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Memorial Day you remember in the world and given their lives for us to be great news talk 97.3. This time. Remember risks. 807 on the Bob Rochelle a lot of local maybe time Jack brought to you via prestige Haiti's Jewelers many answers always yes. Every Friday three day weekend for many folks enjoy enjoy analysts now loose Iowa Memorial Day is all about history. Knows it's to salute those who have given their lives in defense of our nation. Thank you we salute you and the families left behind we we thank you. And we appreciate it. All right Donald Trump. Gave a speech president drop on Sunday. And and you know I'm trying to get I'm trying to get the sound for quite frankly and it's interesting how the most compelling stuff is the hardest stuff to find it. Now I am am I gonna talk about media conspiracy however vows not to. Really it is so of interest and have been doing this a long time and is that whenever our here's my all I wanna get the sound for that and no I go back to try again it's almost impossible not chop things up and at. 152 soundbites no less 26 of them in one speech but don't leave out the 45 and I was looking for have a result is done. Anyway. President trump Sunday. In a speech that he gave to Muslim leaders during his first foreign trip called for unity between the US and the Middle Eastern nations. Two. Stamp out extremism. That's how we referred to it. All right. During his second day of his first trip abroad Trump's speech was in re ot. Saudi Arabia. And apparently he was very welcome to Zaher. Yeah so he had set look we need to stamp out extremism and once things he talked about was the funding it. Now you know he was talking to the saudis because. You know the regime overall. Very pro American and but there's some within the royal family let's just say that well they have their own little pet projects Shelley sect who can and and the people of Saudi Arabia. On the day have a pretty what would you call it. Serious. Form of Islam that the that they follow my hobby ism it's. Now the volume for our women can't drive that may be changing that it's. Okay it's tough there. So why would he get. Such a great you know response. Well become wise. They are taking president trump very seriously. In his ability to do something about Iran and Iran is. A big enemy. Of Saudi Arabia. President drum set our goal is a coalition of nations who share the aim of stamping out extremism. And providing our children are hopeful future. That does honor to god. We're not here to lecture we are here to tell not here to tell other people how to live what to do. Who demean or how to worship. Trump added noting terrorist must be condemned. Not rewarded. Instead we're here to offer partnership based on shared interest and values to pursue a better future for assault. The Kelso comprises Saudi Arabia Qatar Kuwait Oman. And the United Arab Emirates and but hurricane. The Saudi crown prince Mohamed bin I asked and no US secretary stare Rex Tillerson a sign a memorandum of understanding in Riyadh. And it and this is not a battle between different face different sects are different civilizations the president added it. Noting that the US is prepared to stand with Middle Eastern nations in pursuit of common security. The president has been enthusiastically. Embraced in Riyadh. Where the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia has welcomed his aggressive stance on Iran. According the Associated Press. Trump slammed Iran for spreading destruction and chaos throughout the region his comments were echoed by the Saudi king Salman. Who declared the Iranian Mick regime. Has been the spearhead of global terrorism. Now Dave Dave you know look they've all had different roles in different sects in different violence in different things. Hold fully. And the president has made an impression. Now we do know this that big Saudi Arabia is making a huge investment. I guess or roughly ten billion dollar arms deal yup. And this goes over the bar of the shipbuilding. And a number of farms things that they've been doing over the last few years so this is on top of it yup. Watch out. On in fact they say the arms deal is part of a large 350. Billion dollar economic packages between the allied nations. Wow that is Saddam so a lot of money and the president went on to say that was a tremendous today. A tremendous investments in the United States hundreds of billions of dollars in investments into the United States and jobs jobs jobs. So there you go. I mean you've got a gift president trump kudos. He's having. Look he's having more difficulty. It seems dealing with some folks in his own party. Many is dealing with some worldwide leaders now who would have thought that. Thought that in now. You would think oh everybody's seen a mandate. This guy with no political experience on how things are changing Washington DC because people are sick and tired of it and it wasn't just Republicans have voted for Donald Trump. He needed more than that to win. He had he got plenty of people cross cross and over who were just sick and tired of the way things were done both on behalf of the Republicans and Democrats. And you thought I thought. Haters gonna be a reformation the Republicans are gonna kinda get this message. And they're gonna get off their DOS in the end actually attempt to maybe do the will of the American people. Well you know I was wrong instead they've done again they wanna kind of hold their territory world seller. We like the status quo will mine trading back and forth the power with the Democrats. I was on as we maintain some level of power. And president trump talked about draining the swamp in heat that's a big job isn't it. As we're saying yeah. But you know when he. Is gone on this to Oregon to Europe under the Middle East. He's told it like it is with the the NATO countries you've got to pay your fair share folks. He talked to you know the nation's at a Middle East bank we got to stop this extremism we don't work together to do it. And stop the funding that you know he was talking everybody there none. Gutsy courageous right on. Now if he could just if he can get the support that he deserves. From the Republicans. And get some things done. Here domestically. You've got to get you gotta get that tax reform thing pushed you've got to get that Health Care Reform. Don. You've got to. And it's a mess to look the health care thing is a mass. And who is it to senator Ben SaaS was own Brett bear couple days ago and he talked about he said look if we're being honest. There there were issues we have with health care the cost and all that. Before obamacare. So we not just wanted to repeal obamacare but we've got to make it better all the way around. And make healthcare more portable. And and invest away really think about this a wage should be it never should have been tied to your employer anyway. Look back in the day when people work like my dad god blessed me get to work for you know same company Chrysler for thirty years. But those kinds of jobs just really in most cases don't exist anymore people are gonna have. Gulf from company to company sometimes from career to career. Much more often now than ever before. So yeah the health care that we that we have the coverage it's got to be portable. And that's it those are one of things at least the senate side is supposedly working on the Republicans will say. All right we'll continue to follow it. 815 on above rose show nick and for. 877975. 9825. A parasitic worm. The split from it actually has healing powers. Details on man and a whole lot more. Coming up all know live report. Hurricane season maybe a little busier. Then the average need for cover that as well. You're listening to the Bob Rhodes show on news talk 97.3. This guy. 8:20 to 1 o'clock rose show happy Friday thanks for tuning and time check. Is brought to you by prestige series Jewelers where the answer. Is always yes. Samir headlines today Christians targeted Coptic Christians in Egypt 26 dead 25 looted it. This was what appears to be a terrorist attack witnesses are saying the gunman appeared had military style uniforms on. And Coptic Christians have been targeted in Egypt this has been an ongoing problem. And it continues to be a threat clearly. No lot. Predicts above normal hurricane season listen up friends because so what next week. And we start the hurricane season officially you as we do all right well here you go. Above normal 2017 hurricane season predicting eleven there's seventeen named storms. 529 of them hurricanes. And 224. Category three or higher hurricanes. So between two afford 234. Category three or higher hurricanes are serious stuff. And and hopefully their predictions are maybe a little high. And you can have those kinds of storms he did have those kinds of things and they don't necessarily have to make landfall either so. Listing possibly but let's also not take preparation lightly. Martinez thank you for holding your on the air sir. Great what's on your mind. I'm kind of go to because. People there. Oh. While. I want at least. Which they believe. It. Well I'll work quite well but what are yet. It was my. I apologize Martinez if you wanna try to call back and maybe get to. Better signal at that sounded awful. But he donut wedged it to script the phones over the next spring when. They get the c'mon Alex. How many free phones to Judea. Oh free founds it come you know if we get the bikini issue and Mike 1982. Yeah and a and they give your free file the Sports Illustrated phone oh no as a member of the media they generally have sent me a copy. Oz at the sports or television via I want in my office as a college kid I needed for him to he might do you want you wanna look at it and to bring an end. That's just somebody needs a distraction like that if you pay attention over there is to focus our. Our. So above normal hurricane season predicted to be aware that official season starts first to June. That's coming up a few days away via. So we you know old the water and batteries is a good place to start and then and then go from there and come up with a plan. Mobile the plan and if you're new to the area. Make sure you know with the low lying roads that the areas that flood. If you a special needs if you have pets medications all these things must be considered. Because we're here to prepare in the scariest thing here. We're gonna spit on you. Don't I don't mean me I mean a parasitic warm. Yeah this worm is can it heal you and asked her spitting radio and sound good does it. Researchers claim. A molecule. Found in this spit a parasitic worm can bolster the healing process. For diabetics. Elderly and even smokers with lingering wounds while. A team of scientists from the Australian institute of tropical health and medicine discovered at the Molitor who fuel is called granular and and it is found in a saliva. Of a parasitic. Liver fluke in southeast Asia. It can't super charge healing. The team came across a molecule and its power while attempting to create a vaccine. For a liver cancer and it's actually caused by the worm. So the worm this and if you undercooked fish. Are people animals are prone to getting this worm this warm and gets back FX sure. Liver in a way that you develop these that cancerous. Growths. But they found out that we did this within this alive of this thing there's there's something new and actually has super healing properties. And they believe that they are going to be able to turn this into or cream. The people would be able to uses out like a topical medication well now we'll have a real difference in healing. And if it helps to libido. Those in animals will be extinct and the blogs will be gone. Wait a second how do we go to healing to libido c'mon. Wow target market place you got are okay he got a market. Are you talking about. The fact that your dad had more testosterone. And you'll. And your dad's dad was the crow met again managed he had more testosterone and Mets. I was talking about us. He 27 on the Bob Rhodes show hey it's Friday. Can I tell you 8779759825. A great get GM Ford today the next professional wrestler. No. Next US congressman from Montana. Yes details on the way. He had money and welcome my friends say 37 on above Rochelle. Again for Jared. Take some vacation time well deserved. For a lot of us we're gonna have Memorial Day off I hope you enjoy that in make sure that you remember what Memorial Day is all about. And that is those who served our nation and gave their life for us. Thank you. We salute you. We get this guy. Interesting. Email from case to put me on tricky future's gonna put me on the web site. And I'm not I'll be honest I'm not familiar with and what website is called net write it daily. Up but the story is very compelling. And I'm just gonna give me the story I can't tell you I can't verify it right now bit. It's interesting enough to share would be for sure in early February 5 employees of the House of Representatives. Were banned from the house I T network so five employees. Is that he's not politicians employees the band why. They are subject about criminal investigation by Capitol Hill police there accused of stealing equipment and accessing. House IT systems without lawmakers' knowledge. The former employees work shared IT employees shared means that they worked for several offices here gets kind of scary. The five employees worked for over twenty members to include members from the intelligence and foreign affairs committees. And former Democratic National Committee chairwoman. US representative. W lesser men Schultz from right here Florida. You may remember washroom and Schultz had a IT issues in the past when she was chairwoman of the DNC. Right. The salaries may remember she did it. They packed in and the suit basically pull the rug out from underneath Bernie Sanders was the gist of it. The salaries of the employees have been the first clue look you're gonna work to Capitol Hill. These people do not get paid a lot staffers get paid. You barely get by thirty to 40000 dollars a year in Washington DC and ancient. You're gonna live like pauper really but these employees. OK they were making. Or three of many like 460000. A year. Three times the average IT staffer salary. Okay. And look there's a lot of people that have high ranks in working capital Malayan it just doesn't pay a lot. The story gets worse from there all five employees are related three of them are Brothers to Molly Iran. It did you want to. He and Al V being married to him Ronny and Natalie so about being married one of the other Brothers. Tino was apparently SE fled the country whether children to Pakistan her family reportedly has significant assets and VIP protection. It gets weirder the Brothers also had a car dealership. Cars international and he. Yet it CIA. They used for supplemental income. The dealership was not doing so well and fell behind in payments to their vendors one vendor. Rail rob us threatened to sue them and suddenly he received a paycheck. From United States representative Theodore door age. A Democrat from from here fla. The payment has yet to be explained. The Brothers then took out a 100000 dollar loan from doctor Ali Alec tar. The Brothers weren't able to repay that loan but that doesn't seem to be a problem because doctorate tar is eight. Fugitive from US authorities. Indicted on tax fraud charges after the IRS and FBI discovered years multiple bank accounts tied into. That was a look back in March when he twelfth. The doctors also believed to have ties to Hezbollah. And he has since fled to Iraq. As the investigation continued it kept getting worse several offices hired new IT staff and possibly computers were sending data to an off site server. It's unknown what kind of data. That the sir are where the servers located but several IT professionals on the hill now believe members could be subject to blackmail because of the data theft. The violations were so bad according to one staff member there is no question about it. If I was accused of a tenth of what these guys are accused of they'd take me out handcuffs that same day I'd never work again. This this is. While it is such a convoluted bizarre story I honestly I'm. I don't know what to make of it but this sounds. Pretty big to me. This could explain. On May be why how the DNC was easily. My hacked into don't. Wash him and show old sack hacked into maybe Podesta. Possibly. You know the secretary of state at the time Hillary Clinton. And I don't know again can't speak to the veracity of this this website. But. You keep follows this stuff pretty closely got to tell you does his homework and research. But you can check it out for yourself OK this is one of those deals where. He unity your own due diligence net. Write daily. Dot com and check that out because if it turns out to this business stories are straight a true story. Eight is frightening. It's frightening. And indulge me. It does beg the question. How do we handle I AT issues. At debt level. Think about it. These people are trusted. And in trusted. Dealing with well all the information. That these congress folks. Were senators or whoever. You know yet that they're pretty tip. You know think about it if you were going to try to. Get information from an organization. What a great way to do it in the modern world but via IT. And and those H one VH. One BV's does. What do when they look for they look for people with. You know advanced training in now usually it has to do with a computer skills and alike right. I'll. And I look to even if the story's not true I there's causes for concern if the story is true. It's frightening. It's very frightening and what kind of screening and stuff takes place for people who work. In I T outlook it any organization now has at least one or two I T staffers and of course a big organization like. Other house in the senate while they have to have. Dozens upon dozens to cover all that up. I'll there are stories that are wasserman Schultz is actually looking to get this computers back for her staffers. This is. Again battle like TE issue. Yeah yeah yeah I'm sorry the story does actually go on from there. Omelets he finally the congresswoman threatened consequences for not returning your equipment. Now brings the question of hey what is obstruction of justice. And when she beamed back consequences. And the congresswoman was singing a different to an earlier this month about obstruction. She commented on the call me firing saying if president trump pressured FBI director Khalid closed down an investigation. I industry general flan it would represented egregious corrosion of the role law. We'll does that mean to congresswoman is representing an egregious corrosion of the rule of law. By using your own words the latest incident. The wasserman Schultz has created more questions and answers why would the congresswoman risk obstruction of justice to get this computer back when she trying to hide. If there was a potential breach of IT security on Capitol Hill wood in the congresswoman. Wanna get that cleared up. Now. Well followed Allen for shore but if you wanna check it out for yourself net. Right Dailey died come thanks again to repeat the insurance guy for us passing out went along to me. It's 846. On the five road show. Knick game for. Greg GM Ford today he wants in Montana. Details on the way. Mean team and good morning and welcome existing still on the Bob Rose show any given day. Never Friday a week and come all made it. Let's not lose sight though what this weekend is about its three day weekend for area especially now whether it is or not Memorial Day is Memorial Day it's to remember those. Who gave their lives in defense of our nation thank you we salute you we appreciate it. And don't we also appreciate the families. That you know are left behind. The sacrifice. Of our protection. You know. All right hey it is Friday is gonna it is going to be another day impaired vessel than yesterday but it is gonna be nice. Yesterday it was only like. You know low eighties and I made holes today Mazur humidity down it was gorgeous this morning for those TVs that work up at 4 o'clock this morning. He missed one it was Chile. It was nice and cool beautiful absolutely gorgeous love Ali opened up the the sunroof. I let it all commend yet but Danielle called Aaron put on my heated seats. I. What I had on me and that's the closest I get to live like a rich man you know. What if that that. Snowbird her you know they're they're they're driving back up now they're going ahead. Let me get this right now in the upper fifties. That's sweat and whether. He we're sweater weather never get to Wear sweaters. You know to from a Florida is when it it did during that the short little cool period that we do you have and I and I love to break up the jackets and all that what is it about Floridians that they may have put the heat like 85. So if you're outside it's fine as soon as you go inside any building is starts Latin site. Thought cancer recent appreciation for the cooler weather anyway if you woke up early this morning. Absolutely gorgeous cool temperatures will will take its going to be a nice week generally is it'll slowly start to warm up as well but it's. Still humidity supposed to remain fairly fairly low and a effort. Sunday maybe you'll start. If the roadster look let me I catch up on some headlines so before get into the 9 o'clock stretch there after the top of the hour. I'm president trump PCs do on the big tour he talked and NATO members he said you've got to pay your fair share you freeloaders. I didn't use that term but might not as well he was he was in your face I like it. Com. You know what else. Welsh was about the president not simply talked about. Terrorism meeting with some of the European leaders there like all do we really have to talk about this one we can be talking about climate change. Oh c'mon man brilliant. Come I. Euro trash that's what I call Euro trash. With the best of the best in the eyes. Until I get to go to Europe then they're fine fine folks. But I haven't had that trip yet maybe some day. When you're the big bonus check. In this place the ads in the manhood. I seriously don't Greg GM Ford today big guy you let took down the reporter. He won his election yesterday in Montana. So he will be either sold. United States congressman from the cowboy state yeah. And motorcycle gang. Tonight in the news this was back from the Leesburg think police report came out in no Orlando sentinel. Covered that. There's still little quick update on that coming up on the Bob road show news talk 97.3. This guy.