BobCast HR 3 with Chris Wagoner on Douglas shooting

WSKY The Bob Rose Show
Thursday, February 15th

After yesterday's massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, public safety and police training expert Chris Wagoner joined Bob and Greg and callers on the show.


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Every call. And every person burden on her remembered borrower to do this guy thinks you weren't helping to keep things interest. Thanks for being part of news talk 97.3. This time. 60705. Road show it Thursday one step away from the weekend his time Jack brought to you by prestige. These Jewelers will be answered. Is always yes welcome my friends. I hope that you enjoyed Valentine's. All of a sudden. The news came filtering in one way or another and I'm always Sutton obviously is part of my job kind of monitoring what's going on and and then I so that they were broadcasting live Broward county and it was picked up on a national news and so again to watch it has the story was unfolding. Then very soon after areas the actual shooting took place in case you're just tuning in our. Use ST number one source V. There was a teen gunman who shot seventeen people. At a Florida high school. In now Broward County between new Fort Lauderdale and Miami. His name is Nicholas cruise so I will refer to miss coward death or coward crews from now on because. I think part of the sickness. Is. Body counts in infamy body counts and infamy that's what they want wannabe. Now remembered for the person who did all the aside nasty stuff in their mind it's like winning a video game like getting their name at the top of the list of the video game really isn't their twisted minds. And that's exactly the way that I. I'm going do attacks this today. I've look I've heard the pundit and so I've heard the same old same old we've had these discussions for very long time now. I don't wanna hear. We have to do some thing. Greg you'd mentioned so we talked earlier amendments to phrases it seemed it. Come to mind very often when a tragedy strikes we have to do some saying it in other words. Whether we do anything it's effective or not could have absolutely no bearing on this happening again. But we have to do something what do Gallagher feel good gesture that's ridiculous pretty much let's start to let's let. But the emotion aside summerall are becoming completely unhinged yesterday. Really. But the emotion aside. Where and when does emotion ever help you. When your but I am trying to think critically now cloud ever has clouds your idea you looking for looking for clarity. Nearly confront the view maybe from 30000 feet and when it's dark cloud yet. The united flying you know instrument. So the two phrases you hear all the time we have to do something and common sense. Gun control yeah. For anybody to even mention something about gun control first of all the so soon after the incident as I heard senator Bill Nelson he couldn't help himself. He was armed Shepard Smith and of course Shepard Smith. Just. Has just lost it he has to he has. That I don't know what to say Mitt. It's well I I get to feeling almost like. It's terrible to say bitten. I'll just sailing tennis I think it's not unfair to say that there are some who secretly darkly. Kind of say well you know what you Republicans you gun lovers that's what you get. And of course they know don't be popular so they try to covered up but I can see through it I can smile through it. Look here's the deal we live in a free and open society. A free and open society decide effective that is people are gonna hurt themselves and others and they can't always be protections in place. People die and America's highways and have been three years and years and years since still approximately 30000 people are gonna lose their lives tragedy strikes. Unfortunately all the time. And when people die in construction accidents and things like dat. You don't hear about a nearly as much but they're still just as dead there's families morning. So the death is a sad day in a tragedies a sad thing when it's a heinous. Kind of an act. They're causes it of course. It it it resonates deeper I gas. Of a game it it resonates deeper would the public in general because there's a sense that payback could happen to me. That could happen in my family right. At the end of the day similar things will come up with here is. What kind of role this mental illness play and what. Precisely can we do about that. This met this coward was on the social media they're all kinds of flags there. People that they talked to that new loans the said things like pay. Have which got a joked about it if there was ever shooting at the school he'd be the guy. How do we take that. To the next level to where it's reported. No I just heard ABC news. If I'm correct I just heard ABC news mentioned that he was expelled from school. Because they found bullets in his backpack yeah. Miss a first I've heard this and you're right before Greg -- first time in the kids said well you know obviously next time it'll be worse and it was. Do you know their their federal laws that a bullet is just like having a gun. And the reason that's that's on the books is because you're chasing. Somebody who has just committed a crime they drive over a bridge and it's only gone in the water. Tom. So ammo can also be used status. Just like it's just like you have a firearm the federal generally I think this out it works now. So what the school should have done is immediately called an NBA TSE. When he was found with bullets. And they could've moved forward from there now. What exactly would have happened zoom would this prevented violence in the future no but that's the actually could have taken it I mean that's. Red flag when you show dead animals on your social media they've killed and mutilated or whatever I mean. Do I have to tell anybody that gets a red flag I mean does every single person understand that. There aren't talking about hunting pictures are yet it's a whole different world now is and this is this is. Sociopath psychopath whatever term you're supposed to use. But that's a person to some serious problems. And the other thing that eventually is gonna come out the second tropic drugs. And what exactly do they do when they even amid the side effects if you have suicidal thoughts. Mom could taking. This medication. We have to examine that. And and not necessarily throw it all out because people again are gonna use emotion they're gonna go. Now they never out of bed stuff when I was a kid and we all turned out the but an idea that this is gonna help the conversation. They're people that do use some of those medications and is in life changing for the bad tour. The downside is we don't have enough really science to truly understand it. Why one person can react so differently. But for those senate is the first of card they wanna play is talking about gun controls ridiculous. I heard Hannity on the air last night talking about retired. Police officers and military folks I'm working at the schools in some capacity for security. Navy. Maybe but. Again. We'll blight you. Deep do you want to set up the school similar to a prison and and and look and you could do at. You put up high fences you put you know the razor wire round the top of it and you have. Points of entry points and exit and you monitor those in some way shape or form. You can do that every school America. He can try to monitor all the the students to some extent. He realized at high school. Head over 3000. Students at one high school. That's how big of a school it was in the Mac. And yet and it's footprint in the neighborhood and you have to secure all of that immunity that would every school. Again. Let's use a logical approach. I mean do you want to keep people from dying in car accidents. That's fairly easy is set to speed limit at about thirty miles an hour everywhere. So you can. Do all kinds of things that will probably. Have a positive impact. But there are costs associated with it and there's certainly a loss of freedom and a different feeling. In going to school. The and you have to measure all those things out you have to wait them out is that all we want do we want to start to close our society. Am off game men because the side effect of a free society is it their inherent dangers. And there are people with severe enough mental illness in the arrangements. That they do and hurt other people but we live in a country with well over 300. Million. So. Even if half of 1%. Some good tragic event occurs. Well what are what are you willing to do what makes sense that you're willing to do. Does try to change that outcome to prevent it is from the beginning. But the whole gun control ideas absolutely ridiculous and needs to they need to quit talking about dad that's definitely that's a pure politics. It doesn't benefit anybody 617. On a Bob Rhodes show 8779759825. Nodding seven point three this. Together brought you five Florida every page one accident it's a lot join Johnny gradually 54 northwest 202 street. 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After visiting doctor gold paper won't matter what the forecast sets because he's cool he's breathing better. What they've got to. Get the hell out of my face and allows them by whatever damage. And six. Tognoni seven point three the sky. 623 other Bob Rhodes show times Jack brought to you by prestige. Pays Jewelers when he answers always yes yes. Sears is always yes yes and yes. Guys look it's a sad day this awful shooting that took place in Broward County high school yesterday where seventeen dead multiple folks. Injured absolutely. Awful thing Greg Cassidy is a man. Greg I mean what we're Samie your first thoughts when and news began to filter out what was taking place in South Florida. Yes got to set obviously your your initial thought is your view you can imagine what they're going through source of the parents and and the families. But the sad part is mired my next strongest thought was okay. Here though go again it's an it's an opportunist. Dream on the liberal side to talk about gun control and I just ticks me off because. I see it is such folk passion in just a it's a big fake it's an agenda. Until they take lots of things series like. Crime every weekend in a place like Chicago or LA day to day things that may happen. Or how many people get killed with him by drunk drivers in our country and yet I don't see passion for that and and just like that immigrants keep coming back Dan. We have the same people on the street driving every day that a rather license yanked for the past ten years. I don't see you passion for that and they kill people all the time until I see the real action in things that happen every day. I see that is an agenda for them I'm like OK just get ready because here I come. Well the last to the left to eat has the advantage when it comes to an issue like this because. It's hard not to address it in an emotional way it sure if you've got to children and grandchildren. Nor. You know friends relatives whatever I mean you can relate to. Kids in school you can relate to. To some extent how. Defenseless. They must've sell my house victimized the things that day aid many of them saw. In Al and that's aside of course from those who actually lost their lives are wounded seriously I mean. This says traumatic experience all the way around. But in no it is one school in the United States of America a place so we have over 300 million people living here. And the if you look at infamous still the statistical standpoint. Com. Then you begin to be able to resent better. But that's hard to do because you say well you don't know you weren't in you do know the victims you live there you don't know what it feels like well you're absolutely right I can only imagine. And it's not to take away from. An awful tragedy that it is. But you do have to take a step back and look at and say OK what are you willing to do oh. To try to prevent this in the future. What are what are you willing to do what makes sense. Armed guards all around every school metal detectors. Eight foot fences with razor wire on and that's. One way. Okay and that's one way that again might not prevent it. But might help deter. You see one of the reasons why. Schools commute targets of these people who. They really are looking for mass casualties if they really there's a sense that they're gonna live in infamy. And I mean how many times have just since this story broke. Do you think there was a reference to column by and yet he can't even begin to count how many times already so. They wanna have go down and in some me that's part of that's part of the sickness. And they wanna get them a body count size they can Wear when you do that. Anytime we provide an area with more security and more of a deterrent. You don't necessarily neutralize the threat you just pushed a threat somewhere else. Well be next shopping malls well there have been attacks on shopping malls. You know where else buses or mass transportation issues I mean where ever you tighten security in one area. You gonna push those sick individuals. Possibly to another area. The other thing we need to look at is social media. Do we want social media monitored. Is that sort of like you know Big Brother watching over your shoulder. And an end of high school of over 3000 students. I wonder how many they could consider. Kind of quote unquote troubled. Because to a high school student. They're measurement else trauma is different in now with Susie Susie broke up with me. Yes I'm traumatized right okay yet you're traumatized as a near the world view being a sixteen year old that's a pretty big deal. Vs a kid who's got it dead animals on there and all kinds of gun sights and you know he's been non line talking to people who make bombs or something like their mean. There's there's definitely a separation there but. Again you have to start to draw the line where you need to manpower to do this kind of thing and then if you would of went ST kicked this kid out of school. You said okay you have to go to counseling right yet you passed two or what. Or what you put him in jail for what. Now in this case when you brought back packs did bulletin Arab that's. My understanding is. He'd be you can no you be sentenced for that. Paul you're on the air. Good morning guys this year. Every guy we have a tragedy whether it should be NSA. Front gate or anywhere. You know anybody who's studied any staying about. You know attacker be attacked them out of desperation that commitment driven act. And everybody and their likes to rationalize a college hey if you give a commitment to doing some. Then that your it sure preparation and act commitment. Verses the preparation so much stopping you ensure that. And we all noted there's no commitment. It's going to cover everybody's thoughts and plans and actions on the split. And its group what we're terrorist attacks as well we have chemical attack so it's while we have you know people turning vehicles energy weapons. It is physically. Impossible I don't hear people are razor wire I don't hear you what it will Jewish changed a bar. There is no quote unquote wage you regret someone's commitment based attack. And I know if somebody that were treated airlock tortured into exactly what I'm saying. You cannot prepare and now. Two shot someone if they're shocking and hunting year and planning an attack. All you can do is beat bashed a minimize its actions and be prepared for your actions to deal with that attack. Yeah I mean well side. Look Corey goes back to the element of surprise. I mean it's it benefits the attacker as a stalker the murder of the punch her or however you won't have to. Phrase that. There's no doubt about it you can be vigilant. And even if you're vigilant. Does mean you can prevent it. Been trained to react he can train to try to preserve as many lives she can't. But that's a great that's a great way of looking at this person had made a serious. Commitment. And that's it's difficult to stop. Thanks for the call at 630 and above road show coming up at 705 Chris Wagner is going to be with us he trains police officers. Santa Fe college. We're gonna talk me down nets. On the way out to Bob Rochelle ala Greg Cassidy 8779759825. 21 century and it seems keeping up with the joneses means spending a thousand bucks on up. Well dual lens twelve megapixel camera we'll make pictures of your lunch looking fantastic yeah there's only one I don't think your homework this. This guy app as well so there. It's easily accessible. Today your App Store work along lines of this kind 973 dot com. 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And all starting some oriented or something about that sport Egan. A lot of credit expects us all eat different degrees at the question I ask all the time to be able bio weapon. They have off I'd missed two little old baby in May third degree felony assault and that does happen a lot more tools but I also. Now he's. We're just have to suck it up as taxpayers are making. Or just do stuff anyway we must all. Evident that it will happen now. And little else is also Smart guys. Come and go Buckeyes didn't hear all of our actual tutorial or to stop these shooters over just gonna have to suck it up in and. I just way to keep in mind this campus had multiple floors this over 3000 students there the footprint of the campus is very large. But how many people would you want to have there. In some capacity to critical Harden this target. On remember. He was a former student he's only nineteen years old so he appeared to blend in and in fact. That's what he did he blended in when they were running out that's how he was able to get away he ran out with the rest of the students. So I mean how do you pick and choose who they threat is for one thing how you cover just the vast amount of grounds. That she'd have to cover because of the footprint you've got multiple floors and a building. A unit checked every backpack they use metal detectors and and maybe maybe. That's part of the solution. And just having a presence there could that act as a deterrent my understanding is there were two resource officers. At that school. Bomb and by the way resource officers don't carry automatic or semiautomatic weapons. They're no match for something within AR. There's just not. So now you putting them and have a bad situation. Unless you arm now I'm Annie get now and we'll get to do you want. Your kids to go to school where in now security is dressed up like slot and they're carrying a ours. We're MPs are way over their caring ranked. And did and that's a consideration. Maybe as a society we're moving that way. And or maybe we can try to deal with the mental health aspect of it. So many people. Tom will come out a specialist and molest a no attack or blame the Republicans and the NRA. But you know loss is big lobbyists and has a lot of support in Washington. The drug manufactures. Have we taken a serious enough look at mental health mental illness and psychotropic drugs. And I'm not saying a bit then I'm against psychotropic drugs but when a side effect a suicidal thoughts and I and and you see people that have never been violent before can become. Very violent. We're not dealing with criminal minds is much is we're dealing with a twisted mind and are those Psycho tropic drugs making some people so armed. Uses very few worse. And how we deal that Ron you're on the air. Ron you're on the air. Your phone natural. That's not. And so my Enron you there god yes I RU united. Are calling it about the fact what happened in. The apart in school area. At the next school teacher biology schoolteacher. I know that evolution is being taught. Now public schools. And basically there's no candidate that evolution at all but we still TJ that's the theory. It is as far as our students. Are constantly brainwashed. With the idea. That they had about being created in they had not made in the image of because they're not thinking that it band. Complicated. Statistic. And and European brainwashed they're extricate in order sophisticated. School system that. So you'd think using did see it being dehumanized. And some of them. Oh sure they'd do it and then art teachers cry out in absolute horror what our students begin to act like these animals. Right Mitt and I mean all that being said you've got. 3000 kids at one school. They've never had an issue who like this before our and may never have an issue like this again. Soul. No matter what they're teaching clearly not all the kids have reacted and negative way too. In other words. Was not. Does not make this any broader than you have to it's this. Here's what people forget these incidents to eat when you hear about their horrendous and and they stick in your mind but they're extremely isolated so much more isolated. Then a deadly car accident so much work and you know isolated and any sort of other accidental death. We'll talk about that and more coming up on a Bob Rhodes show 648 news talk 97.3 this guy. And I mean seven point three this. Together brought you by Florida prepaid and good news is earlier accidents. Cleared looks like we're off to a pretty good start another thing to be aware of this morning is that Claude. It is kind of thick mixture that you got your headlights on voting thank you got all your headlights are your lights on for a safe drive this morning. What Florida prepaid you can start saving for college in his little. 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This segment on the sky grassy by sort of trading and all the features of the big banks so with the local service. Instead of investing in a neck brace is going to be breakneck pace yeah. Just turn on Russian. 654 and about Rochelle Thursday he's shooting at a Broward County high school yesterday leaves seventeen dead multiple. Injuries. Shooter nineteen year old former student obviously. They troubled individual to say the least. And so we're trying to do approach this in a logical way. What can we do we keep our kids safe and this is a free and open society we live and we can always live in a police state. So you have to consider those things. When you wanna come up with remedies to me. The one of the biggest aspects that needs to be looked at in have been a bigger way in a better way in a deeper way it would be the mental health. Aspect of it Martin you're on the air. Yeah good morning first of all I can only imagine the horror. That their family and friends of their young people are experiencing job cinema condolences dominated everybody. Secondly. What do we do about it wolf you were call when the hurricane hit doubts out there was a nursing home. Where they acie went out and unfortunately and tragically some elderly people died of heat exhaustion. And immediately they were people pushing them up for a bill to make all nursing old job back up generators. Well way to protect our elderly. Why kill we mandate that all public schools have metal detectors. That they're resource officers not only be sufficient in number but trained in a much much better way to be an inconspicuous. But Costa where are distributed deterrence. And I don't see why people were hard at all as one of the previous course that we spent so much money off frivolous things. This is something that is absolutely definitely necessary and I don't think anybody. All of either side of the aisle would have any problems our children are our priority and we won't spend money to protect them regardless of whatever chance. Well yeah I just remember security is like a balloon when you squeeze it online and you exposes on another and we'll get into best. On a deeper level I decide I like which is saying let's address some of that and more Chris Wagner is here. From the house public safety institute part of San Jose college she trains. Police officers. It's coming up.