The Bob Rose Golf Scramble benefitting the fine work of the ARC of Alachua County

WSKY The Bob Rose Show
Tuesday, April 3rd
The Bob Rose Golf Scramble benefitting the fine work of the ARC of Alachua County. ARC Executive Dir. Mark Swain and Development Dir. Mark Johnson on the Bob Rose Show April 3, 2018.

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It's. So the club road show thank you for tuning into uncheck proxy contest season Hayes usually answer is always yes. Mark remarks show is back and had tried Mark Johnson mark swain at. Thought we are gentlemen welcome how you do and hello are excellent hurry about these guys these are guys did job. Do all the hard work and put the Bob Rose golf scramble together to benefit our because arc is what they do for a living in. Mark swain your idea the other director now. For folks who are real familiar with the arc. Tell what is. While the darker blacks who account he has been right here in Gainesville serving local people with developmental disabilities since 1966. We do date programs corny for our residential supports and everything in between. Helping people live to their potential S and I like I mean YouTube where possible leader group homes. Or possibly do daytime care I mean you do as much as you can and help people. I mean they hit they perform jobs and tasks and duties everything in how I mean I love. That's absolutely in the next decade or so were really looking at ramping up our services and putting opportunities for people to volcanologist abilities. On par with people that have opportunities at Santa Fe college are you about we were really wanna blow things out. And you talk about people who. Through no fault of their own have developmental disabilities I mean you look confirmed cause that you like to help. I mean there's no if ands or buts about that cause and the people there and help some in what a huge difference it makes there's only one thing better than the Bob Rochelle. And that's local people develop mild disabilities we need your support wow that's fantastic season CI you worked at America on the so the golf tournament. Is sold out and we're very blessed and that's been the case for a few years now and I am happy to be a part of it. How many get there early any David's barbecue just stay afterwards any Lucy's because that's always good in their cook and had a break there. Thanks to gains are lethal hole in one prize once again Russell 2018. Carly I'm not sure which one but they're all pretty sort of really matter. And and there's some other major folks put this together. We definitely want to put out the word tough Florida farm bureau insurance Steve tanner and to the people out there. Mr. Roth rocket info tech and of course news talk radio 97.3. FM sky. Yeah now the info tech folks I mean made Dave they've come to the table for many years awesome just awesome all the way around Florida farm bureau thank you we appreciate it. Betsy the team helping and are on your sponsorship and she's gonna have two groups. Out there and I intend in my decent serious golfers out there as you know even us for a great cause some people. Never good times it only makes up Mark Johnson here to being uncharacteristically. Quiet this morning mark are you okay. I I am wonderful mom I'm very excited about the event Friday April 13 out of Haile plantation golf and country club. But I also want to thank you for again hosting the event again we were on about two months ago and as soon as. We were on your show we were sold out we have about a 104 golfers we have about forty sponsors and vendors. I do wanna make one correction oh I don't want whose seafood is actually gonna provide a seafood boiled dinner at 530 after the event is over. Lose these which is a longtime sponsor they're glad to be our sponsor. Is unable this year 22 provided dinner so actually wahoos seafood run north. That is an increase food there is zero they're gonna be providing our our dinner. And you we do have a along with wahoos seafood is a new sponsor. Betsy the pain you know and subpoena realty is gonna be out there as you mentioned we're excited to have them. And again we can't thank you enough. Sky radio Florida farm bureau and info tech have been arson big time supporters for for many many years this is gonna be just such a fun event. And I do want to remind people that we do have a reception at Haile plantation golf and country club. Thursday evening six to 7 PM April 12 shall come on now that's for all volunteers golfers and sponsors the evening before. People that come I'll miss it again this year or people that say I'm now beginning golf but I man I understand arc is an awesome cause. Well how can they help us how can they don't they were Canadians. Certainly you can donate you can volunteer you can come out for our live auction we have a live auction of some wonderful prizes guitar signed by Sister Hazel. We have a Harley David Davidson leather jacket we have awesome prizes. We have a raffle going on we'll be giving away a big flat screen TV to super pick a prize winners. Com and people can certainly donate to the arc of allied troop county go to WW Debbie got our collateral dot org. Or call Mark Johnson a 2463516. Be glad to take your donation. Yeah I've just got to check if he can make a number he's an older now now now not an M money's gonna go very far because this is your Britain. Your big fund raiser of the year now this at this stage supports arc but we all know. The status stressed today that it anytime there's any time for cuts you guys are some of the first on the line to get hurt me and in and get paired back by it. And it's not like you there's an extravagance to begin with so. All the things we do and all the money we raised makes a difference between a really bare bones operation and doing it the way that you guys like to run and the way it should be. Two really good idea to take proceeds from fund raisers like this and get people on the community to do things hope and wishes. Things that they wanted to do things that really adds life. And outlook there's a pressure in Tallahassee to spend money all different ways they're really I F. I I'm just in you know me I don't promote big government but this is something that is suspect critically important and make sure. Bad things AG Arco are funded and funded properly because. We all agree that we you know people they cannot completely take care of themselves that's where we step in and wanna open and an ark does a job I mean. Before them before our came along. People were kept basically for lack the miniature antenna warehoused and price that's not good but arc is all about like I said. People living to their potential Christ I would I would set for every one. While the 21 century is gonna be people from mild disabilities century. And it in the twentieth century you know group palms community based living. Only started in the late seventies early eighties saw as a culture we're just getting used to this we're just finding out what it's like to really involve people. With developmental disabilities into our culture and putting them into meaningful roles. And have found that they expand their social lives and impact on society. As much as possible. Stand it it it actually teaches you a lot about yourself too when you spend some time around people. Like that you learn about he just. You count your blessings and you learn about yourself a little bit it's. It's a good positive experience all the way around they're very genuine. Population. All right well I'm I'm ready I'm ready for Davis barbecue and I'm ready for why. I'll move. Wahoo seafood sauce or a small bag in there. Yeah I don't know well all day we wonder it's just you gotta come to town come on now I know you the united. I I'm not a brilliant and I'd break the ice for other people weighed like you know things is that what you caught like bill. I'm Weis that's my job as a make people feel comfortable it is every once a while even on a course I'll you know I'll take a shot or two for people. Purely for entertainment purposes and as so they can steal a little bit better about their own game I mean that's that's why I'm aromas how to lead the way that's it that's it somebody's got to do it. And we do really in all seriousness we do wanna thank you Bob again for lending your your name to the event we really do appreciate your hosting the event your name carries a lot of clout in this town. And we have gotten people. Who have sponsored the event and participate in the amount because you want your name. To this wonderful wonderful man so again thank you on behalf of the arc awards to count. They Danks to oil plantations roasting a once and that's courses or hackable or was always in great shape I'm sure that's the case once again. So that part of it is absolutely perfect you guys organize it very well. And there's a good mixture of having a lot of fun to a really is fun and as you know everybody brings a little sum to it and then it's been Greg and it would. This first few years now we yeah I think this I worked it out it's our sixteenth or seventeen years or soon be coming up on twenty years and we will have an arc again and art. A team made up of our clients and staff. Playing in foursome so very excited about that as well. That's awesome arc allegedly dot org if you wanna find out more if you wanna get involved on any level. Your participation your funding anything would be appreciated our Colette to a dot org and thank you mark swain Mark Johnson. The arc of let's what kind of keep of the fantastic work support local people with developmental disabilities you've got it and a week from Friday. All text get a break loose on the course. If they let me get a few home yeah that's that's that's that's. I always give up mark Johnson's hard. When you break a window via guy just give it to the homeowner I go. They're just always yourself take care and calendar while those claim adjusters are calling.