BobCast HR 1 with Chris Wagoner on Douglas shooting

WSKY The Bob Rose Show
Thursday, February 15th

After yesterday's massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, public safety and police training expert Chris Wagoner joined Bob and Greg and callers on the show.


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With the Internet do you proliferation abroad hoaxes. Yeah taking the news big news big news so when you wanna cut through the holiest turn on the sky news talk seven point three this guy. Six on the mound road show our number tumor gets the other John Jack brought to you by prestige he's Jewish really answer. It's always yes I wanna make you have every Thursday and it's a tough one because. There was a mass shooting in Broward County high school yesterday seventeen dead. Although wounded yes nineteen year old Howard Cruse and so am I gonna use his real name he wants to. You know have some infamy. Into them that's why these people go tonight body count allegedly pulled the fire alarm gives them streaming out until always he opens fire and air fifteen very cowardly. Very deadly. It's an awful thing for joining us now. We've got Chris Wagner. Andy he works at the meant DA institute for public safety part of Santa Fe college new train police officers and welcome back again Chris good to heavier hey guys it's familiar. Telus legislatively. Oh what a part of the package of solutions as we know there's no one solution that's. Going to alleviate this problem but it's maybe a whole bunch of little solutions. Might make a difference when you have. Mountain you know you guys have been talking about the different things it can be done to either prevent or lessen the impact of these kind of things and there's different physical security things can be done he's talked about a fences doors windows whatever. But there's also legislative things that we can do. What a lot of people you know about linebacker LaMarr personal remain an Obama backer of the military as I was in charge of training nuclear security teams on the secure nuclear weapons for a US army. And we. We specifically targeted hardening our targets that was the physical security part of it and it was basically based on different levels of security in different parameters. So what we also did was we Harden the interior personnel. We made the people in the target harder to kill two coming get our weapons so. I'm senator actually earlier this year actually after the last school shooting. Filed a senate bill senate bill 1236. Neat title at school safety of all things and it rings so true today after this. Horrendous murder down there amber our county where I was a deputy. They armed he's he's submitted a bill requiring that all schools. Will work with local law enforcement and all school districts or a local law enforcement to develop active shooter plans can. To run through active shooter training for all the schools believe it or not as some in a lot of people probably don't know is not all schools do this not all school districts take. This seriously enough for they actually do this this legislation would actually require that. And that's a step in the right track new ads and I would if I assume that that was already being done yeah and our people do and allow people realize that it's not so. He wanted to make them mandatory which is fine arm is will it run additional cost some harsher in the training the time the people involved. But what's it worth. It stops on school shooting and think instead it's probably worth it. So that's one pot aspect of the bill the other aspect of at 1236. Is six he also wants to allow. Active duty military retired military. Active law enforcement retired law enforcement. And veterans arm core in good standing to be allowed to carry concealed firearms on school campuses as additional security. So in your school district would have to set forth policy along with the local law enforcement agency. The local law enforcement agency would dissolve the training required to make this available and then they would basically trained this free security force. This could be a volunteer via volunteer basis they wouldn't be paid so there's no salaries. And I'm Toney had not retiring in five years month thing and be a bad part time gig is gone providing security at a school. And with the background that that I have and a lot of other law enforcement and military veterans think of the fighting force that you could provide safety treat kids. And part of that just the knowledge that bearer it is greater security hardened. Hardened target if you will. That acts as a deterrent and Wii and you know support them from wanting to attack here because they're gonna meet with resistance and these cowards are looking for the path of least resistance and greatest body can. Correct exactly and and the thing is you have to understand is if if he news that there was possibly five or six. Armed individuals in their school but he didn't know where Kazaa of course it's plain clothes you're you're concealed you're not carrying a rifle around. He and this may be an entirely different outcome. So you know I think we need to we need to take common sense steps like you guys have been talking about my I've been listening since that you came out of six. A lot of the callers were phenomenal I love the idea that they understand the common sense approach. We hear that term common sense gun safety in their you know common sense gun control there is no such thing you learn never going to be able to remove the hundreds of millions of firearms. From Americans you just can't do that it's impossible. That's why you have to use the word logic cannot common sense or the liberals have destroyed the word common sense. Because it's what they are sensibilities tell lemon sense is that's an emotional response what we want is a logical response that makes cents. Like I said earlier millions die and a button while. Tens of thousands side traffic accidents every year we can make the speed limit thirty. Don't tell me that wouldn't have a positive effect absolutely we'll told us policy in there you still have people die regardless of that. And your well I did in you have to look at what where at what cost exempt people say well there's no no price too high to pay for the safety of our kids it's great to say that that's the same as if only one life is saved. It will be have been will be worth fifteen billion dollars selling over the 15100 in taxes every year this could require to build the schools to the physical security levels that would be necessary and and will that be effective right I mean it will that be effective well it. You know our continued check every backpack where you have metal detectors you have to have this school had over 3000 kids and it. If it's not like you can do a single file line to try to get kids in and out of school that's logistically lost I mean that's that's now it's a fourteen hour day and commit it. It's just ridiculous and therefore you after I two hours early to go to school also wishing go through security intake she's awesome and scan and all well you better guard that perimeter. 24 hours day seven days a week you don't know students around because. If somebody is planning ahead like this beak young man was but. They could get stuff on to the school grounds. Home at a different you know you are. Caller just before I came come to the studio the had a caller who's talking about a determined attacker and that is a huge factor. He was so on target if you have someone who's determined a cause that many called yet he committed write a story he used to recall determined attackers. It if he is willing to die for his. Attack his belief his his commitment to the attack as he doesn't care if he dies or not. What is to stop no matter what kind of physical security we put up a school what is to stop somebody from driving a car bomb up and through a gate in into the middle school blown it up. Well if you create a line at the school to get in light of the with a metal detector and you're outside their there's an IC you know sitting ducks right Derek motor drive by fashion probably true. And you know America. They're the United States people do. We're so polarized left and right and middle on all these other things more we thriller realizes we need to start addressing the root causes of these things what is the root cause the cause a show on man to do do this. Look further you know that he had there's state. Rifles involved there is the school involved maybe there was bowling involved there's I have two reports one was a backpack was the bullets was he's spent in the other one was he gonna fight with his girlfriend's new boyfriend and got. We don't know what caused this yet we only know the tools that were used do we call it a knife. Neon life laws are we gonna do nice flaws every time somebody has a knife attack are we gonna do bat Losman. You know it's because it's farms involved everybody has this knee jerk reaction to try wanna. Banned them they're or get rid of them are restricting many can't do that there's just no physically possibly gonna make over a hundred million Americans. Criminals if you. Well and again you're gonna make them prone to other crimes I mean you know these kids getting shot in a man and a mass shooting is obviously horrendous. But you know on the same time period if you restrict. Legally. Legal gun owners. How many rapes and murders are gonna take place as a result of that. All well it as long as they happen spread out like once every other weekend. Then we can tolerate it vs what one. Particular attack her I mean again you have to do in my mind employ logic and in this particular case. To get to the routed it to the issue is it's a mental. Illness issue. Oh absolutely that's that's the big part of it is mental illness the other big part of would probably be looking at TV issues involved in our society today was my social media doesn't that entertainment field. For so many things that that come and play. Any psychotropic drugs I mean it's interesting when the left wants to attack the NRA in Republican hands and it's all their fault they you know people even have guns which is ridiculous. It's our Second Amendment but aside from that. You don't think there's drug manufactures it spend. Way more than the NRA does in their lobbying efforts to make sure that they get things done and that's why we have no appeared crisis yet we don't even know Ole. Really what Psycho tropic. Drugs actually do we don't even know because the studies always prescribed of course. And my friend and and again and again for most people they might find some relief it can actually change lives for is a better I think the problem as. Or some apparently there's a side effect of suicidal thoughts and maybe extreme violence. And that could easily be the case we don't know yet and that shows thing we need to wait for the facts to come out and get all the facts before we start trying to figure out what it is we can do to prevent it but we can look at things and in general way for sure absolutely. And some some approaches and you know use logic and deterrence and things that makes sense 76. You know about road show coming up next what's plugging you brought about Florida pest control that. Chris Wagner is gonna hang masseuse Tuesday for the whole hour fees available all right good deal. All right so that's coming up next 8779759825. Colin now if they could be related to the Broward County shooting and out yeah. But it's what's bugging you next on the air. 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Good morning and welcome seven point zero Altamont road show. I need is time now for Watson plugging you call in air have given us your Justin. Chris Wagner from the public institute of public safety institute. Part of Santa Fe college jump I'll eventually get it right. He is is gonna stick around Willis so just hang on to if you wanna talk specifically. About the shooting that took place Broward County high school seventeen dead Wendy what's clogging neo. Do any good morning. And could be good morning to the ballot and they edit bay and there that the next it is in the in LA and they. Are at but it. My son actually. An active era where and it may US app. Week they had it. Actually very active shooter. Didn't area training as they have it be if police. And despite all the people. Unfortunately it might that would wreck our got yelled anyway theory that area. I mean you're it has acted it. Carpet all. Flyers on the active after his viewers that are eerie it felt that. It is epic battle but the war is. Because you're planning for after the event occurs you're planning for what happens once they start shooting. We have to kinda now think for a little bit as to what can we do to maybe prevent or lessen it. Well it's happening or before it happens that's the issue that were running into. Yeah out now once that so once it's begun and it's. Thing too late James. Once thug union. Very good morning Bob so you know for years have been trying to get our school district do something gear for your Mary chairman of the solution has banned. Joseph Harden that target some and put up defenses and everything else that you know that by itself never stopped shooting it's your guess pointed out I'm so glad he's here. And I am so glad to hear about this bill that's been put short in compensating interest here's. We need to let volunteers. Like she sheds veterans former law enforcement charged picked by the principles to cherry gallons. I'm pretty simple. You'll that you talk they've been during Trevor and don't sort like and don't quite Google's search never been a man shooting at school and you talk. You know we just conceal carry permit holders are allowed to carry those schools here and that's been an effective deter idea. I even tried to do some series very basic training what discussed. Asked Lester pretzels directly to each class are out here. Slight Barack during an actor sugar using every day objects around the school what fire extinguishers and state where things like debt because the procedures. RG turn out lights locked the doors and hide in the dark in just hope you don't get shot. And I'm sorry to combat soldier that is not enough I want to fight back some becomes quite Pletcher. I'm going to do that but the majority of the other teachers civilians and to have that experience they don't realize what tools editor disposal. So we're really doing them a disservice. Excellent point yes well said dead James. Via peace excellent. Kevin what's bug near. I know what I actually I have read you can buy green would love. Chris saw an American friend to a press. But I agree we can't let it go maybe a step further we have two point nine. Million concealed carry older in the state of Florida. I would imagine and then one a teachers and school work until cardholders. And proportional to the bar at home. They have no defense whatsoever besides buckle and got regarding the question. They can on campus carrier it. Theodore White depth. Jack Kevin's son is part of the group that I belong to other coalition for farms in Florida. And he's been a staunch supporter farms rights you now or land early enough the Ocala area down there Marion County. And he annie's right we've we had campus carry them on the bills sit fourth for the last 56 years and they've gone nowhere. And Khamis Kerry is not handing out guns and orientation it's just allowing already licensed people who were already licensed. The state dignitary they're gone everywhere and exactly can't anyway. Except a school where they actually might need it Jack come into a scenario like that and it's now like you would have to mark them like I'm only carries a gun clearly you wouldn't do that others are still a Mary snow there in plain clothes are doing their job is just if it's needed. Ninth and the bad guys are going can be a deterrent people would hear about it Sharon what's bugging you. A lot of people don't let me hand I want to come in on them mentally ill have to wait another teenager. Okay honored. Hang it can counter prevention when. It's worth a pound of cure or why he had no liberal instead of the type cooking on taken away our. Second Amendment Rights talk and more on stopping the pilot in the elite and don't you order to be able to watch violent. Pornographic. Videos and movie because I believe that is breeding that violence in our children. I mean there there are still there is a cause and effect it's just it's. It's a very small number in other words you can expose a 100000 children to violence. And 99.9. Percent of them are not it's not gonna impact down the long term or short term but. Some of them it definitely will. Again we're free and open society. And then you have to have the stay the scientific research to determine what kind of an individual come become negatively impacted by those things you know. We I watched videos they're violent I watched you on or movies and things like evidence somebody else may do the same thing and it's the trigger some well now. And especially a child and their their development phase could impact him differently let's grab one there quicker Randi what's bugging neo. Yeah. Probably I don't know but I would believe that about 95%. All the Chileans are being done. It in freeze loans those good results or Chile and America to instill in children. Until that good result has taken away where. People can carry guns and those are myriad is of note of gun free zones that is going to happen time and time again. It seems a bit twisted mind dad wants a high body count and I think this. This guy cruise falls into that category. They're going to be looking for a path of Greece police resistance where they can have. The highest amount of mass casualties that's. Exactly the way their twisted mind works in the gun free zone. Is unfortunately an open invitation to these twisted individuals. Hey appreciate everybody is employed keep the calls common we'll continue to answer Chris Wagner here. It's 729. News talk 97.3 this guy. You've heard the expression and experience counts in our business that's very important. Hello I'm DR shaft president Ford pest control. For more than 65 years our family owned business as applying our experience to serve you the customer. 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Listen for download your caller I'm calling her talking terrible and it can't remember repeat ereader and this obviously increases the. 730 not out about road show time Jack Roxio my prestige please tell us what the answer. It's always yes 8779759825. And a lot of you wanna call and talk because. Where an awful shooting at a Broward County high school yesterday where is seventeen and people are dead. Many many wounded and and why well. You know chances are there's a mental health issue at play here for shore. It was a allegedly a former students mom. I don't I don't wanna make this Gary more famous and he's dirty in a beer in its infamous. Because he certainly has that same. Disease if I could call it that. Bomb let me kill as many people as I can get a high body count in somehow I'll be. Memorialized in that way in their own sick minds that's what they are striving for unfortunately end with me right now Chris Wagner is here. From the institute of public safety and sanitary college. Law enforcement background to military background and now we teaches. Folks are becoming police officers and we appreciate you sticking around Chris absolutely important topics yes and you're all so. Florida firearms so what's the asked what's the Laura firearms coalition. And in you can join that very easily Florida firearms coalition dot com. And Chris is very good about keeping everybody up to date with what's going on in terms of the Second Amendment and everything else. Specifically. Though. There was a senate bill put together by Dennis back Slade. Who is a very the strong. Advocate of the Second Amendment senate bill 1236 or Chris was talking about earlier that if that had already been in place in a state of Florida. And it could've stand. That might have actually either prevented or stop this guy sooner. Yeah you know you have to look at things it will either prevent or lessen the impact of these type of events and a year previous caller Kevin summit from marrying kind. He he came over the really appoint one of our discussion that we had a dance floor affirmed coalition if you stop calling me saying shootings because at and isn't as a connotation to gun immediately. And simply column by what they really are these are mass murders. These are these are not necessarily shooting Cesar mass murders it could have been done with a gun a car and airplane flown into a building. Those are all mass murders if we start. Trying to. Convince people and brainwash him the fact it's the gun not the person. We may actually start really addressing the real issue and that's the person using the inanimate tool not the inanimate tool itself. I'm so yet we have this mass murder and sent it actually has submitted a bill earlier in the year after the last school shooting and we had where we would be allowed to. Well first you have mandated training you have all school districts in the state of Florida and all schools would be mandated to work with the local law enforcement. To come up with a active shooter scenario training an actor shooter. Tom procedures and policies and things which actually do help. A lesser count is phenomenally large gonna sheriff's office in Gainesville police department train constantly. At our local schools even high springs police department trains and at school. I'm a -- run trains I mean all of our local law enforcement and I I give them all the credit in the world there's so far advanced of a lot of even bigger agencies. There are doing the training that they need to do they go to the schools safe get familiar with the hallways all the stuff. But they'll only happens after the shooting is taking place. And senator and actually is bill is kind of a bit to step it's that distant help prevent. Tom by getting volunteers veterans retired law enforcement act of law enforcement and active military who want a volunteer. Could be at our schools carry concealed firearms and protecting our children. When my son was an idle wild elementary school. As a police officer only when then was I allowed to carry guns on campus but had I been a concealed carry permit holder I would have not Dan. Tom cant the scary there were several teachers I became friends with it I don't wilder who wanted to carry firearms in their classrooms to protect their kids. This bill presented by Dennis factually. Would that there is that also for teachers and an hour just a sad and it doesn't well if they're a veteran. Sarah veteran reform law enforcement and whoever off our cameras James a call and earlier former military camp and so would beam. Carson I'm James is background as I've listened to him over the years when I was working your review and in your program and stuff and yeah. Armed and we need to those types of people yes there would be screening yes there'll be training yes there would be policies and procedures put in place to protect. You know from accidents and things but there it's. All involved. When we get some calls autumn thanks for holding your on here. They're. Calling. It yet how to act or sat. On a bet it. RB. I. I actually wrote I know they are. What it owns a car or actors I'll be. It in the air every. I dot. Org is here nobody got hurt Eric. Leading that. Underlie our. We're not address that we're leaving it at our school regretted it when. You eat it how. We need to teach our parent not only are kids they. Wreck aren't actors didn't all right we need to get our short. Wilson you know we can all play a role in that. Unfortunately. I know Indian from the information I have in this. Young man's life so I think his father is thirty deceased for some time here's an adopted child and his mother just recently. Passed away so old and out beyond a lot of times just things they can point back to the home. And for the bullying saying yes not just about what you do when you're the victim of it it's make sure your not to parent of one clueless to know exactly and right we got on top of mind to David thanks for holding. Order. Other people touched up at bat out of undisputed that mental well. But what happened here we did that help people the ability. To. What people on the list I go to the niche sport I don't think I've lived up our cars started I'd bank there. But I know people that ability of the other. Day. Or are being treated for mental health issues they should not a good thing at our best ball. I'm not surprised that somebody at eight years old. Elop about it by error at that point you're they of them from. Alcohol. At bank gave and the other one at the end of provide the court denied it I think they're also the end of the beginning of our October 21. Pathetic their kids out of our active duty military. Right it's it's 21 for handgun right in Florida and longer and you can buy eight and own an eighteen. I remember when I was going up in Michigan you could have a shotgun allies you can look purchasers but I think you could go running as a child with a parent. Supervised sunning. You have your own license and taggants this job done so here. The so people abuse it you know. Things like that safely from many many years I think the mental health aspect is important. But remember you also run a follow our privacy laws CF to be careful about that forty and used to determine who should be on a so called list. And if somebody's being treated for very mild depression or that eliminates them forever from ever owning a gun or joining the military. And and if you do those kinds of things remember. That. People just will go untreated. They'll go untreated. You don't want that either some 47 on the Bob Rochelle much more coming out. Not seven point three this. 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Join us at the table congress and keep my peace Sean Hannity if it meant getting that country back to a balanced budget we raised 3 PM. I seven point three this time. 752 on about road show pushing Chris Wagner as well as from the institute of public safety. Gentry Collins military background on horseback ride teaches young recruits. Come law enforcement officers we appreciate his expertise. After the shootings and Broward County high school the left seventeen dead multiple low wounded at. What action. Could be taken away action should be taken. Sensing patrolling the school making it to similar to a prison I guess. But whenever you limit their way to kids can enter and exit a building you create other problems anytime you squeeze security in one area. View create soft targets if you will in other areas so. You know we're trying to weave our way through this and use logic as our guide not so called common sense like the liberals like to use common sense gun control. Ridiculous conversation even half. And the in the other term we hear all the times we have to do some saying well if so as long as as something makes sense. And Dennis Faxon was bill senate bill. 1236 at Christmas telling us about. Probably won't even make it to might it's not even an it committee yet and here and he put this bill the other awhile ago. Yeah he actually submit this bill back after the last school shooting and it has not even minute signed to a committee had slowed virtually. Am I have to say is probably dead for this year which is sad it could be resurrected and saved into AZ governor could address to send and asked them to do it. Or the senate president on Negron could be literally bring the bill to the floor for a vote. But that's very very unusual but this is a very very unusual circumstance and I think it's something that's worth addressing. This would allow law I'm armed individuals of previous so we're active military experience previous are active. Law enforcement experience to volunteer. So it wouldn't cost the taxpayers anything other than some of the training and it also. Says you have to train. For scenarios in the schools which most in our area do anyway and that training would be established by local law enforcement. Nine excellent because they would be the first to respond if if something does happen. The once he begins gun Donny you're on the air. Big report about I like the sound of that proposal I'd like to see expanded threat just regular citizen. Well go through proper training also not just retired military law enforcement by. A little off of the gun topic is the coverage by the media. I think they've hit a new low which interviewing these kids after that gets right now. Are. Talk about bloodied bodies on the ground. Bomb actually showing. That Warren video what gun shot. I wondered they thought pull one back and that there's twelve families. Had them last night the kids were still in their lane on the grounds. Hadn't been moved yet and they're shelling being of the beauty inside. And other kids are talking about. Dead body it's already. Yeah out now and his net 755 and Bob Rose show they stick around because Chris Wagner is gonna stick around as well. This important topic you're gonna talk more about it Friday on Bob Rhodes show news talk 97.3. Disguise.