Dr Heidi Maier on April, 4 shot rings out in the memphis sky

Superintendent of Marion County Schools Dr. Heidi Maier joined The Bob Rose Show 4-4-18. Remembering the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis. Discussed the upcoming day of civics and engagement as students remember the Parkland High School shootings, and job openings in the Marion School system.

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Wolf time. It was done. Armageddon and the end of the world markets breaking. Any more news like this news talk. Lot of local thanks for CNN. And doctor Heidi mild Wellcome super kind of public schools are touting good morning thanks for the entrance. Well that was your idea like Elian is I've forgotten yeah see anniversary in 1968 Martin Luther King. Was assassinated. Early morning April 4 shot rings out and the Memphis yeah. Corey Abdullah. We have an Irish rock and it. Sings about an American and a lot of shows on YouTube and was exactly exactly two years ago to that impact. Absolutely I was just. We may be. Just that we may be back Darren law I don't think you were born you know where he's five days so I was born really wants my goodness so happy almost birthday yeah. Coming up this state. Huge. Yes huge bird today it's all over after that. We know it's lower notices now I heard it's under our noses and now fifties like to new twelfth. It's like in the third officers realize this day about how did Bob Doug yeah NASA is celebrating. Its well yeah all right hey we got a series business take care guidance. And hot seat so your legs up. Fight in years at some crazy here differences of opinion make its diverse. How dare you. I now it's front calling skin color makes people diverse Bob May be religion too but differences of opinion that's radical. April 20 so we we are having a day to celebrate civics and an engagement and the bill of rights. Plan walkouts across the country for that day. Two to honor the V victims of the Parkland shooting. The other two walk Alps one was a Saturday at one was over our spring break but I have to emphasize this is not a walk -- does not -- -- don't play now where now our students are not leaving campus our safety of our students is first our students are on campus and students for about a month now have been talking with principles. To -- and the principles are guiding the students would they -- ideas this is student let we were quite clear to principals and teachers they are not to end core encourage or discourage student participation. Says students will be able to celebrate the bill of rights because he does adults it's hard pressed to wrap our heads around what was happening when our forefathers were writing the bill of rights the constitution. But for a young person to be able to wrap their head around like that that the third Amanda why why we have to save -- that a soldier can't sleep on my couch and they want. I seriously IE yeah. I don't bring it to a life we ain't any expect these kids when they're eighteen to go out and vote and be responsible citizens we'll be having given them active unions on our opportunities to develop a citizen scale where do these rights come from. Click for God's. Why Howell are right is nice work to India and around ally outrageous crazy woman you you know you can't come from god and it's only went up when humans interpret that that things get messed up goes up. Because since. That this is crazy talk to endow the students to be allowed to say sets things and and the next thing you know you're gonna tell me you're gonna celebrate the national day of prayer. Well actually we are holed up but let me do. Okay and go back to April 20 because again and on and this is student led and it will be based on what the students at at the high schools a white suit to share because one high school like our north Marion high school is gonna have differences of opinion than forest high school which is more and how it. So for us to cookie cutter what these students can and think or do it draws its Downey's their limit lasting some of them parents and influences there I didn't say that I sit there they have been dead at midnight depending on what our cat our county is the size of Rhode Island so we're not a good daughter county so we have to respect that. But this will be respectful we will be following the code of conduct. But again it is a great opportunity for our students that he hands on practice with responsible citizens citizenship. And then yes national day of prayer. Yeah and that's coming up on that made a surge now begins at two eight. Hey I'm on the square downtown Ocala and we will be there at two. It's a day of the week I don't know if I do I think. Yes it's a Thursday this river board work session that day yes school security in Florida bludgeon. I know I assume you're gonna have. School resource officers and every school now's a part of a plan. Or that's what so does the law and it was a bill now on status and that is is my goal before we even moved into thinking about the with the guardian program you have to have those SRO's and every every still guardian doing decisions on has still on hold yet answered yes no yes still are in discussions with the sheriff and with county commissioner but the sheriff and I must work very closely on that. Who ultimately has to say though the board the school board. School board and superintendent okay yeah well yeah that's gas so we are still work and out mother be you know. What their thoughts are on matters right now he would do right but I need to be very clear for a four constituency that the sheriff and I have a great working relationship as does he chief Graham from the OPD so we've got a great working relationship and we are gonna take care of these kids together must sheriff Billy wood said he's you know good to go if you decide to do the other training thank. Understood yes media guardian Letterman yeah you probably knew that. But I don't know of all the constituents know that they do now thanks you guys to spot that's Gloria ask what we're here for eight on apple. Who's gonna drive the bus Gus. At Newark and into a song for you bus driver shortage. We do we have one on but you know why did it here and hearing how well their marriage audio will we take care of our bus starters let me take your ball at our employees. Are starting wage is fourteen dollars and 65 cents which is hot air than surrounding counties. And this past year and we actually equalize the pay scale so. On the day it it pays she's come to work for us because in the long term it's a great career and and you do make a great salary sound. That's fantastic and incomes people sometimes they don't realize how much it cost just to run the transportation. Side of things we're gonna talk a little bit about that how these other great things are going on Marion County schools we continue paying our conversation now or have one doctor Heidi. Meyer of seed Marion county's newest is the superintendent is 746. Sang I know. The news shocked at some point three disgust. 750 to one about road show doctor Heidi Myers Chia seed. Superintendent public schools Americana and we're happy to have her in the studio this morning let's figure back up again. Bus driver shortage but you folks are paying almost fifteen bucks an hour plus or some Benny Stew right. Right right so we cover full health insurance I and the physical we take care of the CD LI NC and we guarantee six hours today so that's late 87 dollars almost 88 dollars a day. Plus the extra hours to get paid by your training so it's a great opportunity for career repairing county public schools you know we have 276. Bosses on the road every day we transport over 26000. Kids so it's. I we value our bus drivers they are first line and defense for many things in there they're awesome people so come on domineering county. 141000. Dollars I'd Janie in fuel and that's not your car. Autorads Marion County is a size of Rhode Island as you mentioned earlier odd 21 million dollars in annual transportation budget. 84 largest school bus fleet in the US as of today are all right so. Let's go to lost forty school there you have a whole day were not running buses you don't need bus drivers you can save OS you'll have. Let's do it a foot but you know a lot of forty weeks anyway no our Mondays off let's just take every money off. And the teachers to give out assignments on a Friday. So the work and still be done and achieved in May be candidates for every grade level that I certainly. And and what why are we doing their semi new way to we talk well let's be cutting ads. Plus using Internet LSU is computers and then here we are still same old five days a week school day tomorrow. Well I think thoughts and ideas to definitely and that's again. Okay we'll do not naive I know it'll be resistance there's gonna be resistance to any kind of change its human nature is he now ranked. Oh absolutely absolutely but apparently concerned we are certainly get out of the box. I know all with a totally novel for us and Mary counter option for the hour. No I don't go to meetings and I'll promise you you know holding positions I don't communique. Yeah I think sun problem I do right here for hours today as I mean Barry Gallup. I'm testing now everybody's dirty test still I guess are really making a big deal about this we gonna caged cat is the F Candice this can. Yeah like I immediate actually die you. School in general stressing weekends out talking about I wanna hear about test when I was just bring it on me. But now we can be well prepared. But what do we need to be prepared for. Well I think our teachers prepare kids every day and say hello and that's what I shared with our our teachers are pretzels last week his side. I mix it up about this FSA the floor standards assessment season because this is the opportunity for our kids to show what they now for our teachers to simply sit back. Allow these kids this shy you'd. And and know that they have done a great job so we're good work at a -- can stay graded to determine school grades and they're going to be late this year though because of the testing windows so we won't degrade slowly June but we were projecting how can go to summer school if you don't get that information children. I know some kids I don't. Yeah I sing in the end and our goal of course is very limited to the number of summer school kids. But we will be able to the too often predict we'll have a good protection here and acts. Few weeks month and you got a teaching job fair coming up Saturday I made a fifth. Guests are seen for next school year is don't stop believing you so we are gonna have a teacher job I hired David says he just you know have us Steve Perry out there in little journey music plan. Oh Arnett days and disarm curriculum department I'll be lining for king street gas with the guitars a slippery. That's awesome. I don't believe it comes some believe them. Have my teacher's salary cuts and have been people 63000 urine. Well are on the higher end of solid feeling asks and with experience and. That's usually get around doctor Heidi Myers thank you very much talk to you soon.