law enforcement. That's you shoot it that that's a factor in this huge stink about that and hiring we're about to have hiring frenzy. Now to give you an idea of the candidates that we don't pull that we're haven't had two draw on he is at the few weeks back. I had 300 applicants for sworn pollution waddle okay which is good Vieira all right. You wanna know how many we actually got out of that 300 that passed everything five. Close thirteen. Our house thirteen that's the type of pool that we're having to deal with now we're going to be sharing that same pool. With the entire state of Florida are off. So back came on who. If you're considering a career law enforcement this is that all the time this is inside as depression era and one other quick point I wanna let people know. That is that they're worried about anybody being armed in a school is not a law enforcement officer and to that I say. The chances of them ever has things even utilize the weapon are miniscule. But to be able to say we're not a no gun zone here so we want to send our children using lethal force to meet. Is an extremely important deterrent you taken a soft target and turning it into a hard target rushed the mag guy was so soft targets so. Logic right corrects. Appreciate it. Sheriff Billy was very canny sheriff thank you for your time absolutely I agree service here. Always good time talking to really woods to Marion county sheriff's. Great attitude upbeat guy. I love it and I hope you enjoyed it as well you've been listening to the Bob Rose three lines so everybody enjoys their Easter weekend and don't forget to tune in. Monday morning when I will be on the air along with a great capacity to bring you the Bob Rochelle. So rise giants' starting at 6 AM have a great weekend. 97.3. This guy.