Preserving rights and action in the Florida Legislature with State Sen Dennis Baxley

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Wednesday, April 25th
Preserving rights and action in the Florida Legislature with State Sen Dennis Baxley

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I six done about those show like the local time Jack occupies prestige Hayes jeweler put the answer is always yes special guests and a studio. We talked to most of us on the finally got to be in here state senator Dennis actually build a house and mr. vaccine high dose are great great to be with you and thanks are your listeners for cared about what happens in this country. Think the last time sorry in person was of valor is you came to speak their couple years ago. Yeah how well there's a lot of opportunities there's a lot of good things going on our communities we just need to be other support and rhetorically are veterans and we've talked about a veteran's nursing home too that's another issue it's we made some progress on the share. I will we have a laundry list here because there's a lot of things only talked about let's there was school safety law that was passed recently. And that raised CA treated by a long gone from 8221. I thought for sure it that would be a legal issue. Because it asks constitutional. And you know things attest to and I I sought but somehow it past you voted no why. Well I've never voted to you restrict or in friendship people's right to take responsibility for themselves and others. And not I I just can't do their their I'd say 89%. Of the bill was good stuff. Now a lot of it was living resources toward school safety that and mental health issues that need to be dealt with. And that's very important bit when you take. And restrict someone's. Constitutional rights ice I'd have never done man and I don't planted. Well you as you're a 100% certain that it would have a positive impact could be one thing but. It appears by you know anybody with any movement of the amount of logic to do you can make their case. Know that this simple things that were in the air somebody asked me can you were put that I said yeah I can live with the but I can't vote for it. I because the good news is these restrictions are very limited they don't do much. The bad news is they don't do my son Ryan wire are we taking all these. People's rates and Irish law abiding citizens law abiding citizens is not gonna change the small so funny how folks in your punishing them. That's right and in point when she start down that slippery slope in you already here. Folks of that abacus C speak into that very thing now will this is just beginning. And that's exactly. Where we are on the exact same page Sarah container that all the noise exploding in everywhere around the country but. It seems like Marion county and some of the other rule areas of city stupid rule areas brilliant hit hard to the hole all POA Ding. You know the pill mill things addressed to some extent but those of us kind of knew the issue knew they'd be squeezed out and other places. So they're taken stuff cinemanow since sent no and they don't know also it's Propofol are they don't know if it's some kind of Chinese stuff. And Diane. Yes sir Howard Aris is a way and not thankfully nor cam things we can try to your. Interfere with that but did you know we knew we still have a bigger problem that's just the whole idea that people go down this path of substance abuse. Part of it is definitely irresponsibility. Of the folks who prescribe all these medications. That. He week we have a much broader problem man and our culture that we're dependent on. Substances. And and what happens is. We lose that sense of awareness of how dangerous it is and once that addiction takes hold. They'll sell her mother. Yeah and that began why would you wanna get high to begin with like what is this a young person's feeling of I guess it is there in this broad sense of hopelessness for so many people there escape his city and around to medicate themselves. I think that is the broader issue that we need to look at is why do we choose to do this instead of living a healthy life and adjusted life. And you know quite frankly for me personally as senators and faith they don't have a purpose they don't have my wife for life. And they need to get busy giving themselves away to other people and other things rather than trying to feed their own. Empting this by yourself you know yourself. Stimulation among his kind nature but when narcotics. And the risk factors are very high. And non it's it's very deep in the culture. That we've created this kind of a market. Among ourselves. A lot of it is earlier intervention I think it's a lot of the pain of life we have a lot of breakdown of families. We're in we're in disrepair. But people have to have a Y and I think that's where faith as a pillar of our. Culture and not an. Convictions about faith family freedom and opportunities and how focused they are an and it's all about means and take care mean again. Continue to do the wrong things and then you become dependent. My concern is anytime a government or law gets involved. Well happen as law abiding citizens under the direction of a physician. We'll find it more more difficult to get pain medication those who truly need it and are being monitored and are not exceeding their prescribed dosage. Those people will be penalized and punished. And and the kids who or young people who already as who are looking for drugs illicitly on the street. Will still be able to sign theirs the once again law abiding citizens will be impacted to the greatest degree nest. Concern. I agree we saw with a pill mills we had to take. You know extreme action to get it out of control other states were begging investigated under control if he were coming here hall all these so oxy calm in these pills all over the country. And so we. We did create a sit toward shore have many constituents stood in general and really have a genuine need for pain medications to manage. You know long term pain issues are awful things like accidents in things that no chronic pain from. And they they were brown all over the place trying to find medication sand and being treated like in many cases a criminal themselves just because they're looking to address something that is up. But aside chronic conditions. That's right so anything that's a powerful tool and a wonderful tool in our culture can also be. At two edged sword where it becomes a very destructive one and Def playing when people reach the addiction staged their money they're no longer in control of making any real choices dead now. Sending pill mills but at least when people. Took those drugs they had a pretty good idea what they were getting now when you on the street. You have no idea what's in it how powerful it is what they substituted. You literally taking your life in your hands every time you buy a drug on the street. Absolutely and now they're cutting heroin with fentanyl it's absolutely frightening because I mean he can be instantaneous. That then one somebody's addictive I've heard. Police officer started about having their rescue the same person like 3 times in the morning four hour period that they overdosed him. So I don't know how we stop that kind of self destruction. Is it I know that we need to intervene earlier and I know that we need to move an addict different direction with and NB sensitive about pain medications and the abuse of them. But it's only part of the story. The other thing it's and killing people especially young people. Is this distracted. Driving and can keep very. I was pushing a bill. Then addressed at at least to some extent maybe not perfect but at least and addressed it it didn't go anywhere. Why do you think Dan isn't do you agree that distracted driving is a problem. Well I think he made more par burst any medicine I think senator periods is gonna get to spill the next year I feel confident. The because what's happening is we've. But I've been evolving personally because the real problem is not texting his side distract distracted driving. And it's dangerous reckless driving about that distraction. And now but I actually felt like texting was the wrong language because you know officer was I was looking on my math you know wasn't texting. No it's that idea there were not paying attention. That when you look at how the taxing itself is so. It ingrained in the behavior of younger people didn't and adults I mean I think part of the problem is legislators know there are guilty. And you know we feel hypocritical. And when really the problem is doing any thing that takes your attention often you can kill people you're you're in a machine that you're gonna kill people. Yeah I it's definitely something I mind my concern once again as he get government involved and it. This will be another tinted window fishing expedition for law enforcement he has many times they use there's a way in to stop really bad guys. And Lotta times he just uses away and go fishing and and I'm concerned about the act because I know your fighter of freedom. Yeah I think have a camera problem for some people. Fighter portrait and they were afraid it would be an excuse to pull people over. But in fact it's become too strong an issue and you are a danger to other people wonderment that distracted. And particularly with young people it's it's turned out to be a huge issue. And now so yeah I'm a convert I think he gets the bill next year and we makes we've made a lot of progress. And moving in the right direction to say this is too serious. If you know where you Siebel rooms and shame on you view that's an offense to you danger yourself. When you're out paying attention in your texting your friends. And you can run over kill people on main man for life. You've heard and other people at that point. Exactly yeah exactly yeah that's when that's and it's not a freedom and Marlon and intrudes on the the freedom of others are. Tony continued this we're talking a state senator Dennis actually. Coming up free speech on college campuses lo and behold there's actually protection might be needed in this area. Wow leafs things have changed and we're gonna continue. Talking the state senator next on above Rochelle live a local news talk 97.3 this guy. Yeah. Legs when he went on about Rochelle state senator. Generous actually in the house this is a guy who is still enough for Second Amendment Rights for a very long time father senior around does it stand your ground castle doctrine strings and now all everything even involved that and I as wanna say. I personally appreciated nicely for a lot of gun owner. The feel the same way well it's amazing what you can do if you really believe in freedom you know there's always this balance between control and freedom. And I still believe in freedom and I know there were safer society if you empower law abiding people take responsibility for themselves and others. If bill's a safer society. It in the midst of all this stuff we're hearing don't forget that we're in a 47 year low. A violent crime. Record in this state. 47 year low it's important that three and more folks here an and I had a hidden study by the CDC they came out. In the ninety's they did it once they saw the results they buried it they never published as. And it showed that guns are used for defensive purposes three and a half times more. Then bad guys were using a three and a half times for defensive. Use. They say Islam as a reader study and then buried it up. So good stuff I love it and speaking of freedom what could be more important then at the freedom of speech but apparently on college campuses. They're trying to squelch. Folks on a regular basis what what are you going to do about it well. Definitely get a situation of management is sweeping the country this idea that you know we can quiet people who say things that we don't wanna hear. And that and that that in tolerances early moved to the left hand at this point and not what we had to go one on his own college campuses they were stern a deal with this back. Establishing free speech is owned homes. Which means there's a postage stamps spotter we hear that you get to stand on so that you don't hear fear in anybody else because we don't like what you had to say. And so we're challenging that idea and outlawing that is in Florida that our universities would not have free speech zones that anywhere there was open campus was freed that now of course they have responsibility keep order and we're not talk about writing we're not talking about. Destruction of property. We're talking about we have simply got to learn how to have civil discourse of all places a universities. And the attack ideas and debate ideas with you and hear things they you don't agree wit than say I don't agree with that. The interesting thing is you know the folks on the left for many years even winning you know when I was a young man. Were the defenders of free speech and now it has completely turn the other way. What what why the shift in dynamic there they used to say listen be open minded listen be open that was a definition of liberal open minded that's why you're liberal anymore because. It's not. Properly applicable because it's far less progressive autism. Well and I. Think they globalism. View has since taken view that direction and it's it's invested in the socialist. Philosophy. And in the end that is an intolerance is a history of totalitarianism. And you don't tolerate any thing their questions. Those thoughts and you can't hate speech or whatever. And in the best way to deal with and I think University of Florida they're great. Job deal with Spencer and really the best way to deal with people that do things like he doesn't say things that he does is let him talk to an empty room. Right. Don't make a big deal about it then people who wanna hear and to hear him and people who don't care to hear I'm won't (%expletive) announced they've. Blake is set eventually the rooms will be empty. I'd say the board of governors and the universities worked with me on the language we we wanted to you know Mari the reliability factor for them and the same time. We wanted to get her this concept that you can put somebody nice spot after something and typical about our free speech is only have to stay in missiles square. And the whole concept of free speech so I was a great day for freedom to have forced to pass that bill this year you what's the most important thing we did this year. We passed a balanced budget which apparently they can't do Washington now. Now that Canada needs gas and and fiscally. Florida because of that has been in very very good shape. Through lean times she made the proper adjustments to the years to adjust for a slow and low economy and there really and kudos to the folks who handled all that through the year. So I'm very proud of the fact that we lead the country and financial stability is a state because of this kind of mature leadership over a period of time. And it's keeping a solid trajectory recovery and progress right now that we have that kind of stability. And you know. The Indianapolis say no we're we're going to live with what the people give us just like they do with their home table and that their small business. And it's paying off him to make Florida a place that is a good place to live grow and grow a business. But I and it's good place to retire and if you serve your country we go love our folks that are veterans. And you wanted to address VAN and the nursing home scenario yeah. Purcell we years we've been trying to get in the queue for our region to have the next veteran's nursing home because we do have people that need that facility over time. And in this service Syria. The reach of this station I'm sure there's about 65000. Jeff. Veterans and some of those are gonna really need our help so he really concerned about eight counties. This year we finally got designated some planning money about 500000. Dollars. To establish that. To get that started in Marion County. And we will have all the connecting counties around us. For about eight counties that will have access for their veterans in May take a few years to reach this chemical I think this is number nine. For the state ensue we we're kind of way and then in line to get it operational. But we need to get our foot in the door get to snail bound soon we're very proud that step forward. And were very proud of all of our friendly things that were passed. In our legislature we want this to be the most friendly place. In America for those people who serve the country that are in the military now. And they are looking for places to come and go their lives. Well state senator Dennis actually we appreciate your time we wanna make him more over regular saying hopefully. Because you're not busy enough hazardous. Well isn't for I loved being home you anonymous or save the storms legislature's in session we can do things. First thing is to do no harm the united. And now so I promise that the main thing I'll do for you skill lot of bills we had about 3000 bills we wound up only pass and about. 200 Serb. He you don't want all our stuff to happen by the time you figure out unintended consequences. The juices now work to squeeze most of the time. Well said serves appreciate your time on the air and hope to talk to you again soon keep up two years the good work and keep fighting the good fight hey let's make sure the next generation gets the America we were given that's when I master. Absolutely state senator Dennis actually on above Rochelle is 820 eighths.