Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods tackles training and staffing new school safety officers

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Wednesday, August 1st
Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods tackles training and staffing new school safety officers. The Bob Rose Show podcast from Tuesday 7-31-18.

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It's. Guys mind trash talk in Tuesday's game continues solo. Study US Madras socket and Laurie house. Straight into the facts because we have a special guest in the studio it's 807 time Shaq brought to you by prestige pays Jewelers where the answer is always yes. All right. Why is here the sheriff's Americana UK do share more on Bob our U fantastic it's good to have you and here we always there's still there when Michelle last time we know that that new gal cousin duties they keep you busy no they knew they keep me running from one end of the state in my counting all over send. Or cards to help help me a new listeners understand. Tom Cole when it comes to the schools the difference between a resource office serve the guardian program. And in what Europe's specifically doing in Marion County because they still think there. Is a little bit of confusion yet there is this throughout the state you know you get something new like this. And you're trying to implement what's the best interest of our kids and the schools or keeping children safe. Scholars say school resource officer for school resource deputies are which and sheriff's office called. He is the sworn law enforcement where this school districts are. Working cooperation would their local law enforcement to put a she warned. Deputy or sworn officer and teach in the schools now let's which has which has been gone on depending on a school. And depending on a county but that's. A program that's been ongoing for a few years at least and it has abandoned schools most most law enforcement throughout the entire state of had him in the high schools in the middle schools now were bringing them all down to elementary. Yesterday I was down as speaking at a death as row which is the Astaro conference or organization. I'm speaking before them and what I told him. He is elementary were now introduce an elementary because we pretty much have to buy this new law and by the bill. They and what's unique about this is he's given us the opportunity. To change. Shall shall I society itself. And what I mean by that if you look we put law enforcement into high schools and middle schools with a hopes. Building the relationships I am making sure that they understand the law enforcement is not the bad guy who law enforcement is a good guy we're here to help we're here to protect. And sometimes when you get today at age Richard Ben instilled in them however it caused by weather being from the home with a B from gangs or whatever maybe. Their mindset is thirty cent and it's hard to change. But when we get into the elementary we have the opportunity to be impression and and upon these young kids. And show them what law enforcement earliest. And it changes so yes we've been doing that the changes is bringing it to well mention other other part of it the biggest thing. That that there is a third component a lot of people don't know about or there get are gaining confused. He is in is only a few calories that panel is their own law enforcement agency. And that's a third component and the reason for that a slight Broward and not Broward but down in Miami and believe it's Palm Beach and I always forget the third a but it these other county districts have their own police department just like me university police department here. Okay separate from the Gainesville police department separate from the last shall county sheriff's office. And so each of those so is put in the bill so they wouldn't have to get rid of that law enforcement agency that that school district has been to those are large school districts frustration. Enormous. And then the third component is the guardian program the guardian program is. In the bill itself is a voluntary. Basis either individuals to purchase rate must be employees of the school districts. And they have to volunteer. Now and part of the bill is once they complete this enormous amount of training it totals up to a 144 with the diversity training added in there. It is they get a concealed weapons permit and that basically allows an individual to be on a school campus carrying a weapon to protect the children. Now you asked about Marion County. What myself and the school districts have come to an agreement is. In which all of us our ultimate goal is to get a resource officer and every school camps that's what we want you want law enforcement there. And marrying counted that's what we've done we've come to agreement that we will have a school resource officer and every one of our public schools. And then that's second component which a law allows us is to have the guardian program and we use in the guardian parental help supplement. Each of the school resource officer now there is one area that we are in conflict law enforcement and the school districts throughout the state not just Marion County. Is a schooled issues don't think that a charter schools are part of them. And they are and statute clearly defines a stat charter school as a public school. But the right now on the stance at a school districts are taken as they don't think that they are but why why he greeted with. Why do they need to define now what's what's the need behind that wild. Seasons it did it's already define this debut of the news the statute and right now I can think the number off dominated. If you look at the charter school statute. The definition. Of a charter schools plainly says it is a public school. Okay now. That each of the school districts due to. Provide a strong a small portion of their funding. Into each of the charter schools throughout the state. And the bill the new law. Applies and to each of the charter schools. So that makes us responsible we have to have one of those three components of the new law into the charter schools as well. Before as far as I know there's not a school district in this entire state that recognizes the charter schools the public school. So the charter schools then would go without possibly I mean. Well I mean they could be without a good SR all but would may be in violation of the new state law and yes and no okay it did it. I'm pretty sure there's not a sheriff's in this entire state is not gonna protect the charter schools so so no matter what they're gonna make. Make the a lot of us are still have one of those three things within a charter schools like us a give an example. He is the guardian program. We will have a guardian in our charter schools. And if if I get forced to where we don't have any guardians then I will have to put a deputy in the charter school. Or if it's in the city is sonoco will swell to. But now we get a good yeah if you were there as you're gonna have somebody has a guardian. They would have to already be employed at that school announced at forward and say I'd like to be included in the guardian program correct that is correct that is everything can't be a teacher. That well no they cannot there are exceptions the exceptions are if they are retired. Law enforcement. Or they current active military and and they could also be a teacher and still qualify that is correct OK I'm. Now possible thanks for trying to clarify some of that so even one dollar clarification there are still. In how they're still some areas that there's not a total agreement. That is great and here's our hopes a sheriff's you know one of the things we do have a lot of people don't know is we have our own legislative. Summits where we all come together. And part of the next summit is where we're gonna sit down on the table and basically had to try to help them fine tune some of these areas where we recognized that arm I don't wanna say issues. For the sake concerns that we think that we can improve it and get a little better direction one of the biggest things. Is obviously the funding I know you've heard it. Throughout this state the funding and it actually it's not who pays for. Which pocket does it come out of the these the pocketed it comes out I'll. Is the taxpayer right whether meat to school mr. weather mean the county commissioner doesn't know I do know as the sheriff of marrying counting. I will ensure that there is a school resource officer and every school and that I will protect my children in my county. Fantastic. All right we're gonna move along as we continue. Talking to sheriff's Billy woods is your Marion County. He's an explain to us amendments and why should we care and what's that all about him. Prime race and one up or down. And what we can do about it. Talk about all that again more coming up. On the Bob Rose show on this trash talking Tuesdays at 815 right now news talk 97.3. This guy. Make sure you wanna Bob Roosevelt's time Jack is brought to you fly and prestige Kay's jewel is what the answer is. Always yes. All right let's continue talking to Mary Terry sheriff Billy woods. Once things he wanted to bring up and it's an important one amendment ten is gonna be on the ballot no matter what race. That sure we are voting and because is going to be a state wide thing it's a constitutional amendment. You know the Florida State constitution requires 60% supermajority. To change the constitution. And this is amendment sand floor up amendment ten net. And this sheriff is advocating a yes vote continue explain. YE. This is important. Oh absolutely about men yes I am I'm Tom thumb asking citizens out here to. Vote yes for a mimicked him and it's the protection amendment is back to what it is. You one of the biggest things in the first thing is that it requires rather than authorized legislation provides for the department of veteran affairs. We're protecting we're ensuring that our veterans have something. Or an agency within our government to protect them. The look out for their needs and provide for them which is huge with it to Scott how sad that it's not already there. As long as little more remaining veterans we have we should have something in place and in that takes care of them. I'm one of them is to create a state office of domestic security and counterterrorism. That sounds so you get an idea but it also sounds like it's gonna cost mean as a taxpayer. Good possibility in that area calm but not sure on exactly what it would are how much it would. The thing is is society we are changing worldwide not just in the United States were changing and people want to attack us. So we need to have something in place that our citizens. In the state of Florida knows that they are protected you know law enforce our on our end we can only do so much because we got a handle what's in our local areas. And although we may have small. Department small bureaus that look said that we discuss with the FBI but having a specific anti terrorism counterterrorism group. Will be nothing but better for our state. I just not the bureau the expert and asked that it it it sounds like. If you'd be creating an office there would be a liaison between yes BI and other intelligence gathering sources and they would be communicating with local law enforcement. But I thought they were already doing that and you would still must communicate local law enforcement know which you'd still asked him point person you work. Other of your be your command staff yes that that would be taking that information. It's the economy adding a layer there which by Greg gas could be a good idea Eric could just be an added layer. You know dumb it's that good points first of all Bob absolutely. Moon but we have to have something that ensures that it's in place yes do we communicate absolutely communique right now. And that's the first question we have innocent everybody wants to blame when there was no communication. There's they didn't talk to I have three I didn't tell you or local didn't do this. I think that this puts a measuring place to ensure that it does happen death. If that makes any should be. Are gags and there's the you know a cover your basis so there's at that they'll be a clear office that you could contact in saint axle of what's going on or they can contact you and say hey here's that here's a bulletin and it could affect your area. At the inches in the best interest of the state of Florida that's what we need to. Okay sure we remember nine and then the other stuff is it would make sure that all these offices that are currently elected offices would continue to be because there. They're all constitutional officers sheriff's tax collector property appraiser supervisor of elections clerk of the Circuit Court. All the way they are now. And you told me Miami Dade Nexus One of the few calories that they don't do it now NX seven appointed the head of there they're still called a sheriff that is correct. He still called a share well we call in the sheriff's down there they call on the director of public safety. And right now. The way it is written. Can local governments can change it take away your vote the citizens take away your vote to decide who do you wanna sheriff who do you want your constitutional. Duty one as a clerk of the court. Right now I answer to the people. But to my answer to annoy answer to anyone else. But in my taxpayers and and if the taxpayers don't like what I'm doing they have the right to remove me from office. And unlike likened Miami they came news that the citizens cannot remove someone that protect cinema can remove their tax collector can't remove their clerk of the court can do any of that and this ensures this amendment in assures that all of the constitutional officers. Our elected by their citizens yet and it makes sense because and you are accountable like you said to the people vs. We're a city commission type set up. They would appoint that person then you have a constant struggle wells okay voting say Francis Ford three deaths. To appoint this person and man if you of the citizens think they're doing a terrible job. The US to wait until the you know there's Dallas for the city commission and go through them in now all of throes of changing that so I like richer sank. These constitutional officers are directly accountable. To what they are duties are and if people don't like it's gonna vote amounts or every four years. Every four years they can decide donning I don't like about. Share us being a event and I elected this thing is they've big gets into politics he gets into. Com the stay acid change in other words. You know day there's Billy would supporters there's guys you know there's guys and gals I'm sure that had your back on a percent for some that maybe don't agree with the all the time. And you can create cease actions a law enforcement. That's the part that I don't like. I wouldn't disagree were you in any shape or form Bob you're absolutely correct you know come into office you know everybody knows that I came. From outside the sheriff's office. And that's what I'll always seen over the years and it is and it's a troll on the men and women. Com and what your hopes are is that you get a leader in there and you put an individual in place that doesn't exit the doesn't. Doesn't divide people up doesn't play a part a similar type thing is if you do your interest is not for music for the county that you were present your interest just for yourself. They and all they should matter and all that matters to me. Is that each and one of my and a bit my employees. Do their job and do their job right. Not whether or not they hold a sign for me whether or not. And who they support okay. Are they protecting the citizens Marion County. That's what matters to me well we just wish people like you weren't so rare sheriff when we appreciated on the real quick is a run out of time. Our primary county overall kind of down where some areas that are of concern. You know we are on a rise. In Marion County but. You know I can sit here and give you an enormous list of why crime rises through the rather be merry counting or any other state population right now Marion counties population increases one point 8% okay. Unfortunately I hate to disappoint people vote when population increases ain't all good guys that come no bad people come within. Along within an increase one of the things over the decades it occurred is our transit. Population. Transit population issues and it's never put into the calculations because you change you can put an end the numbers two to determine what is your crime rates. Come here you residential you know marrying K honey I have 360000. Residents but however. You know during the prime hours of the day. I could have well over 500000. So if you take that number to whom I'm servicing who's in there and Olin all the criminals or crime or it's gonna drop. My what do we can talk further about it. Another time because we know having interstate 75 going right to your county. It gives access to great visitors did some not so great that's that is so true we'll continue on that the next time we get to meet and we appreciated sheriff's Billy woods raring to argue about the good works out I guess I appreciate about always it was a B would you lingering.