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Thursday, February 15th

After yesterday's massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, public safety and police perspectives as Ben Tobias with the Gainesville Police Department joined Bob and Greg.


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Every call. With every person Bernard Weber are remembered borrower to bear this guy thinks you are helping to keep things interest. Thanks for being a part of his talk about seven point three us. Yeah. Now than tonight's lunar. Because the microphone of justice served tonight. Physically towards being good to me it's just weren't so is there anybody named Mike in here and they're doing a Mike check please you must many would call its next. And Mel meg and MIC any elect him Irish sooner very. 906 and Bob Rose showtime Jack brought to you by prestige Hayes Jewish really answers always yes. As for the Gainesville police department tell us. He is in the house ladies and gentlemen surgeon Ben to biased thanks for joining us thanks for the promotion but I'm still an officer not a sergeant yeah I'm. How can that brought I don't know chief financial Seles before she says you're listening I'll take the stripes when ever get back to the station premonition maybe and you don't care about strategists want the parents ask only honest to be honest when an event that's for the money. I'm hey we had this it's good thing that we can at least laugh a little bit because. Now they huge tragedy just took place and I know you being in law enforcement this is strikes are really don't miss and fortunately get to see some bad stuff. You know went what are we supposed to make of this EU and I'm not asking you take a political position obviously can't do that let down I mean what. What are some logical steps that you think it we could do or maybe where are ready during. And our communities while I was talking to a a friend of mine from actually Pensacola bay one of the other PI doze server for Pasco police department he had a great idea if we want to. It ended we we make schools like we do at airports hard to get in easy to get out and I thought that was a brilliant thing that you maybe don't I'm not a lot of people thought about. Make it says make it very tough to get in if you wanna do it looks what look through every bag let's go through metal detectors that do that. And then if something happens just like an airport it's simple to get out of one but it's very very difficult to get an answer that's one. Well when you say airport I think TSA and I think big government and then maybe not great train people even know it's not fair you only added. Most of emigrate of course idea you know that so I see that think and how what could go wrong he escalates kids and people close contact happened. That's a concern you have the the problem is is it. The guns are already out there and there's it would be very very very difficult from a law enforcement perspective to pull those back since are out there. I'm there out on the streets they're out in a legal cars are stolen vehicles there now there. And it's just trying to figure out the people that have access to them how to get them out of their hands and mental health I heard Chris talk about a little bit earlier mental health is the biggest thing looking for this precursors. Because from what I understand the shooter down in South Florida had a lot of this precursors and so that's why you're you're never bothering the police if you if you know something or have this information. You know Paul somebody let somebody know so they can get help. If if BP you know in that time for a third troubled and you even think you're near mine and yours let's say school age student. That hey this guy is really not right and not to the point to where he's different or odd to the point to where. There's some you know violent tendencies are language or you've been on this social media web site. And in its not when you know it's not right to where you would make a comment to another friend that's the time that you might wanna let law enforcement know that hey. I don't know if there's an ending to this but here's what I saw here's what I read if this guy's been in trouble we. For. And wanna take it from narron absolutely and I would encourage any of our students in the game so electoral count area to do that. We have school resource officers and all the schools there embedded there they're not just here to be security guards their mentors their teachers themselves. And they're there to be resource and these resource officers because there are signed to the specific schools the they know the students there so they already have their hands in the schools and can figure out. Who's there who's starting to be a problem and if there's a problem they can address it will all the resources that we have some students or parents if you have that inkling that something's wrong you were absolutely not going to bother the school resource officer by borne that out to the MR. And if you're friends with somebody on social media you're gonna have access to areas and realize that even the best resource officer not necessarily going to be perceptive enough to see. In the way that sell this watch some hall you can't tell anything but if your friends among social media and you see some things that raises a flag in your mind is better to let somebody know. It's absolutely better to let somebody know it used to be that now I don't wanna get this person in trouble or I don't want them to feel. You know like Alec I'm trying to do something against them but it we we live in an unfortunate time where we have to look at these precursors we have to look at the signs and make sure that we get those sites is someone in a position of authority knows for you back to local level again and now we indict a double homicide and summer place. Tom how much can you tell us what what went down. It was this very very tragic situation as we're looking into our detectives are still investigating but. It appears that the shooter lived in the apartment complex and had some issues where he would damage stuff inside the apartments and I would not let management and to fix it management called us two or three times to come out there and stand by. They report crimes because it's it's not a criminal act to destroy things in an apartment becomes a landlord tenant issue. So we were out there to keep the peace we kept the peace the officers documented what they did with the dispatchers there. And again looking back you go okay is this person violent as this person causing a disturbance dormitory we respond to hundreds of disturbances every single day. So it's trying to figure out that balance of responding to disturbances and again like Chris says we're not mental health expert where we're not trained and nor do I think we should be trained. To be psychologists on the road that's just putting too many hats off of those officers. Is so he apparently that was certainly an eviction notice and went to call a meeting with these the apartment management. When he got to the meeting he walked in and shut the door didn't say a word tragically shot and killed both of them. And then there was a young females also working in the office. Took her hostage at gunpoint pushed her into her vehicle and made her drive north on I 75 until thankfully. The lounge counting share some office in Georgia was able to stop them and get them to safety and arrest. Rest to allow. One M one a nightmarish situation absolutely nightmarish as the call came out I was listening to that I was with our assistant chief and we are reading the call and it was one of those were good this this sounds too weird to be real and unfortunately allies and tragically. Two great people lost their lives this week. When we knew it if you show up on a scene for something mid cynics say destruction of property or something very minor. Miss our protocol to. To look the person up zero and a records check how deep does that go obviously if there's a won't a warned der want her ball lower something that's gonna pop right up but. What about. On arrestor record does that show up immediately on your computers. No arrest record would not immediately show up on our computers or if we if we just run this person we would have to request a criminal history on that. So that's for gets into the balance of Wii US law enforcement want to make sure that we are policing in such a way that people have the freedoms to move about I mean because that's what we're a nation I was a nation of freedom. And wheeze the police do not wanna be the blockade to that spot at the same time. We have to figure out how much we can go on how far we can dig and because we're responding to disturbances like the ones that he was involved in a literally every single day. Nose and a million could be people are just having a bad day of course vs having done some historical background of a run ins with law enforcement and in this case this man had no local arrest history so even if we had run a criminal history on him. It would not shown anything local so I was just trying to figure out how to get this piece is a line how to get some early warning indicators of mental health. But concede it all goes back to mental health because somebody that is sane is not gonna walk into an apartment office and kill two people in cold blood. Right now another tragedy and now render vector and unfortunately. What about tell folks that are leaving their guns unlocked and it unlocked vehicles and I mean just to keep your vehicle unlocked I don't understand that. But to leave a gun and air what's going on. Well it looks look at did today's violence the landscape and if we're talking about how people have access to guns. And it's unfortunate and I talked to police departments around the state around the country and we're not alone here were having guns stolen from vehicles and they're not breaking the windows to get and they're not targeting people for them. They are just going in pulling door handles and apartment complexes pulling door handles in neighborhoods. And the finding vehicles unlocked and then when their when their finding them they're rummaging through them. And it's staggering that this amount of Duff from guns that we're overcoming stolen from these unlocked vehicles. So folks it's up to you I mean we we do as much as we can as a police department but it's up to you as a responsible gun owner to be responsible with that. If you have a gun that's something that's a tool that can take someone's life and make sure you secure do not I believe it in an unlocked vehicle. And there are a lock boxes and different apparatus you can buy that double adapt to a vehicle. You've got your trunk you've got ways to do bad guy you just be you know my uncle was Philadelphia police officer he says. And Penn doesn't see any good unless it's with here of course don't violate a lot of people Gore's lead but you know in the state of Florida gov go through the process and and carry it it's for the best place for it to veto it won't didn't anybody else's hands but certainly lock your car doors no matter what you have no matter. What's in there but especially if you're gonna have a weapon they can take away someone's life. Please make sure you have control of that and don't let that fall into criminals hands by just leaving it unlocked. I'm more scams there we're gonna talk about to how to react and emergency vehicles and the sooner we see in the roadways. That are more coming up as we continue. I conversational banter bias from the east Gainesville police departments next on the Bob Rochelle it is 915. News talk 97.3 this guy. And running seven point three this. Together brought you by Florida prepaid if you incidents earlier a challenge with some road blockages north an accident northwest 111 court. Head north west twelfth Blaine also another when it's southeast 79 street and juniper road. Also earlier Micanopy accidental 41 in southeast county road 346 the biggest issue this morning Vilnius hogs and I can get your wife son. Give yourself some extra time and some extra space. Twist what 403 page you can start saving for college and for as little as fifteen minutes so what's your plan. And roll my February 28 in my Florida prepaid. Dot com warmer and drier days ahead that includes this afternoon we should see mostly sunny skies developing and high near 81. Clearly fog again possible late tonight for most 57. Mostly sunny tomorrow high of 82 from the U of weather center I'm meteorologist Jeff Hoffman. Janesville sixty fell 61 to villages sixty suit. Traffic and weather together every fifteen minutes morning's news talk 97.3. This guy. 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You're just un officers and officer not a sergeant this time now I've got now we good now. But maybe some day maybe amazing study hard study hard when I grew up they got to be real sort of resentment. Probably allow more work paperwork headaches hassle just want to yeah yeah I that I absolutely have friends that gap. Avoid management and also ask what they said. I we've been talking about the shooting and then we've also been talking about local issues. It's okay to called police to report suspicious activity. Mean not without bothering you it's what you guys and gals do right. We do I mean it would we respond to so many calls where a car break in happens or house breaking and then. What will start talking to residents in the area gear and canvas and I say well I saw the strange person over a year but I didn't. I don't know if I should call always call if if if you know she got those little here's a stand up on the back here next. They're there for a reason give us a call. You're not bothering us yes we may be busy working other calls but if we are will triage and and we'll get out there Richard never ever. Ever bothering us and I and I get it because when I'm off duty it takes. You know I look at the situation ago Canada got a call and another do in this or another probably drinking coffee should I bother him yes you should bother us and any time we see something suspicious pick up the phone give us a call. It's better to air on the side of caution and you never know what it's gonna lead to have some time some very bad people are trying to kind of blend in and you have to trust your gut you have these instincts for reason as a human being an absolutely we've had so many calls that have turned into something the 'cause somebody's picked up the phone says this doesn't look right we came out and sure enough it was not right at all and speaking of human being some of them are nice and they want to separate you from your money. They'll call up and say there the IRS there the they're the power company your powers is T it's going to be shelf like any minute now right and you need to rush out and get that gift card right now. What does green dot card this I tune cart and what are you telling you to take your cash go somewhere by a card limit. Right off the bat bra and it is they scanned it. Is a scam. No government agency no reputable business. No anybody is gonna call for a debt and shake go give me a gift card from from a local store. They'll get an iTunes card uneasy to pre purchase they are per purchase a prepaid debit card. Nobody's gonna do that if they are. If you're getting a call from someone like that hang of the phone call their main number look it up I would say the yellow pages but a lot of her own younger folks don't even says that. But look it up look up they're never call them directly and do it that way nobody's gonna calling go out or shut up your power right now but give me a gift card they're not gonna do it. And but they will be convinced saying okay well that's a whole idea they emigrate shtick Edgar they're smooth. And rent it I used to tell my mom religiously mom. I don't do business over the phone repeat Caster me and and she got it and I really say there's a lot of headache. So it is it because people use emotion to separate you from your money they wanna get too emotionally involved I wanna get cute. Anxious to engage in this heightened sense of self quarter ever thinking that you're going to lose some thing. And get it back I you have to pay and the Mexican that payment with a gift card is just you just don't do it. Right. Emergency vehicles. I definitely outweigh I could get to give you a half a dozen nightmare stories I'm sure we all have them. What's the proper thing you're supposed to do when you see an emergency. Vehicle behind do you see the flashing lights you hear the siren. What is supposed to do all right so here's the scenario you actually have your stereo turned down low enough where you can hear. And you actually are not looking at your phone and can see the emergency lights so we've started our population up there early Mets are exactly so we've got that scenario. You hear or see an emergency vehicle coming up behind yet. Here's what I don't want you to do. Don't slam on your brakes. Don't pull to the left don't accelerate its simple just slowdown slyly and pull over to the right that's all we needed to do our folks a train we would pretty much drive you know. Pretty good. And we know or go in and just just move over the right let us let us get where real. I've pulled over the right before and the people behind me is keep on going out which OK you're getting enemy pal I deliver that but. Then there's times when I've pulled over and then dig people email let me back yes. Likes I just an emergency. Call and let the Bob back in them energy path because that's on the back your job hash tag yeah Bob Beckett and yet because when you know when I do nasty things and I'm now I'm the bad guys are there for suspicious activity today and now see I guess turnaround he knew that our. Florida move over a loss for emergency and public safety vehicles. There might still be people who actually don't know this one yet. Exactly so all flip the script instead of five pulling over for an emergency vehicle let's say that it's an officer on the side of the road it's an ambulance work in a patient on the side or fire truck. And thankfully they expanded the law to include tow truck driver from their due and recovery. Pretty much anytime you see flashing red and blue green purple orange if you ever see flashing lights on a vehicle side of the road. He needed he wanted to do things if you can't if it's a multi lane roadway and you can get over move. Over if you've never been on the sayonara with traffic going by 304560. Miles an hour that is super variant that's all it is super uncomfortable. So move over now if you can't move over the law states that you need to drop your speed by twenty mile or 220 miles an hour under so John interstate and on seven do you have to decelerate to fifty correct now that's the worst case scenario we would just prefer if you could move over India recite entire lane as a buffer to do so. Because is go back to that device and everybody has in front of their faces which is not the speedometer is herself fonts. People realize at the last minute. I don't know there's somebody on the right side of the road and they may make an adjustment that's an over just meant and it just it runs in the bad thing so get over. Or slowdown it's not just DOS the cops and firemen that are out there but it's toe truck workers public safety workers linemen everybody should just get in the room. And be courteous to elected to the other drivers get in the lane to avoid that scenario be courteous. I promise she'll get to where you're gonna have people are just so and and and maybe you're not just curious maybe it's like you said they're not paying attention death. It you know world big boys and girls we're all driving big you know cars and trucks and things are yeah I now flight now of course magma. Now Winnie Cooper oh you are the turmoil that's OK I don't turbines. But just be nice to one another I don't know what it is about a steering wheel that you know folks get behind in the store and demeaned everybody to be the nicest person in the world and that stupid thing called road race Dixon is he getting heated steering will inputs not betterment or just relaxes you. Heated seat becomes and so Melo on the other morning there's no Russians the run comfortable yeah. A DUI prevention real quick. Taxis designated driver mover lift bus. Don't drive all the above is a lot cheaper than a deal why and god forbid you should bury yourself. For someone else there's absolutely. Zero less than zero if you wanna get into that there there is no excuse to drive drunk to drive buzzed driving intoxicated whatsoever. You have a device a keep going back to this device I don't know what do we have this device that we all carry. That has the ability to summon a vehicle to pick you up a sober driving the vehicle while I know it's amazing. But these people come particularly special couple buttons and a company Kia medium a couple of bucks in the future home safely. So 1015 bucks as opposed to. 678000. Dollars or knowing that it's maximize life news. I always go back to lieutenant Corey Dahlan who died in nine and 2000 I'm gonna screw appear somewhat gonna call it but a few years ago. When he was hit by a drunk driver completely preventable that's where it really hits home for us here in gains on the Gainesville police department. There's just absolutely no excuse don't do it we we want folks have a good time we know folks work. We know folks have a stressful stressful lives stressful days go out have a good time absolutely enjoy the nightlife that Angel has to offer. Or the daylight or if Netanyahu of sectarian shift. But I'd go enjoy it but make sure folks please make sure that you get homesick. A lot cheaper it's a lot better slot smarter then Tobias Gainesville police department we appreciate your time appreciate you bringing rain on night keep doing no the excellent works if you. I'd thirty Alibaba Rochelle. Dorian was some headlines side any updates in recent information we have about shooting took place Broward counties. High school yesterday over seventeen dead it's. Just a terrible terrible situation but somehow some way we'll get through it in even fifty minutes from now we'll go all the things that makes us smile. It's awesome anyway next on news talk. Not at some point three this guy. It was an honest job. Thank president doesn't want the public to see these underlying back to this report from the Democrat. How do you seven point 3M this budget agreement on the move this may increase. It's the war machine you Iranian regime really. We'll show or movie news station brought forward a very big job running the White House. Hey Bob Rose here with my friend mark come -- mark Herman company heating and Eric Marc there's been a lot of changes in technology and the heating and air industry well yes Perez mom one very popular item that was a Smart thermostat that allows you to control the thermostat settings to your phone via the home Internet connection. 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Upper fifties again tonight for a low under clear skies fought against possible by daybreak and generally speaking mostly sunny through Sunday with little or no rain. Afternoon highs in the low eighties overnight lows upper sixties. When you have weather center I'm meteorologist Jeff Hoffman. From day until 61 a cal 61 due diligence 63. This guy needs time is 93340. Yards north Florida regional conjecture north Florida's ER wait times. My texting ER the 23000. The only time now. Just six minutes. I'm Susan king fewer top local story. The president of the Florida PTA reacting today to the deadly high school shooting in Broward County says enough. Cindy Gary Hart says that although the organization has a long and successful legacy of fighting for the safety health. And well being of all children in Florida. She says on Wednesday they feel like they've fallen short however Gary Hart adds. That their determination to get stronger than ever to make sure that this tragic moment is never repeated. And students who survived a school shooting can't suffer some long term psychological effects this is psychiatrist doctor Erin Valenti. There's going to the extent of the law that has been creating and they're also going to be appealing. Security being taken away I think a lot of people guilty in school. Our parents feel they sending their children to school and didn't take out a way. Valenti says she thinks people are trying to do everything they can just trying to prevent the incidents from happening but it's becoming difficult to predict when and where these types of actions are going to take place. Next news in thirty minutes on 97 point treat this guy listen on line and follow us on Twitter. At the sky 973 dot com which. Scratching my zinni a wealth management committed to your long term financial goals from. ABC news Wall Street now. More evidence that the era of cheap money is coming to an end US consumer prices rising more than expected last month fear of inflation would prompt the Federal Reserve to raise rates. The first rate increase expected next month. Today Google's Chrome the world's most popular browser. Will blocks certain types of bad which it says its researchers found to be the most annoying to users. But so in the ad industry say it's this self serving move that both show. Google ads still but then block goes from others Amazon has surpassed Microsoft in market value for the first time ever. Amazon shares closed at just over 14151. Dollars yesterday. Putting it only behind apple and Google's parent company alphabet in the ranking a publicly traded companies. And following Apple's footsteps Cisco is planning to bring a huge amount of money home after passage of the US tax law. The tech company saying it will repatriate 67 billion dollars held overseas. Dave packer ABC news. 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This zoomed out US dissident your Freetown today that zoom dot US zoom video conferencing. New segment of the sky brought to you by Dave Mays automotive Bogota bugs out of your car. Real life and it happening on this time they I was a little truss is going net neutrality acts touch sexual harassment or. Real real reality. Life every morning on news seven point 30 listen this guy. I'm 380 Bob Rhodes show. Greg Cassidy is here as well thank you tuning and Tom. Amid a move forward to this real quick anyway. And it may just because they're trying to keep people up data and information. Buzz seeded is reporting and its buzz feed him a I've had some credibility issues I'll just leave it at that but I don't wanna be who moved too far behind in a story about this lets you now. It does mean is sure because they've print and it but according. To Rihanna sacks bus the seed at a news reporter. She is reporting that in September a YouTube username Nicholas Cruz left a comment on video stating quote I'm going to be a professional school shooter unquote X. The video's creator allegedly alerted both the FBI and it he YouTube. And it there's no. Connection in terms of this they've established and indeed it's the same person. As a Nicholas crews that is involved in net arrested for the shooting deaths of seventeen. People at the Broward County high school down there am. But I'm just letting you know that this system this is being reported. By buzz feed. Whether or now be substantiated by eighty others will just have to wait and see. And that's why. You don't wanna do anything real hard fast purse say. Because information in these kinds of overwhelming. Tragic events. Heat. It's just hard to separate the facts for. And from other things well we've seen and every time where somebody jumps on every little tidbit of something they put it out there like it's the gospel. And then we find out the L eight hours later totally wrong wrong guy wrong scenario that is is better to err on the the good side. You had in being first doesn't always mean you're right so there. Not just at least I hopefully gutsy to consider the source and all that they Joey on the air. And America it has added a tragedy US without. All of our fire down here for many years. And so we work very close to the yep we acquired a question that maybe an answer and maybe you well. Is it that in 1793. And he built like establish. We're the Second Amendment did you like bear arms how did that hundreds of thousands of LP. Are allowed to supersede. And that their own rules but their own huge pool and hot or whatever and say. Even though you are by an all out aerial wolf. UK Terry weren't at school now. It certainly couldn't let him to me I'd let it this year and and and yet I think it is. This goes away I think it took the lead and decorum he helped. Eighty. Sit them where you know and or emailed you will do to isn't where he will go to blue yet. You will have the vocal cords from your grandma mom or dad's basement. You will get trained in our armed cleaning you will be deployed and when you come back acting like often worried you wouldn't station but local school. Limbs and who ate when rams and new washout because they announced you know mental issues. There are no washing out. They're no washing. Washing out of the top out there is no washing up that mentally you. And it they had eight verifiable. Mental issue then you deal with a 1018. Well these people that they aren't yet it direct person to get muddy and barb wired hearing that they I want appeared we need to bring back old school. Compare and they then go through. May it may be met. Boy he's in command and teach them what you like. And what you are mostly equal each votes because in Utah there's never been a school shooting. Because people open carry that state. And much of legal socialist as well let's take that got out first because he's got a gun and it shouldn't let that says. I got god until alike I got got got and I know they are. And they think liked about it. I did not I totally agree with that I absolutely agree. And it it it's going to be tough because look. There are people that are politically entrenched and the political asked. Com. Doesn't want to give up any ground on an issue that politically. Has served them well. In many cases. The tide has turned to where. Some thoughtful Democrats are realizing that. Being anti. Gun per say an anti Second Amendment. Is. Not. Helpful because people are starting to realize statistically what has happened with the crime rates and and how responsible gun ownership is actually very good thing not some to be afraid of are bad now. But there are still there are politically entrenched people that will never be able to wrap their head around the idea. Guns being carried on a college campus let alone. On eight high school campus are others even if the people are trained and it makes perfect sense to those of us who have some understanding of firearms. But for people have no training and they have been brought up in this culture of being afraid of that it'll just go off on its own. They'll never. Let background go in other words it doesn't matter. If I don't know what it would take for them to. Make an adjustment. Mentally. To allow ma am trained people have guns on campuses. The reality is we've only seen this turn and a lot more last 25 years maybe you'll say now and then more so the last just few years because. There's are what the big guns were not a big deal yet again I mentioned nearly get. You need to do you consider go to some schools and you'd see a long guy and has the truck rack in the window it. If that nobody is getting killed and oh yeah shooting two of the biggest things. Are called church that Saddam. Is very acceptable of a violence and didn't and is not. Violence in the streets through media the true movies TV whatever. So we've got that culture going on and I believe part of this when it comes to the mass shootings is. Undiagnosed or misdiagnosed mental illness right that's not properly treated him or. It's just one of those things where the psychotropic drug is actually. Much more detrimental for the person then it is helpful. I think it is definitely the exception. To the rule but I think that's an area where. If you really wanna delve into this and stop people that all the sudden get it in their heads at who the pig getting a huge body count. At all costs no weakest most vulnerable people that you can shoot and somehow in their mind. It's our heroic type thing but we've got to be able to buster and figure out. What's creating that death and it has nothing to do. Gun control laws that's for sure. Pretty good news here is there aren't very many people who fit depth profile. Amongst us from this one is too many plays like the headlines. Yeah. 946 and above Rochelle all right. C'mon let's turn it around things that make you smile count your blessings good upbeat positive thoughts share those witness its drug dealer Robyn Larson dental. Really good for great Dennis. Unbelievable staff. You can find her on FaceBook. So are you ready call now 877975. 9825. Things that make you smile next. So three. Together at the sport brought to you why Florida prepaid gains in the accident Newberry road 75 best tower road looks like him got to clear and that's always have to back down period here in. Anyway also earlier accident took Callahan to block its northwest 111 scored at northwest twelve lane. What Florida prepaid you can start saving for college and as little as fifteen minutes so. What's your client. 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Her services she's taken excellent care of me in my Stanley for a long time are you ready call in now 877. 9759825. You know it it's hard to smile when that tragedy like this has taken place but. I guess if you can get a little bit of us novice acted you know all that there was some heroes involved here you know there were heroic accede no. And dad to on the a teacher. And basically sacrificed. Their life to save some of these kids. You know the first responders. You know immediately jumped to action. You know that that you know that there's going to be some. You know heroic. Listings are good kids helping the other kids helping the wounded trying to protect each other. So that's the you know that's the single we've got to look for the positive is a silver lining things like that. And down and the fact it you know we did have great law enforcement. You know responded to stuff like that. I just hope that. You know we can get to a point to where we really can come up with Sama. I'm logical. Logic based solutions that will make a difference yet because there's all kinds of things you can do there's all kinds of things you can talk about doing. But. Now if you really wanna make a difference there are some strategies that we can employ don't make sense. Yeah and we'll talk probably well I'm sure will be talking about it tomorrow as well I would also make me smile. Got the guy get a big party gays Harley Davison they're celebrating their 25. And a verse 25 years and that's that's that's amazing well it and they're you do and some right when your own by the same standards for 25 years. Great storm I've billion available times love looking at the toys don't own one right now. I miss not having a changeup I'm Zach I know I miss not having a bike but it's just fun to go and again check it all out. Sounds like Saturday is going to be a blast. And there's cake but motorcycles and Kate I mean tomorrow guarantee das does it maybe somebody jumping out of his ceiling deal atop mount of the analysts say dog that reality show up to find out I thought. But anyway that's going on and Saturday yet and hopefully folks can stop by there and then there is Steve. Fiddler crab festival in Steen had CUH. A junior right up I checked I computer before and it's a nice you know it's a night it's not this. It's not huge. Yeah it's big but not huge you know on satellite gets actually to me it's the right size just enough vendors. Not super crowded and crazy but the bottom. And I'm so yes is something it's definitely some to do and in last time Mozilla then the mascot traveler. Lived the similar crowd lady just she was taken closet she was all government thought. What course and I love the attention so absolutely yesterday was Valentine's Day. They that I spent some time with my wife she was working she ticked both sides and make her smile. Aren't bad ticker took her car yet or some flowers you know back and things had nice dinner. But so we got the handle of yesterday in the middle of the day there's an area that what we were first cut of dating a little bit getting getting to know which other. There is to go make out at 10 there was I'm sorry no there was a park bench there and actually a park or we would say it. When she was on her lunch break when she was working there. It kind of and so no that's where we just kind of develop our relationship and kind of got to know each other and we went and got some coffee and sat on a little park bench and just kind of had a good time. And there's a place nearby has some to do with love yes so go figure I love blossomed in a base. That's associated would love with love cafe or somewhere and one laugh but what a coincidence. Result of their city's going on this. Weekend and bears if you haven't celebrated Valentine's Day. Some people wait for the week Delhi daggers some everything's packed last. Yeah I Don never. Do never knew now back on Mother's Day are mountain now. That's just you know take another good way to make in my own days you know what you should make every day. A special day for your significant other. All right we're not done yet. Things that make you smile thanks to stating that brought to you by Robinette Larson Dell but coming up next. It's the smoking gun brought to you by lawful defense and shoot GTR. Spectacular buildings so you historic statues and its stadiums. Even. Jogger and unknown that some would call it sightseeing hosting events this guy that we. Stuck in traffic court the road traffic conditions did they transmit what you've got a real science to see your. And so I Catholics mornings and afternoon though you don't get down can you talk about. 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You resent that. But apparently. He can't read where it says right turn only into getting in wreck on Sunset Boulevard in LA Willis street artists. Added assigned to the sign it says right turn only and it's and it says this includes. Idiot comedians. So. There are no guesses square and I absolutely. Love it love it this includes an idiot comedians that is funny that is. Right turns he could even turn right. Because it said rice and the last season. I imagine smoking gun we got a golf.