BobCast HR 2 with Chris Wagoner on Douglas shooting

WSKY The Bob Rose Show
Thursday, February 15th

After yesterday's massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, public safety and police training expert Chris Wagoner joined Bob and Greg and callers on the show.


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Lot is happening in your world and keep it right. Underneath it's just okay. This every half hour a day you go back to get news that just happened. On your way back here he is talking about seven point. The sky. Dosage some above Rochelle our number three of our guests and thank you for tuning in time Jack brought to you by prestige Kay's jewel was really answer. Is always yes of course story today is the story of yesterday. It's sad tragic shooting at a Broward County high schools are huge. School and I live in Fort Lauderdale that South Park and I don't even know that existed it. Back in the day but because of the growth it just keeps moving west further west further west that these are highly populated areas now see you've got to school. That has or 3000. Students so think about the facility the footprint. How do you protect who goes in and comes out how do you you know how do you. Take charge of a scenario in a situation. Like that one of the reasons why that they're still having you know still gonna take time to clear all the rooms and to go through the the protocol. But it's an awful situation. And they do have a Manning custody he's nineteen year old former student. Coward cruise is what I'm calling him because as of the completely cowardly act. And it. Least he wants some level of infamy. I'm not gonna give consumed is gonna say is complete and utter coward. Pulled the fire alarm so that people he knew they would rush out in the hallway and then he could just pull the trigger. Whether allegedly is they are fifteen and he had several magazines. And so that the carnage actually says it is to say they've actually been worse. And we have thought. Are an expert there we go to many many times Chris Wagner here from the institute of public safety at Santa Fe college and got right. I got a right I had to write it down. Yeah whatever work I'm Ron Burgundy if you don't write it down for me I thought middle come out however which is not always in the proper order but Chris thanks for spend some time to listen I. We appreciate what you do because there is Georgia law enforcement officers there's going to be a greater shortage coming up you can be a very rewarding career. And if you need it training because you have to have training before you go. You have a state of the art facility tell people just of how phenomenal. Truly phenomenal the state of the art facility is that you that you train young folks at. We just opened our new wing in October for our very first class and our new wing at the institute of public safety police academy we teach corrections law enforcement EMT and paramedics a few Augustin being the first responder any kind. You can come to us. Oh our new wing has technology and it that is not available anywhere else in the United States right now. We have a shooting simulation system that will be life size as twelve are rooms or twelve by twelve on purpose for these this purpose. And from floor to ceiling wall to wall you'll have an image projected by laser for K projectors. You willing gauge with them talk to them and it actually recognizes and uses your voice and the instructor can use your voice commands. To Alter the pattern or the direction the scenario takes it could end up in a shooting if you're not doing things properly could end up in a guy gives up if you do things properly. And then what makes even greater is it's a multiple room system where you engage in and one assist one room. You'll literally see the personal walks through the door and it's a real physical door and the you'll have to move to the next room and engage him in a different room. Also it didn't literally is something that's nowhere else in the nation right now and I mean that the federal law enforcement training areas. And we're really excited about it rearm we're going to be doing an open house in March. I believe we're gonna open up to the public if they wanna come seeing get tourists and see the technology we're using. And it's just it's for knowledge actually may for me I've been there 21 years. And this is a long they're real therefore you have and I wish. Combat outside its main teaching their funding in there you know you're using new technology you're using all the capabilities that you can. And is just we have a great time how much. You see somebody changed minera student in the first time you put him in one of these scenarios. Verses after names from the train on it several times. How much of a change I mean is it just completely obvious. Aria they know this thing is that the virtual reality training is great. That's not the only scenario training and we do you know when you say scenarios can be done virtually with the with the video images and things like an adult video game. Or we actually use the facility itself the building we have over 300. Cameras motion sensors and microphones and speakers. Located throughout the building nowhere in the building or this new wing can you go and you're not on camera except the restrooms so. Every once a while when you see is somebody walking now allowing you just had a little siren just to scare yeah you could in fact yesterday I got my director walking down the hallway and I called to from inside her real name is. Look around for who has gone in but yet it's it's a phenomenal technology we're going to be doing an active shooter demonstration. For the senate take com board of trustees on Tuesday. And Santa Fe police department is coming out because they're the ones it would respond on the GPS and we're gonna demonstrate this technology. So it's it's a really really cool thing but are you allowed dimension and it's so phenomenal that even heiress other. Not even agencies are monitoring media that are of yeah where it SOK yeah we commit the military is actually coming around our friends at camp blending we were on the drug for training. Task force for an all of the United States federal law enforcement people. On the put on drug training like how to inspect vehicles and compartment vehicles things like that they're coming over and now using our facility. For some of their training and were going to be holding some of our firearms training at their for a nominal farms ranges that they've got out there are so it's a partnership we just established and our new wing and technology was part of that. Tell ya I wanna go honesty and annihilate character thing and it's hard to guess he's certainly done that yet she's Pendleton out there are gambling here put an award for me I'll try my best. I'm on a serious issue we're talking about the shooting and and to me I'm my first the the first thing I thought Imus this this is a clearly a mental health issue. On folks on the media will try to make there's some sort of bizarre gun control type argument. Statistically can't be backed up in any way shape or form logic will not back that kind of mentality up in anyway shape or form so I've simply moved beyond that. But you've talked about Chris has talked about senate bill 1236. Dentist actually has put this together. It's probably not even gonna get really out of committee or even into committee or whatever in the session in Tallahassee which is sad because. This would allow. Former and active duty law enforcement and military folks to be armed on school campuses. And any even if it it didn't have a huge impact once a scenario but has occurred. The deterrent effect would be huge because these twisted individuals are looking for mass murders. They're looking for easy soft targets of high body counts and if they think that they're gonna meet with resistance they're gonna probably. Choose another target. Yet you know signs have never stopped a mass murder. Countries on signs are no guns allowed signs posted on the outside of our school nobody's learn that there was back in the seventies in in New York when they first start talking about guns are bad guys or bad. Doozy of a neighborhood and they said today put up a thing where gun free zone basically they said no guns allowed around here. And eventually dale to exercise them because they were getting broken and they are getting. Molested irritating burglarized Hawkeyes this thing has big gun free zones or are misnomer they don't work they simply an invitation to criminals using a there'll be no one fighting back we've no way in the lesson was learned in 1970s. Why do we continually have to. You know talk about this on the air by who's who's not getting the message all I. I think it's the people that want to control. There there's a there's this mentality in the that in a national level legislation the senators and and represented as were they want control and I don't understand why they think the Second Amendment is the one thing that they need to control. And they can't it's literally impossible. You did today's day and age for any kind of legislation to outlaw firearms in the United States is beyond that point let's move behind. Trying to figure out a way to make over a hundred million American citizens criminals let's move to the real issues the mental health issues the bullying issues like her. Caller brought up before some of these other issues. This is a ridiculous way of looking at it yeah now west organ hardening the targets let's put a bunch of things ended ended work instead of focusing on one thing. What do we what if there was say you get on a list somehow let's say your friends with this guy on social media and you see there's dead animals on their anonymous is not a hunting thing I mean dead animals mutilated. On all pro gun pro stuff he says things that are a bit of violin a nasty and all that. And if you get a complaint now maybe from one student but you get one from a few. How about a protocol to say okay this is something that law enforcement should least maybe help try and tell you right now. That's already being done if someone calls up to our local law offers agencies a electrically sheriff's officer GP near any of the other local ones. And they were to tell them hey we've got a student and one of her school is posting this and they get one or two or three more reports. They take it seriously this was already being done but the problem is no ones reporting these things. Yet because apparently these kids after detectives are about ul. Gas there was ever going to be a school shooting that was a guy that we can now we thought hey this would be one of those guys that would do that. Now as one of the samples see something say something things that bad deal saying that's out there but it makes sense in this issue. But in social media. Because things are exaggerated and so many ways and so many times. I think that it did children themselves become a little bit desensitized. Because people talk smack for lack of a better journalist nail let's make sure that it is something being talked to smack first and then say here on the side of caution us don't be afraid I Soledad astle did you rather have an you know 99 wrong calls are 99 calls that were overreaction. Then the one call that says please respond we have multiple shooting in progress. A 100% correct aren't. 816 Alibaba Rosh jokers Wagner's gonna stick around for a little bit longer and I will try to get to a more Paulson in the next segment apologized. News talk. Not at some point through this guy up. Nodding seven point three restaurant. Together and a Smart brush do you buy in Florida prepaid blog our biggest issue this morning really hurting visibility drive carefully keep those White Sox. What's a couple of issues to regarding that held challenge I 75 northbound mile marker 336 have an accident. All sorts dollar roadblock in southeast 79 street and juniper road and Micanopy an accidental 41 in southeast county road 346. What Florida prepaid you can start saving for college in the slowest fifteen minutes what's your plan. And roll Y February 28 in my Florida prepaid dot com warmer and drier days ahead that includes this afternoon we should see mostly sunny skies developing an high near 81. Clearly fought against possible late tonight it's almost 57. Mostly sunny tomorrow high of 82 from the U of weather center I'm meteorologist Jeff Hoffman. Janesville the DA from Dallas 62 villages 61. 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Phenomenal facility state of the art brand new and they're looking for folks know I end end. I mean nature in everybody's DEA in EMTs have first responder any kind in. Get another check it out and it's not just hurt you know young people fresh out of high school or college show him. In the age requirements are pretty broad I don't wanna be do you wanna be specific or not. Chris Sunday we don't have a so I had a 72 year old go through to get a certification Kenny got hired by the state need his certification and again do you any age in reread and hopefully getting people. Mature. Good good solid background. People can be higher buyer local agencies are gonna have a huge shortage in the near future AS OG PD and you can hear all going to be needing people desperately in the next 34 years. But you know we need we need good people who wanna make a difference in their local area and become and first responders EMTs paramedics cops and corrections officers we need you we need you do apply get through the training and get tired. Tony Snow did do that. We talked to one of by his former military guy DC Europe and I'll DC didn't hold. Maybe Johnny Joseph you're on the air. An Arabian reformer delinquent. Lazy kids from the doubt. Grew up in Miami or a lot of though the schools I went to had armed police officers and they had Shanley pregnant. Some of them even have Bob choir at the top. Stop there alternative look it up as almost like a prison pool. Urgent like me are you need to have teachers at. Taught trained how to use our armed whatever in your happily doctors and school. We have those prison. We we we have cars that have weapons out prison spec sheet and made its state why are we not doing that would our children there are most precious. You know resource there are people that we love and cherish why will we not have a eight. Say an armed person at this facility and makes no sense to me whatsoever. Yeah how yeah how many. Would you need I mean I believe there are two resource officers there where were already stationed at that school it's 3200. Students there it's a huge school. Tied to how many would cover the territory about a four. What do six. It's a tough one and by the way my understanding is I think he was sent to an alternative school for a period of time I believe this this man who's involved in I don't know about that India in the shooting. But. You know the bottom line is known unless you wanna make. In the schools more like gay president. You're not going to be able to keep everybody safe and free and open society area. Now and the thing is this isn't a free and open society that we have it comes at a cost and that is sad as it sounds. We have a society where people are going to be harming other people. Evil cannot be legislated away you can't. Make new fences to keep evil out evil will find a way. Well we have to do is find a way to stop that evil prevent any evil from harming more then we can't in other words let's make. Some changes that will at least fifteen if we can't prevent that lets lesson. And let's not make jokes about hey this is a guy that you know he's disgruntled he's trying to guide always come back to the workplace and should place up. Hey this kid's obviously troubled. Guys are second on guns man if there's ever shooting around here that might be to kids. Instead of you know making that kind of comment to your friend let law enforcement know. Kids in that school should have gone to school resource officer and says hey listen you know this is this isn't something I'm not a 100% sure of but this kid and scares me any scares me because. That's all they've got to do. And want to follow up bonnet and and it's it's not this mountain and brief simply convenient somebody for a little bit if it is something you may have just prevent these seventeen kids from Diane. That's a great point 826. And above rose show let's talk coming up at 905. We're actually gonna talk to Reggie TDs Ben Tobias. We had a recent. Double murder here in the area another rug a tragedy we're gonna ask him about that and not also panhandling nick Downey. As changed to what they're doing legally we'll see how would GPD may or may not adapt to. Two with the county's laying out there so we'll talk to about that and Tracy joins us on the good morning oh. I feel underdog or could threaten your people I got yeah he's still here burning. I get a friend who no doubt that may be wonder can't have children and Peter better. You know watching what does violent. Video game and that's only maybe 1% of them might turn violent youth and the only one person campaign is actually telling the golden. I hope. They get mad at one person can't. Right what's 1% of one million that's so we have to worry about we have so many I remember exposed as nothing our. Benoit. And people kidding. Get killed right the Jeep that in other words okay seal cartoons that we grew up with that may show violent acts you know Wiley Coyote whatever Riley curry I think I was and handle fallen on a guy whenever. Which is the only time ever son and belts made lesser Dallas blacksmith windows or Mac makes just an abandoned angles yeah. The acting and they ended dynamite from acme saw yeah. But yes so yeah I mean you. We've all seen vows were exposed to a much greater degree today than men video games are so lifelike graphic. Very graphic most kids are not going to have a negative impacts map but when I talk among most kids. And how do you determine which children will be negatively impact best we need to work and let's work on figuring out how we spot to kids that will later be the ones to turn into these types of people and let somebody in a position of authority and oh. That you have cares and concerns and worries about this particular person's behavior and it doesn't make him a school if you're a workplace or you're out and you know somebody that is a concern you about something like this. Say something to someone in where we can investigated let law enforcement now. And it's. Great advice. Chris Wagner from the institute of public safety since they college. Teaching recruits that I didn't. Law enforcement very important stuff but he also as the military and law enforcement background we're gonna talk. More to him personally his stick around for a little bit longer and then let him go got to some other headlines and try to get to. As well coming up later on the right now. A lot of conversation about seventeen dead and more wounded. As Steve Broward County high school where shooting took place yesterday. What what do we do to remedy this. Kind of a scenario situation what do we do to try to make it safer. Our kids we'll talk about that and more coming up. Obama Rocha. We are you. We discussed the critical need to rebuild America's crumbling. Infrastructure on this guys phone infrastructure plan has this you know. And now we still. C should pose that provokes strong food stamps. It's. Talk nutty summer. Like three and this guy. Sam Roberts from here to achieving near here. There's so many of our customers are complaining about high utility bills this seems phils keep going up and up so how can we make them lower cancer. They knew energy efficient heating and air system. According to US Department of Energy for you to pursuing your what you go through seeking an error calls so the more they you can cut that the more money you can say. 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What cal a couple of problems earlier roadblock in southeast 79 street and juniper road and also what cal hi accidents I 35 northbound mile marker 336. New area an accident northwest 143 street at northwest we are blamed. The Micanopy earlier accidents youthful 41 of the southeast county road 346. His report brought to my darling to follow your perfect realtor visit Darlene and find out more. Darlene and lucky dot com drier and warmer days ahead and that includes today once the fog lifts we'll see a mostly sunny afternoon. High near 81. Upper fifties again tonight for a low under clear skies fought against possible by daybreak. And generally speaking mostly sunny through Sunday with little or no rain this afternoon highs in the low eighties overnight lows upper fifties. From the weather center I'm meteorologist Jeff Hoffman. Janesville 59 coach cal 59 to villages 62 of its ideas on May 33 for the if you check north Florida's ER wait times by texting ER. The 23000 it's the only time now just six minutes. I'm Susan king fewer top local story the president of the Florida PTA reacting today to the deadly high school shooting in Broward County says enough. Cindy Gary Hart says that although the organization has a long and successful legacy of fighting for the safety health. And well being of all children in Florida she says on Wednesday they feel like they've fallen short however Gary Hart adds. That their determination to get stronger than ever to make sure that this tragic moment is never repeated. And students who survived a school shooting can't suffer some long term psychological effects this is psychiatrist doctor Erin Valenti. There's going to the extent of the law that has been creating and they're also going to be appealing Arabs. Security being taken away I think a lot of people feel safe in school are parents feel weak threatening their children to school and didn't take out a way. Valenti says she thinks people are trying to do everything they can't try and prevent the incidents from happening but it's becoming difficult to predict when and where these types of actions are going to take place. Next news in thirty minutes on 97 point treat this guy listen online and follow us on Twitter at the sky 973 dot com. Goals and helping the developmentally disabled. It's five rows we've teed it up or ready to go the bot roast all scramble about this guy that he Medina Medina realty. To scramble. April 13 it's easy. The bond rose golf is a benefit for the fine work of the market led to accounting and again this year you can win a brand new occasional Harley-Davidson. Sign up now has about rose golf scramble sells out fast and I don't want you to be left out and are now. 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Rates and availability may vary by state civil right quotes based on preferred non tobacco underwriting exam required to qualify. His story just breaks actually. Earning 2018 the strongest storm. On this guy. Me and hand and here and. 39 Obama Rochelle thank you for tuning and Assad's days. Before while for Americans are really had a seventeen dead if small mobile Diddy shooting it out Broward county's high school there's a huge Iceland Parkland and Chris Wagner's Willis. From the institute of public safety is Sarah state college he. Instructs our recruits out there and he's got a background in law enforcement obviously and also work. In the military I guess christened me ask you this. How are you training new police officers to deal with. Mental illness because we hate it when it. Somebody was mentally ill pass to be taken down bylaw enforcement officer. We wish there was a better way to deal with that and though we know you've been working on it that what are we doing as far as training now. Mental illness vs the criminal element I guess is what I'm getting out. Yet we we've been mandated by the Florida legislature's. A couple of times on different issues com autism mental illness handling people elderly. Different arm of but we call our are vulnerable. You know people there and desist we have really good training when it comes of the mental assigned. But you have to understand that law enforcement should not be the one to people turn to to help him mental illness. We are the people you call when someone is in danger of hurting themselves or someone else. Before that if someone's having mental illness issues are going through some problems unique to address that with doctors psychologists. You need to maybe if it's if it's as bad as it gets that go to court and get them committed with a baker act. But don't don't use law enforcement as the mental illness treatment tokens were not. We responded we evaluate the danger if there a danger themselves or others we can involuntarily commit them under baker act we don't like doing that. Because we're not. Psychologist were relieved are not people who treat. Now we are your safety net and that's what they're designed to be so I would really love reach we teach all the different mental illnesses we teach about the ages. But our police officers are there to keep the family members and everybody else safe and the mental little person sick from harming themselves. Well I'm mad about a way in just don't make this clear to people to. The vast majority of people who suffer from any kind of mental illness are not violent now now now I nine violent and so wanna make sure that. People know that in when I talk about mental illness when it comes to somebody this mass shooting this is a specific. Sliver or genre for socio path. Yes he's a sociopath he's a psychopath do you look at the different definitions of those and those are some things we talk about law enforcement. That's somebody who goes beyond and above and in the on the go into the violent acts like he did the other day murdering a seventeen people who probably didn't know the majority of the people Lee murdered. Those kind of people aren't law enforcement is the last resort. Those kind of people. The postings on FaceBook friends seeing people see him but nobody said anything too long for ads when you need to have exam on a horse and I knew that before these things happen let us know will investigate if that if we see it and will agree with you I mean if you told us can imagine a liability of a police department. If you sent them information on somebody and they didn't do I follow up and then this guy is the one that went in ended the of course they're gonna follow up there that makes it is to requirement Soviet don't rely on long personal let's treat mental illness as the health issue that it is let's treat our kids and their issues let's get the bowling under control. Here's the steps to fix this concealed carry in schools. What we call campus carry allow concealed carry permit holders who have already been background checked. Already have been through the training required by the state of Florida already gotten their permit let them carry concealed firm among college in school campuses. Bill read center actually submitted let's get that bill pushed through. Let's go senator Negron the president of the of the senate and telling you wanted on a house vote because of the sense and this is time is enough. Let's get these common sense is they use. You know actions dying instead of sitting here talking about it all time. Yeah and me and get the word out that no longer our school soft targets gun free zones where. You can go and amass just huge body count I mean. And sheds on price. So we're talking about our kids let's protect our kids it's not gonna protect college students reenacting a protects shopping malls. Protect your kids at least rallies and a shopping mall we can carry you know concede absolutely so that's why don't see a lot of those shootings in the state of Florida with art you know two point meshing at what is now we're up or two million in Brazil India. That's why you don't see the mass shootings at shopping malls in Florida. But anytime you change the dynamic of thought and that is when they first started giving out concealed permits on a regular basis in the state of Florida. I remember the lefties coming out of woodwork it's going to be let's just don't know OK corral blood you know blood draining slowing down our our city streets I mean. It was a ridiculous they couldn't wrap their head around it. I think there's a similar kind of the feeling when we talk about arming people on a school campus. This the same kind of it's gonna be crazy there's going to be accidents is gonna be this is going to be that. They picture a scanning guns out to people on a whim kind of a thing I think that's what they say you know they see they see guns everywhere and that's not the case we're talking about qualified licensed people. Well Chris we appreciate your time on airman let you go now to survived and survives and Armenia for GPD. An important topic don't thank you. Now thanks for coming in and lending your expertise and always as you do you're always on this and Johnny on the spot for us and keeping us informed of gun laws and the great work you're doing at the institute of public safety at Sana state college state of the art facility credible facility follow our FaceBook page the envy really of the other nation when it comes to the technology they're they're employing here for training folks so well look into that. For sure what's the FaceBook just this just type in institute of public safety senate technology you'll find her face preparing cheesy announcement or are. Well FR Florida firearms coalition dot org. Our dot com I'm sorry about the Florida firearms coalition dot com dot com and you're gonna hit introduced by joined now SI I know realize Eric you twice. Now I'm Marty and aka Harris as a stand you know it's true I could work on that too. 845 and above Rochelle. Psychotropic. Medications. Is this really more what we should be talking about the status. The lefty talking about gun control. More on that coming up on about Rochelle at age 46 news talk 97.3 in the sky. Morning news and talks. Not a seven point three this. Together. Trusty via Florida prepaid clog that is our biggest issue this morning to drive carefully. Accident Micanopy for a forty wanna southeast shouting 346. We'll tell us then got an issue this morning at some road blocks south on 79 street in June. The road also cal roadblock it reported northwest 111 court. At northwest while playing an ovarian accident northwest 143 street at north west 43 lane. The Florida prepaid you can start saving for college and as little as fifteen minutes. What's your wife and rolled on February 28 in my Florida prepaid. Dot com. Warmer and drier days ahead that includes this afternoon we should see mostly sunny skies developing in high near 81. Clearly fought against possible late tonight almost 57. 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Sponsored by decent insist equine hospital shelter aviation and mosque pasty shop. This segment of the sky is brought to you live Robin Larson dental full service dentistry for the entire family. Controlled do you really have in your own life marked flew. Must not. Six weekday. Not seven point three the sky. If you wanna Bob road show how great capacity. And Greg you've been silent this morning not because you want to me that's an area players say about this topic where. Seventeen this. Folks were killed as shooting a Broward County high school Parkland which is not too far between Fort Lauderdale Miami and west a little bit from there and visit these are areas that. Well I would broadcasting school on their 198081. And there was nothing out that far west really not much Aaron and now it's densely populated mean that high school at 3200 students. It's a lot of kids simply those that are gonna call for you know hey let's have more arm dead people there want you'd have to have. The quite a few putts resource drilling to descend beyond Vietnam a lot of ground to cover. It is there really is and sell you an offense so let Aussie and put razor wire up what are you gonna do. And and remember again I know it's hard to look at things statistically it's hard to look at things. From a logical point of view because it's emotionally driven using just children being mowed down. Right laying there in their own blood dining that's kind of hard to get past. But. What are the odds of something like that occurring again. In net in that school in that area in the state. Now some would say well it will happen again it's just a matter of time it might be too many years. But something like dad easily could occur again. So where where we find that balance. That. That's going to be the key is first off we got to realize one. Because of mass media and hysteria if everything gets talked about more the reality is since 1993 new and I were were taught but it's also an area was here. The actual the gun violence has dropped lest you would you he'll automatically dramatically it was worse in jury in the KR Bain and if you will. The assault rifle ban if you well that it is now very few crimes are actually committed for the men are usually handgun which is a lot more easily accessible anyway so. First off to get a year of all the rhetoric and get down of the facts before you can even talked about it then there's plenty of eighteen year olds that have long guns that interim responsibly I mean for the vast vast majority 99%. How many years ago you can go to high school in the back of the pickup truck window there's a there's a long gun in the window editor in Iraq nobody thought of seeing about it. It's just been part of this whole anti gun culture that suddenly guns are evil. If you look at the now and we assistant sometimes strossen sort of parallel or whatever but. You look at Saddam people dying on our highways he you know 30000 to traffic deaths a year. We could yet you could make the speed limit 35 miles an hour everywhere chair and now I guarantee. The fatalities we'll go down there won't disappear completely but don't go way down but you have to look at it okay at what cost. Now what cost there's always a cost. And see when Harden that target around the school do you want to arm people I I'm I'm in favor by the way. Of the this senate building Chris talked about that. And it says 1236 by the way senate bill 1236 in Tallahassee Dennis back sleazy author of that. I'm in favor of that. And it's a good place to start I'd like to expand upon that. Chairs having you know if you have a concealed weapons permit here they're it eerie that you passed a background check and and you can carry legally. When you start to restrict ads from where you can carry all your doing this. Putting up a sign saying pay for each are feels a gun deaths. It's open season yet and and I hate the guy you know I hate the idea that but these twisted individuals like this shooter here. These are there. People that are looking to amass the biggest body count that they can't the good news says there's not many of those kinds of people that. Are willing to carry something like data out and Jerry something like that out. It's it's it 300 and but thirty million people or something I don't live in the United States. I mean to me. And I and am maybe this is too soon to say it but I'm actually kind of amazed with some of the weirdos that are around and that we don't have more well absolutely we now can mean the good lord we don't have the pastor of my. You know there are some measures some things that we can take that are based on logic and those are some of the moves I think we should make. They've got the special guests in the studio Gainesville police varmus Ben Tobias he is going to be. Win this for the next. For the next while anyway we had an awful crime that took place here some are some replace a double homicide.