Keeping students safe #ForestStrong with Dr Heidi Maier

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Wednesday, April 25th

Marion County Schools Superintendent Dr. Heidi Maier on the Bob Rose Show 4-25-18


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Yeah. This morning and a lot of them 707 on the club road show our number two over get together on techcrunch hear much prestige. Hayes joins let me answer this is always yes and in our house our special guest doctor Heidi Meyer. She is these superintendent public schools from Marion county and at. I don't Heidi what's going on good morning Bob good morning Greg. I'm tired does it fireworks of any school board meetings you're gonna get more people in precedent going as it turns and no like mailings like judge Jerry springer show or some what's happened there. Well we always have good attendance at our board meetings and dumb idea I appreciate that introductory comments however I think we should focus on and the current events and more importantly let's focus on force Friday which is this Friday. And that is where the staff and students faculty of forced high school are asking everyone. To Wear green it's not a political message it is just a message of love and support so all of your listeners if you would please. Wear forest green not on any type agreed on Friday and then if you would please share that through social media without hash tag off forced Friday that would be awesome we'd appreciate it no. I look up I you know I bring this up because people want to know when there is disputes between school board members and superintendent you know usually if there's a level of passion involved to where. In now people are getting upset and excited about it I mean what what do what in particular what was the bone of contention what was the issue that was you know. Getting things so heated. I'm not sure what you mean about the bone of contention all I know is that I am focused on taking care of these kids and that's what we're gonna jail and that's how are moving forward. And amen and I wake up every day blast to be in this position and knowing that I've got 43000 kids to take care of and Tom. That is that's my goal and that's my only agenda. So how was this kid able to get a guy on campus after all the things that have happened recently ended in the news and all that it's just it's so disturbing that he was able to do that. It is it is and on though if they saved the initial reports the official report say. And then media reports as well say dot. He hides on the gun in any guitar case and walk through the front door and Tom got us how he got and meaning it'll change any protocol in terms of checking bags or an evening at the door oh absolutely and we had a hot than having these discussions about school safety you know we implemented the Alice protocol immediately after Parkland and that had been in discussion and so everything and got some. Had been conversation and then with a plan to implement that the conversations are expedited of course. Now other than that which you know it's would be can't conceive of every possible thing that's gonna happen only tried. Once this thing started to go to go bad shall we say and this kid's allegedly produced a gun. Do you feel like after that things were followed protocol was followed and you know it was the best. I guess one of the better outcome she could expect. IE think it was one of the better outcomes that we can had and then Tom. As dot. Gentleman explained it to the media on that one TV interview. Where he said that he felt this was his only option to get help on dot that is such tragedy to that we need to look into them. You know that's that's when it definitely needs to be addressed not just you know Marion County mall and the fact too that he drove from Citrus County on a he had apparently he would plan this event for the previous Friday the thirteenth something happened it didn't work and he just bumped it to the next Friday. Two and. The bit definitely but he was a former student at that high school. He I can confirm he was a former Marion County students the so eat you know but currently living and citrus. Right so for people that are keeping an eye out watching the students as they come in a school in and doing the best they can to look for any anomalies. Hey he's around school ages only nineteen he was a previous students of somebody recognize him. That might even make him think in I mean like okay use a student there. Boone's. Vs some sort of an adult trying to sneak in no means an adult let. He went there last year so he knows his way around and stuff like that. And Nam so hopefully and it sounds like things surf. You know have been learned from this and don't implement whatever proper protocols unity to do desk I will to Harden schools up even more. Our self. Do you you've got that going on and now. Immediately I believe the share us of Marion County Billy woods was like we'd resource officers and all the schools right now not one us state law goes into effect correct. That's cracked and and he shared that with our board chair Friday as well as sneak and today we're and the schools Monday and they will continue to be in the school since the end of the school year are. Now eight in the the board voted to support and help pay but that's only 224000. Dollars that doesn't cover. Even close to the 34 new officers right. Well yes that's for unable Sicily vote the end of may but the discussion was to pay that in that is for the rest of the school year and today I'm just going by you islands in Ocala dot com says school board approved 224000. To pay for 34 new resource officers protect elementary charter schools. For the remaining four weeks of earlier so this this I temporary fix and then will you work on. How it's going to be. Paid for moving forward. Correct and which of the three options out of 7055. We Wheldon a former what's next school year. All right so do you have something going on a Forsythe who warrior asking everybody aware. I assume forest green or some shade of green and I saw on Friday forced Friday and what is the idea behind that because I know. Yeah it is not a political message what what is the what was the idea behind. It just to show these kids at the community does Caroline give Friday the outpouring of the community. It was tremendous. And these kids just need to be reminded that they're loved in their safe and we we're here for them. It's. You know we've we've had shocking incidents in all around our community analysis. To law enforcement officers were laid to rest yesterday anger Chris counting outpouring in the community was huge there and you know Cynthia Marion county and and thank goodness this wasn't nearly as tragic it is certainly. It's certainly could have been so you want folks also posts. Pictures. With the with the kids wearing green as Eric. Not live will kids adults as well and then all of your listeners that would be it and that would be awesome I want everybody to where I really don't know I guess everybody in the community yes to show support for necessary force high school are highlighted and hash tag force Friday. Or hash tag go green no. All right and do you know if there is any talk evade. Them you know we'll not walk out per mile maybe I mean are are any of the students getting together and wanting to. Address the issue I think it occurred Friday. Well today's an early release stay in Marion county and it's my understanding that students organized saying on a age. Discussion opportunity on the downtown square the softer and then I don't have those details as students are doing that independently but I've remember that this afterschool hours and self that would be under there. Their purview. It's already stressful to to deal with all the students trying to obviously did their grades up and all the other things in dealing with morale and all that so. Are there any other things that you maybe you have plan to tell the students maybe get back to focusing. On what they need to focus on us. Pastor you know this event had taken place. Well I think how we went back on Monday well let me back up to Friday night. 200 in nineteen students who had signed up to go to grad bash at 210. Did go in so that's awesome because they need to enjoy -- kids so well what do they do that. And that was die universal whether you guys yes I do wonder react Yasser they took this bosses Donna Karen Dodd had a great time and then we got him back to normal on Monday extra. Law enforcement there are crisis team was there extra administrations so to scan and I cannot retain. Must find out what else is going on Marion County schools and we continue our dialogue would doctor Heidi Meir it is 716. On the five road show. Why the local news talk this seven point three this guy. We are on this segment was bugging you know much about one of the fastest growing only about taking your litter box you'll bring you the second part of our inner. And I got to tell you doctor in this up. Now I saw something about a statement that was made derogatory I would imagine. I want did know if you wanted to you know to address it just a little bit and apparently there's a school board member. Nancy Stacey. Who apparently made it. The some sort of eight I'm Condit I guess it was an email. According the Ocala this is our manners Stacy accused the superintendent view of borrowing until the last liberal agenda. If she allowed protesters take place adding that Meyer was being used by eighth. Quote political idiots on the left unquote Y all a pretty strong. Well and I suppose today is. Eight. I don't know where to take that because. Obviously. And I am proud to be a conservative woman who speaks for herself and who has or an idea as. But I do what we need to look guide is the fact that on the events that we had planned for April to wanna have. For plans for. Oh my goodness a few months they were student less it. And it was again an opportunity plans for that day for these kids to practice civil. Discourse and and at which I think is lacking in today's society. But the opportunity to have hands on practice with the civic engagement. We expect these kids to the graduated age eighteen and all of a sudden become knowledgeable active citizens when we have only given them textbook knowledge. So to have them actually be able to plan and implement on on discussions on campus. I stand behind that level continues to stand behind died in fact this morning I came across sub. Quote from a Maloney at trump was at the White House saying how great it is that our students are using their voice. And it is great but again it it though while we have this opportunity to scaffold. The environment in which it happens we need to we need to use seize opportunities and help these young people become responsible adults who are knowledgeable about the constitution. Who can read it themselves and you can actually on it and it just disgust and and articulate to the bill of rights and what makes us a. Great country boy you were on the show saying that you specifically not a walk right I'm not a demonstration is not a blocked out in again with all the events we knew of April 20 with Columbine and with all that other stuff and then these I would not these kids were not one single dollar. Hey civics lesson you're gonna surely there was some some have parity I guess in how things are going to be this represented which. I mean I just don't understand why this is school board member would try to. Say that you know your part of some liberal agenda guy and she even says allow pros protest to take place. I know you specifically said it is not a walkout is not a protest us an opportunity for a civics. Lessons crap that's a big there's a big difference and we hide shared got firm months I'm Jack Smith and apparently. I think yes. Stacy was on the hot seat as well by area. My teacher John Crawford. Big guy use you know won awards and in a finalist for the golden apples and back in 2011. He took office is actually his badge and and set a prayer. He does like those guys in the SEC yes he's dead. Yes he's dead and but he also kind of paraded discern Nancy Stacey. School board members well and in fact got cut off. And any sent Al citizen outside you did did you get to hear his saw whole speech. I want I was in the meeting prize and a meeting and and I. Every everybody's. Emotions are are heightens right now on an end. Thinking of mr. Crawford who was in this situation and who lived with his kids on. I I give him tremendous. Respects. Bob for leading his students for keeping them safe. I think he is again he is a hero. In forest green and he still won actually who's leading the forced Friday that until I was getting this thing and it has thinks so both he and his wife far golden apple teachers they were both well the they're both at forest they are both amazing people I just representative of the amazing staff and students at forest high school who kept 2300. Kids safe on Friday April 20 and I have their backs. I just I excuse my ignorance on this I don't know what the protocol us all askew above board member has an issue with the superintendent. Is is that ever handled can that be handled behind closed doors or is it part of like a son of Sam law where it has to be brought up in some other capacity because. If there is an issue. There a board member has Hussein away either you're doing something is there. A way he's a conduit to where they can reach out to you directly without having to have this public display. Yes they can OK I so instead it was chosen to be done and a different way and that's a parent I'm just trying to cover all my bases circus people. You know they want and they wanna know what's going on their school system and you know I'm not involved in Americana school system abide appearances. It appears to me that things are going and a very positive direction since you have taken charge and his moods article thanks and some clarity. Well and you know we have on man faces 6000 plus employees almost 7000 over 3000 teachers and oddly 6000 people get I get up every day and to make great things happen for kids and then that's so we need to I think focus on right now she is stats on okay. As horrible as the events were of April 20 the agenda represents. The quality that character of Marion county public schools and we're that we are doing great things for kids. And I am so proud to work with these people. I just wanna clarify one thing you you corrected me on austere but only journalist who's now. This this former student this guy Boucher who had brought the guy campus he didn't Anderson a normal front doors he can answer allegedly served courtyard and extracts of sales yes. Hi I just yeah I just try to get clarification. That's why that's why we give me the opportunity because people want to hear it in your words what's going on. Now see is paper but you know they're gonna cut and edit quotes sent to way to do you know since the article assists for space. And him and we wanna make sure people know what's going on. Understood I I appreciate dot thank you so much and again Forrest Friday this Friday please hash tag. Force Friday in the and it's. Again thank you for embracing our kids and loving them. Not political just standing up for or other students and a staff that. At de forest high school in India. You know bad event and at that occurred this past Friday and they're gonna move forward but they're also there's a show of solidarity to the community can show that they care they're all pulling together and saying hey. We're gonna continue to work to make things you know better for the schools in terms of safety curriculum and everything else so we are green this Friday. Has sagged forced Friday or hash tag go green on and I asked doctor Heidi marrow always appreciate you coming on the air. Thank you all back this is your wide open for. Understood yeah. Great things happening Americana public schools I am so proud to be part of Mary Kelly publics and almost makes you wanna go back to school come on. I almost yeah. You're old teacher job fair made death so yeah let's I think immunity cheer you should have some higher level of education. Probably get ideologue you. But Leipzig great teacher I can say definitely experience that I really alarmed some some pearls of wisdom to the students here. Madonna maybe for a day c'mon gunmen are. They're the biggest Victor. Okay I'll I'll take your plumber a great 729 on the Bob Rhodes.