Latest: Russian lawyer a plant by Dems?

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Thursday, July 13th
Latest: Russian lawyer a plant by Dems?

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Show good morning time Shaq brought to you by prestige taste Jewelers where the answer. Is always yes. President Dow dropping in Paris today in will be the guest of honor for Bastille day which is tomorrow but they'll get together with president Matt grown. Side doing no I tool work. Of the city in all the fascinating things to seat. In you know Paris and around. Surrounding areas. He's a guest of honor now. That's interest in a study was hated around the world. Rarely do. And a nine abbey like but he certainly is respected in this French president has young guys. He's what 39 I think. He I think he gets it he understands it good there's going to be differences putts. You know find where this common ground work together and do all the talk about stuff like Syria I anti terrorism things like them. That's a good thing. Some an immediacy. President Trump's running away from no Russian thing. Well here's an interesting story. And that is it was under the Obama administration and went as high as Loretta lynch. To allow him. This Russian lawyer. This woman who is well stirring up all this talk. It's a none story. To meet. And I think to most thinking people but. Until the lefty media likes to bass Donald Trump and taken down and and even some of the Republican Party. They want the old guard to remain in power well. They think it's a story apparently. It's not but if there is a story related to a that is interesting because there's an angle on this. And it is. Trump junior was set up new set up. He was set up. Sold out. It can be used against him the administration later to say. Oh look look look. There is collusion here's evidence of collusion. Anything naked dude a tie. Donald Trump burst campaign with a Russians what they're gonna attempt to do. You know what's interesting this. I mean the media I'd just now all. Seems to be talking about the fact that miss universe contest was in Russia. And that Donald Trump is my release of producing he owns that. So of course he's gonna have dealings in Russia. On with the media acted like you know you can't if you did you even talk to anybody from Russia. All yeah of course he did all wait arm they had to do with the campaign now. Why can't be true. Why because we go hunt big true but. That's when it comes down to. But in October. The government bypass the normal visa process and gave a type of extraordinary permission to enter the country. Called immigration parole. That's what occurred. To give this attorney. From Russia the ability to come into the United States because she was not being granted a regular visa. It's a discretionary act that the statute allows the attorney general. The attorney general. To do an extraordinary guy act an extraordinary circumstances he gives him the power in the discretion well then attorney general. At the time under Obama was Loretta lynch. All how to plot thickens the same liberal instant Matt on the tarmac with former President Clinton and then now. Next thing you know Hillary Clinton's also open the FBR right. It's also neat and clean. Not so clean no is it. The tangled tales. That we are told. He means. Kid Rock he's running for senate talked about this earlier Kid Rock for senate dot com. And Chinese he's quite serious. Robert Ritchie has been suggests as possible Republican candidate to challenge. Senator Debbie Stabenow a Democrat who was elected in 2000. The winds of change are blowing in Michigan and other places could just be an opportunity. Clearly name recognition is huge. It just will be a matter of whether people can take him seriously or not any can be a serious person. W view we'll give you more information is that developed because he hasn't really officially. As may be official announcement yet. Mike you're on the air good morning. The point about yet you know this whole Russian thing in the beginning remind you are poor kid at. All. Big guy gets beat up the most about something that are probably guys that do and what are. Yeah that look that's. That's a tactic of the of the several different. But several different things on the I think it's in rules for radicals who Saul Hinske. Make sure that your out in front of anything the U. Could be accused of doing anything you could be guilty of do you get a confronted by a accusing. Your adversary. Of those things. So that puts them on the defensive end and and then allies and here's focus on them defending themselves. Meanwhile you know you come through it unscathed. Allegedly and and that does work. But in this case I mean it's only gonna work yes. The American people are unwilling to look a little bit deeper. I mean that's all they have to do is look a little bit deeper. Do you think is just an accident that this. In a Russian attorney was able to get into the country won't now we're finding out now was an accident. Was anything of substance revealed in her meeting McDonald junior no there wasn't. But it was put under the guise of I've got some dirt on Hillary Clinton. Well that's why I took a meeting let's be honest if your being honest you know if you know somebody close deal was running for political office and you could get some and this is what Dakota put a nice name on. In opposition research. This gold digging up dirt. And some people say oh that's unsavory. Yeah. Yes it is. That's the unsavory side of politics. Well that's one of the sides that it. Money and influence and corruption but. But in this case it's not illegal. If she went handed Donald junior you know bucket fully cash and say. The rusty government says go you know go wild and run some more TV ads. Fifth. Then clearly that. I can say he'd be in prison by now but I don't even know how tough they are and convicting people when it comes to. You know election rules and violating download guides I shouldn't say that it does occur it that would be a very serious serious thing. To have a meeting with somebody from Russia. Now is a violation. But they wanna make it they wanna make it sound bay being the media and Democrats even some Republicans make is in. They they love to get any Republicans they can't make on record. Republicans are uncomfortable. Idea. On you have Republicans question. You know why he would meet. With this rational and anything making him. To make this this president. Look Batman is pretty clear night we've got a lot more. On that. Umpire also I've got a story. That relates to immigration and president trump and actually. President Bush as well and I'll share that with the U coming up but first. What's bugging you know but you left Florida pest control the only things AK controller litter bugs call now 877975. 9825. What's bugging you. Is next right here on news shock. 97.3. This guy. 721 out of five road show. It is time now for once spotted me no fair now get off your chest you'll feel better it's fun to manslaughter pest control. The only bugs they can't control or litter bugs are calling now please 877. 9759825. And Martinez what's bugging you. Bogey and he is. Weed out people would look at the least of these Asian. From the beginning and you should eat everybody. About that Obama. We're sure. Rubbing people either they let me I did that portion of that as an elderly. As jittery all outpatient at all albeit at all these you know these beat it up and make it that open an improbable. One team but what is the beat down on the but even pursue it. It won't let all of that nature we're in everything I thought. People would out of me out shot in about that mode that. Who's a con whose economy is down those. Don't walk whose economy is down ours. Dedicate a look at that put a little older middle class on ground clearly note that. Yeah the middle class has suffered for decades. Now again it depends on how you break down. The middle class that's that at best the political folks like to call the middle class because everybody thinks there and it. Basically. I'm but the fact is working men and women like blue collar jobs etc. They haven't kept pace. With the cost of living since. The mid 1970s. If you look at some studies so yeah that's been an ongoing problem but as far as the current administration and what president trump has done already. The just the confidence in business'. Has increased the stock market. The hiring. I'm now wages are slowly starting to creep up that's the last thing mid. Usually get as far as an economic indicator and you want to creep up you don't want to go fast because of inflationary pressures but no it's really the president any can't control what congress does or doesn't do what what was within his power to roll back some regulations. Eight he's done is asbestos he could do I think so far. And I think the economy is doing quite well so far. They John was bug in it. I don't loyal lawless I know it all go Bogut mirror where the little I did today the quotas is poses it would build a true. That basically got to go to avatar they get moral majority of American people there at country well that new Henry Hager reserved quiet actors. And we get a local. Cool web. Bothered Craig. Paul doesn't ever and historic bank governor good stroke. Are you out. There you go bright side rod go what's bugging him. I you know about what's bugging me is when equipment will get shot by a cop. And the guy in the criminal gets. Aren't this big hero because he had a rough life and and probably would lead to everybody else. Find reason why he was the way he was and those same Hollywood elite stone didn't turn out. Don't even bat an eye allege well pork policewoman. Depending that's hit in the gut prop but it certainly the career home. I have a cognitive mentality of Hollywood. And the elites. And let me tell you what I hope people take notice of this OK I really hope they do. Now is now well said. Leaving caddie Joseph what's bugging you. Our society Jane I've been aired today these Liberal Democrats Democrats liberals. All they do is cry and whines about everything. That has nothing to do them. It's it's our mark I can't even talk anymore you are great day. Now IE hang in there my friends now a member of the weekend right around the corner. Tanner was buccaneer. You're more bubble or you know only bike you know. Years and are eager during court. What are particularly Karl Rove ordered your dog or out earlier or. Worst habit they are just pushed even the religion that Hillary Clinton. Part it was law she blamed Russia Russia lost. Another you've been question of the past six months. And who really didn't area has gotten now worried that I mean you can't want to implement spurt. That it is. It does in India and other legal definition is not even close put together the rhetoric has been ratcheted up in. You know here's the thing and here's the 64 million dollar question. And it hinges on this. The mainstream media all of those who listen and pay any attention talk radio at all I think we're on the same page as far as the bias that we've seen and we've seen for years and we've seen an attack intensified. Over Donald Trump but the 64 million dollar question is. Do you think that the mainstream media's gone so far now made it so blatantly obvious that they do have an agenda that. Mainstream. America. I mean is people who don't pay eight quite as much attention to politics forget about the rabid left the less they're always going to be over there are no matter a lot. I carry no matter what. And download them the ones that made a difference in this last election. And I think that enough of their eyes have been opened up to see it and the mainstream media. I don't think they've caught onto it that the air act is so obvious so shallow that even if the the average American who pays. Very little attention to what's going on has caught on to damage their agenda so they've overplayed his hand they've had this power they still have. How war but I think it is slowly being. Diluted they're overplaying their hand and they don't realize it. They don't realize it in the the trump election. Was just a huge indicator but that's exactly what's going on. And I said I say the media doesn't have a clue of how people really feel. And when Donald Trump one I mean and won states like Wisconsin Pennsylvania and Ohio and Michigan are you kidding me. I mean not really that was. Tomorrow word huge. Thanks for participating in what's bugging you brought about Florida pest control it is 728. Right now. And coming up Kid Rock first senate's looks like that is for real president trump guest of honor. For Bastille day in Paris France the that's all coming up on news talk 97.3 this guy. 736. On the clobber ourselves. Nick is with me today good morning and welcome your time Jack is brought to you by prestige taste Jewelers were the answer. Is always yes Patrick Thursday also weekend and B for the week ending its willow republic can Xena. When I guess to be rewrite round number two or arm. Asks this obamacare repeal bill. He out apparently. Fabregas expected out around lunchtime I guess today if you. And now of course. A several homes said dead in his late yesterday. There are unsure about some of the fine print they weren't sure about so many updates. They wish leadership would consult them more while welcome to the real world. It can't I'll. Look at its death by committee posture egg white and it's Datsyuk but you can't. Look you're never gonna get anything. I mean anything done. When you have to get fifty people are more. To agree Betty it's OK but he has. Reasonable and principled. And a lot of it is. Ego driven. In Al. I have I am not going to prove that some of it is constituent. Driven. The gang. There's a lot of factors there. But the bottom line is I mean these folks who you know so it's so important an MBA reelected. Only a the American people are watching you they're paying attention. And they expect action. And out Rand Paul I mean now with cystic. Rand Paul the country artist Diana mayor Maynard has. The bill and made it worse they've taken. Any pretense that this is the repeal bill and that made it a bill that basically is a spending bill. But that was a previous did he say to O'Reilly hours this recent now he's at it again kinda test you're reading their new heading to north. Our own there's 200 billion dollars in taxes that they're not gonna cut and is another 200 billion dollars that they think they can put into it as well. So this can be 400 billion dollars and more spending in this iteration from the last. That was yesterday. And according to what what Rick Klein from ABC news he said detail while he said it was senator Rand Paul that. On he told reporters his colleagues were arguing about whether they should promote the bill on TV. And that's a bad sign if they're not even sure they want to. Try to defend a bill that they are trying to pass. You know they only wanna stand united to that point. So EU now and have I seen everything Annabel now of course that. Look I'm in favor of solutions that allow businesses to compete and I know there's many people that have been brainwashed into thinking that the insurance companies. Are the evil ones in this whole equation. Insurance companies are like a lot of other businesses. There's good ones and then there's not so good ones. And that. And and competition. Hopes to weed that out. But if you all are expected to carry the exact same plan for everybody. How can their beat. You know really truly company competition in a marketplace they're campy. I mean there can be similarities in people wanna be able to compared to some degree apples to apples and oranges to oranges but. Let's eat if you're not gonna get any on anybody's thinking outside the box if you don't get a spirit of five competition. Going on and it and the more the government takes on the role is being their health care provider. You know you're gonna have less options as a patient. And you're gonna CV. You know the medical industry start to kind of shrivel up when we already have. A doctor shortage. I pharmaceutical companies I mean it seems like no matter what happens they're going to be today. But in a little cry foul if anything this is change tune in to try to cut costs as far as health care because obviously that's a major player. But again that's a double edged sword to islets punish the pharmaceutical companies will guess what happens then youth control bunch R&D money out the window. So we gotta be careful on that you know have they taken advantage of the American people in a lot of cases. Clearly no question. A couple of interesting things that are going on that are they're kind of related to that. Bombed. They're trying to push to some states that are pushing. For a for a federal bill. That would close the mail loophole. Causing it drug epidemic. And I believe that some people are gonna be used. In this way to say yeah we don't want these drugs coming in from China that people can basically mail order. And I get that. And L in the bill they want will be designed to stop dep prevent that check that stuff coming end. But here's one I think eventually will happen because of the power of the pharmaceutical companies in Soviet crackdown on any and all. Pharmaceutical drug related things coming into the country in other words people have found out. But they can save money by going to these you know Canadian. But it type of pharmaceutical outlets. Now they're bringing stuff in from from my Europe. And at a far. Far cheaper cost than people have to pay you know here in the United States but HIV scare tactics to tell everybody I don't know what the ingredients really are a calm and it is a scare tactic. In their chance you can get some counterfeit stuff but these companies may have a growing interest that they do this to go overseas to get the stuff to make sure that you're getting quality product otherwise their business model goes away a lot of block in the same. The same stuff that you get here they're bought over the air and invited there and minimize any judge Herman writing on the package and recent and it's exactly the same stuff on and yes so weak that needs to be addressed but they're gonna addressing and punitive way in other words they're gonna punish Iraq. The American people the consumer that's trying to save a buck. The story state officials from Rhode Island Virginia Maryland Kentucky testified beaten before house energy and commerce committee Wednesday. They urged congress to close a loophole in the global postal system. That is allowing deadly synthetic drugs to be shipped from abroad. So that's that's how it starts and of course things like satin doll which is extremely. Powerful. Armed twit we don't want best stuff easily coming in. I get that but I'm telling you the people bent at which the biggest amount of money at stake shall we say. They'll push to expand this build a cover everything that's coming in overseas are not as soon pharmaceuticals. Watch and see Rocco you're on the air. And it like I gotta take exception to what you say and let me tell you why am not backing up the pharmaceutical companies. But these companies these great companies of America. Spend millions and millions and millions and sometimes billion couldn't wait 101520. Years. To get a drug approved. A lot of weight but a lot of money to help people feel better to do things settle right. And then a foreign country like Canada gets these prescriptions analyzes them and produces them the reason that. They're still waiting before you can buy generic drugs are eight to ten years. This shot a pharmaceutical companies could recoup some of their losses for the investment that. All right look. I fully understand that no within their aides is they're not reversed. That they don't get the year. Compounds and and make it up again do that that's the whole idea behind. You know having the things that are trademarked and all that protection that's worldwide now to the Chinese slave admiral's no. But yet everybody else does those things are respected worldwide like I said with the exception of some good Chinese or black market stuff but now it is they're they're abiding by the same things and you're right about the cost and all that but there's another so. I do all those stories. Is that your contract but in addition there you have to know that he's waiting 1015 years for approval and all that. Well they're finding out that a lot of these studies are. Funded by. You know that are that are done for schools that look like there everything's clean or even putting. Done a respected doctors names on some of the stuff. The studies are not. Let's say justice as pure as the driven snow okay and now leave it dead for now. 745 and above Rochelle. News talk 97.3 this guy. 751 out of La Rochelle. Thanks for joining end. That's going on 8779759825. I guess I'm here to tell you what's going on president Johnson terrorists. Is there any guest of honor for Bastille day and all the festivities surrounding that's a high honor. So is he he didn't. Is he hated in France all under some protesters there but the president macaroni he is Dion guy and and he sees the value. In a friendship. With the United States president. And he does see how they can work together. And he probably respects the fact that Donald Trump doesn't kiss up to anybody. You know and in and it's so different Danny previous administration where President Obama lot of real light. He just about everywhere he went around and basically toward many parts of the world and you know Ottawa and please forgive us tour. Kind of thing because daddy is here is view. On America I believe it to be. I becomes part of it comes from nobody is so stepfather whatever. You know the colonial Sid did Iran now canyon the English the British. Now and and they had to fight for their independence and all that well. Obama is rays who have their thought process that you know colonialism is evil in the west is evil and I take advantage of a people. And so he grew open I kind of philosophy and I think you maintain its California is evil. Or Tennessee. After there was interest in or talk about that pharmaceutical companies before area before the break but like so many other things nothing is you know in black and white. And pharmaceutical companies you excellent work in American pharmaceutical companies state they do they work very hard. On but there is also a agreed factor. And if that's true with any business but what's different about that is you know. You have to wonder if breakthroughs would occur sooner. Mom well first of all there's so much control the bigger companies but they knew they wanna make it tough. For judge to pass because if you're an innovative young upstart company you may never have the money that it takes to get it. To the FDA let alone to market. And sell what dad does is reduces competition look. I use this as an example it used to before I used against the movie talker about the American carmaker. That tape that really was ahead of this time it's really wants and I've seen the cars myself. Okay add to Henry Ford museum in Detroit. And I've seen the cars in the Tucker car sticks out as being clearly ten to twenty years ahead of anything else. But the big automobile companies or RE established. And they basically strangle this guy by any means necessary. By any and all means because they saw you know their paychecks. They're golden. You know the golden egg they saw all that imperil. By this innovation. So remember we asked if we have got a mechanism that protects the American people but also protects innovation. And the more regulations he put in place the more you gonna squall said because only the most powerful companies can overcome those barriers and in fact some of those companies are the ones that set up those. Very. Stringent barriers. Debbie here on the air. Bob I wanna make a comment about grant I think that they've been attacked. So much lately. You'd think maybe they're getting on the same page is strong they feed that he gave the lightest art terrorism and make Beijing really wanna join didn't. Is that a possibility. And a good day pop. Hey look it's a possibility. There's always been any. A little bit of envy if you will. It into France a your armor France was very powerful country for a long time. And we think and it is just glad tiny little European country but their heritage. Speaks to it differently. So all. And they know we rescued World War II I mean there's no doubt about it so there's a segment of the population that still very. On. Excited for that an end in and loves Americans is because of that because they're grandparents don't these great stories about. The American heroes I'm put there's a little bit of envy just because we are the biggest kids on the block. And that's it that goes with the territory that's always going to be part of it. In out. So 55 and above Rochelle 8779759825. If. You want and a Kid Rock looks like he's going to be getting more serious. As a possible senate. Run from the state of Michigan going against a long time a Democrat there Debbie Stabenow. Now looks like it's shaping up to be a reality. Good news for representative Steve that still leaves he's out of IC you know. And things are again turning around for the better for him details are now so much more coming up.