Is the 'Deep State' out of control?

WSKY The Bob Rose Show
Tuesday, May 1st
Author and UF grad Alex Newman on the Bob Rose Show Tuesday 5-1-18. In the New American, Newman exposes the “Deep State.”

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Is 807. Out of our road showtime just got to five trustees' pays Jewelers let me ask your. Is always yes. And it went down hotlines special guest. Alex at Newman he graduated from the University of Florida hi here's a journalist and an author writing a cover story in the new American it has to do with a deep state. Andy is going to be appearing and speaking countryside a Baptist Church actually Gainesville Tea Party leader on the seeming at 630 Alex welcome how you deal went. And first of I have to ask you all what's easiest way to explain to people. What is the deep state. Usually it didn't superficial element did indeed stay which is what you know what they're willing to talk about it television you have they're trying to power and the bureaucracy the intelligence community in the military the -- permanent administrators. They might call it and indeed another area that are really focused content in this series on the aged and probably. Talking about it that is happening in India. Is life all that he'd stayed behind in each state. And by that I referred to yes NBC burns and actually secret organizations such as or Croatia the Trilateral Commission. I didn't go to Byrd group as another example bring together. Between 120 aren't India the most powerful people in the World War II year either Europe or the United States. I think you have to really secret organization by the end of skull and bones society but he order Alan Bartlett but George Bush and John Kerry were members of many other secretary of the amnesty should also remember. And then finally have bohemian grove. I want to discredit. These are gathering at 2500 the most powerful man in the world out of redwood is the corner California. I literally every Republican president since 1920. With the exception of our trial. I had attended this meeting. And out into that yes however popular these people come together at. Policy and plot the future I'd are actually good. And good government of the people by the people for the people but there's really a lot orchard. Now if it's it it it's it's four. For good purposes in other words bring together the wealthiest most powerful people. Because they want to I don't know fight poverty. Wise it has to be a dark conspiratorial type thing. Yet he's got a very fair question and I suppose I imagine. You know I've talked to many people are now at some of these meetings. And Lebanese people really do believe genuinely that they're doing the right thing Gary and some of them are about this early ultimately at the former chancellor of the Exchequer in Britain for example after going to build that hurt me he. Each and public and media. You know it's a little exasperated. But Napolitano Eric data were trying to build a world government and he explained that the reason we do this is because we felt we could go on killing each other. Outside of millions and so that's a lot of world governments to some people look at some of the people involved in what would already stated that these two are in the east that you genuinely believe. That they're doing the right thing. I think I you know. One which in turn are partly a judgment I'd occurred at what have been rude these secret accommodations and gatherings immediately seek. I edit applauded illegal wars that are resulting in millions of people dying day but yet they're. Bankrupted our nation has worked twenty trillion dollars in debt jeweler it out under liability. And now get beat people really care what the bullet at impact it doesn't matter Republican administration or democratic administration these people always dominate the cabinet. We we seem a little bit and air we're ultra. But doesn't get these people a lot of the blame her a lot of problems that works and I think if you really examine the boat. What they're doing in practice their actions and even her words. I think there agenda fundamentally complex with what. We as Americans yeah at least like to believe we believe you know this idea I get it right and the government to protect these ten or protect our dependence perhaps I'll government. I think the agenda these people and I think he is easy to demonstrate his eyes fundamentally at odds that decided. I just if you're you know one of the wealthiest people in very powerful and all that I know they get kind of high on that on on being very powerful that. You know if they released this kind of chaos that's also a world that day and their kids in there grant does have to lives in. Why would they want their to be. You know this chaos. Win and you know you would want to make the world a better place to live in because you as a wealthy person can enjoy the world better and anybody else. Yeah we you know it didn't seem to have gone beyond this idea being a lot of wealth and when you brilliance you. Yes if you want to think it has animal care metal structure and you really get that the pyramid so to speak. These people had so much money. Do more money earlier make any difference if you look accurate color analyst for example which is absolutely billion dollars. I think now they've become quite assessment having more and more power and a second if you listen to what they stay. They got into kind of make this clear he'd look at David Rockefeller is one obvious example all we talked about ninety. Yet he'll joke about Iraq over the light of the Iraq president like you don't want to eat motion practice. That kind of power he had and he wrote in his autobiography a bridge or anybody check out library I think. With what he called let's secret code ball. Against the best interest of the zone country to create an integrated one world political and economic system I think these people at this point are now. Very much looking for power of the chaos doesn't really affect them you know they tend to make a lot. All the AARP and you did an alliance their power even further and that they write about it publicly. And even our government has document on this subject are we have a document that was pretty 1968. All the world effectively governed by the United Nations. And they said that you know the best way to pursue its objective of having a world governed by the United Nations was he used to war or the threat of war. As a way to convince people surrender their national sovereignty so I think everybody is the agenda. And that's MS woods you know I guy who's trying to get the truth out there when I try to do every day I don't know. Where to go for resource is that I can count on for instance. Look Bibi Netanyahu's c'mon Sarah look Iran lied and and and president chopper said the Iran nuclear deal is a joke and is a terrible deal for the US so. You know you wonder OK is this you know as somebody wagging the dog to they want us to. To have a military build up and can fight Iran endorse Syria. And or Russia I mean. How do you know the truth is like is Iran really a threat is North Korea really a threat or their the powers that be behind the scene is pulling strings. Wanting us to be in war. Yet another excellent question at an attic all that struggle. You know how do we determine the truth and it's he'll lie to date news propaganda. And you know you need to continue on into the east as early in the media. Didn't count on. On corporation is an incredibly powerful group I didn't let and cartel members and yet I remember dominate every administration Republican Democrat. And you look at their corporate members which will find it. All of the media crazy you have News Corp. the current company of news the Wall Street Journal is a corporate member of the art or patient and you'll also asked the parent company of CNN which has a corporate member of the aisle are orderly. And there are leading journalist belt but again 38. So you are trying to uncover the truth and made it so much it's aren't the isn't really an. Incredible challenge I think you'd think there is an agenda that you are on the bench war or at least the threat of war war hysteria. And you know. Some of the members of volatile cabinet are yeah John Bolton as it comes he's also on our member of the border relations and he seems to have that this fascination with spending other people's children to war. Yeah I would not enter into being trustworthy source integrated back I wish I had. Reconsider his position just because deep all of the greens walkie you cannot ultimately in an act globally and if you want to stop global it and you really need to look at to count on foreign relations person almost you don't want appointed members. To see your senior administration took. Very question yeah well I was in game I was studied journalism and he was very disheartening to me it couldn't find any publication they were really wearing you. I expressed in public the truth as I stated as to what are hardly new American magnificent you know tenure or lived in the state air. I was just thrilled because hey you're magazine that he's got like I was doing a great job of trying to tell the truth that it would don't always get it right but I think we do better drug than anybody I hope people will Europe and America. Yes I definitely want to steer people in that direction also when I mention that this is. A joint meeting of the John birch society and the trump supporter squad the last to a county. And Alex will be speaking at the countryside Baptist church on their behalf and that's going on this evening. At 6:30 PM. And Alex if you can hang on I wanna ask you some questions when we return light so who can we trust and what we as citizens can do. And will pause right now but we'll pick this back up and amended all right. All right thank you very much. We're talking Alex Newman the deep state what is really. Going on. We'll continue. Would that talk next right here on about Rochelle news talk 97.3 this guy. Three here's the news media song. Saying it. Eight to anyone how about Rochelle trash talking Tuesday continues we'll talk about the caravan. On the day under threats cleaning up San Francisco and warmer right now. Where I am a conversation with Alex. Newman and he writes about the deep state. In the new American magazine you definitely wanna check that out he'll be speaking tonight at 630 at the countryside Baptist church on 39 avenue in Gainsville. And Alex thanks for staying whether it's a askew this arm. If it defies logic. If it defies logic. I'm and I look at an icy and headline. It is usually the deep state a work in other words like climate change. Yeah absolutely you know and I McCain 21 of their it. Many perfect examples that illustrate this so well we don't even after relied on our understanding of science to realize this attack in 2014. Our US senate environment and public works committee put out and tactic report. No question you have not heard about this from a big news here he won't read about it CNN the New York art of the logic output. But now they get a bit hectic report where they outlined how what they called. This agenda what they've labeled the billionaire club and identified this group of billionaires very much we don't gates and Paul. It would it Peters era and cal and it climate change at the and how they'd been pouring all this money into these foundations or George Soros as well. And using needs foundations to create that echo chambers and he's foundation on. But eight search. This supports the global warming theory dental on the big media that Perry the findings of the expected that they do. And I encourage people to read this record players Els and realized that they're being happier and unity ironing and that they owed big oil that are fighting against the global warming period saying nothing could be further from the truth Gregory the record don't realize that. Our big oil interest very much critic Rockefeller dynasty which really made a fortune or a 100% on board with the global warming there. Fortunately you know the American people have started lighting up if you look at the polls most Americans don't believe the man made global warming period. But this is a perfect example of how that he'd stayed in the deep stayed behind in each state operates deal literally thought they convince us that they actually exhale carbon dioxide. Did they deadly poison that need to let you know and tax and Ray Kelly he's so ludicrous when you think about it. And I you know I spent all you incorporate there's not been following UN climate circuits around the world per year is going to they're little summit. And I can tell you know just speaking to the UN scientists. The openly look tally Bisping isn't giant fraud and wanna learn more about that you can final interviews with these guys on YouTube that and it's a perfect example what are. Well I had to find a way and a look if you want commanding control in a one world government and all that. You have to redistribute wealth so there would be such disparity just to begin that process and I think that the globe the real religion of global warming is a mechanism that the kind of concocted to do that would you agree. Absolutely and it got pretty good he's easy seated yet there are really religious or on Credo we kind of joke about it. The UN conference in Cancun for example UN Graeme convention on cartridge interest archer at these meetings. End of this christianity Edison has been we're not supposed the she opened this meeting. With a prayer to shelter we're gonna Craig demy and audits of creativity and get tapestry and stuff like quickly whip out my computer look good to be shell. And of course that pops up Ishikawa did Lyon got a cannibalism human sacrifice and the war and you can keep what these people thinking you know it's unbelievable. It is now look here's here's the payoff so who do we trust and what can we do. Great question to you I have if it might sound self serving press sage yeah the new American is one of the best publication out there not be dead duck. And I say that because I believe and it got our write them. Aren't there are you know a lot of gated. Publications out there now I unit with a heart of what's called the alternative media you know we've really caps. I'd much better access information and I think they're starting to keep that big media more articles. I would recommend you know the new American and there's a lot of good bit conservative publications and achieved some decent liberal publication that part of Britain but again they'll son and occasionally the truth would that would seek out there. But as far as what we can do about this you know I think there's a few days. Personal need to understand. Too early need to understand that each state and it needs to behind the deep state yet if you put distance on to type metaphors in a thousand years ago that. If you understand yourself and you understand your enemy you'll win every single battle whereas if you daughters and herself pretty don't understand. What any. Are you what happened that. So we need to understand it. Our history our heritage as Americans we need in our constitution we need to understand that the declaration it and it's what the owners unit of proper role of government. So that we understand ourselves. And we also need to understand the speed skater I think you know very good overview will be provided I'd take it in May after the speech technology Intel on our special court on the deep state. And I you know now's the time. To get people educated about that we have all China's 75% of Americans are concerned about the each state. Are they just don't have that he's a very in depth understanding that. The fake media walk provided announced a really great time pressed to educate our communities and then. As people get educated you'll get more educated electorate and that translates into her representation in congress and well clearly in you know restore the constitution. I notice when doing you know some background work for my talk show wanna get in that talk great about twenty years ago it was actually easier to find. Anything that was historical. It was easier to find it van net but when the Internet was fairly new. Then it is now because you know Google will put you know facts and truths and historical stuff. You know they push it so far down a hunt you know fifty pages. I can't find some of the same things and I used to use in terms of the constitution and historically some of the things that occurred if they don't like it they push it aside it's harder to find it now. Absolutely no Google has become increasingly grave and with just outright censoring truth and facts and especially conservative points of view we've noticed that no American has been an increasingly trying to hide it from the top result even though you know based on their own algorithms are they used to lurk. We should be at the Papa may Indy circuit so. Just don't trust little laden you know dead duck and goes to good alternatives. And the same thing with social media he noted that social media management group and even congressional hearing. But they've been trying to. Our conservative contest in liberty oriented constitutional confident especially Christian content from their viewers. And so you know we as a society need to collectively wake up and realized there were being manipulated here were being propaganda artists and we really are taking active role in trying to counteract. Is trump gonna help us fight the deep state. Well you know I think in some way stroke has done more to help fight to the ticket any president in my lifetime you know I. We send out. Unfortunately you know there are still some elements of the state senate infiltrated administration. As so you know it it we're gonna have the CA uniting in the first year he did a lot it. Really upset that morning that Eric global warming agreement for example pull at a CPP having these were. Key eat each state projects and you know he has a long history of our understanding is bothered packed. Was involved with the John Birch Society back in the sixties and packets are that aren't here of the GPS and it's got a friend Jimmy Carter Robert Welch as a troubled credit grew up with. Understanding a lot of what's going on in the world and you know I know people who know they haven't work for him. Really don't you understand battery urban did planned for this new world order that people like Henry Kissinger talked about. The problem is beyond the forces arrayed against him are incredibly powerful so let me if you can support him when he goes right and we called solid as well. Alex we we really appreciate your time money Aron for folks who want to hear and see more risk by any means you can make it I would recommend it. That is going on this evening 630 at the countryside. Baptist Church. And no fine folks who support trumpet and the John Birch Society in the diesel Tea Party coming together to bring Alex. To town and Alex we wish you continued success thank you for this time. Or about. Our eyes. Fantastic stuff they deep state what's really going on. You can hear more about it like this adventure said Baptist Church tonight 630 Alex Newman a US grad journalism. Live in different places around the world and I'm Tony he has some great information to share we do. Check it out and the publication. Plays a part of the stalled the new American new American.