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A jeweler cutting back pain or in Santee questioning rock shooting or insanity for the cure for lunch. Lunch lunch they delicious every day treaty 125 dollars a lunch good. Turn on rush at noon. 97.3. This god. 36 on the baht rose showed. 8779759825. If you want and it. Yet they passed the storm water thing for a latch Georgetown eighty commissioners voted four alignment. Yeah I am now of course I'm irritated by another tax they've been terrible stewards. Of a tax dollars they receive through the years this is dating back. Really a couple of decades at least. We get into an imminent but first I want to remind you some good positive stuff that June is valor month. So every week day to smuggle recognize special efforts to console relic of law enforcement and first responders. We're proud to share their stories about. We'll do it again and an 805 this morning. The third annual sky valor honors programs presented by Ford of Ocala and European realty so he cheats un and NATO thought. So we outlet to a county commissioners met. And approved eight with a bright ice storm water Texas found a way to tax or rain. Is at. Absolutely absurd. Ask anybody that lives in a county what they're major issues are and if they can even think with. Well I've always worried about you know lob drainage Jan Geist. No you're not. These these other same blows knows they can't get a road paved like tower road. Are you telling me they don't collect enough tax dollars and eleven scale plantation. And little on tower road. I still live right off of cholera tell wrote in a neighborhood called Stanley. It's a very nice neighborhood trust me I was paid 4000 dollars a year property taxes. And how was one of the port people there. And they couldn't pay that jam to our road. These people are idiots I didn't need unless we're county pay attention to what's going on. I mean I know there's a small active political group this conservative. Pits tried their best god bless them really tried to stand up. Denise left of center weird Alice that keep you know staying in power. How can you look at your constituents with a straight face and tell him how important it is to assess them when an additional storm water tax. After they get punched in the face and a growing every month. What the highest per capita taxes in the state. Many of these same people are also served by GRU. Silly get punched in the face when I asked power. Costs in the state. And what does anybody to stand up and say enough is enough. Is anybody and say or would you not devote an end. Tell me how did but by early in there. They feel like eighty years old by now. Not looks like he's twelve. He's got to deal a double doesn't need half a gorilla so yeah. Now seriously the guy's been there forever. Get rid of these bozos. Edison did you do little run for some other office they'll be involved in some other thing I Antonia. There's a group like 25 hippies that run the whole area the whole town hall county. They've had their way but you know what this that's their fault. It's a voter's fault for not actually getting involved paying attention. Floating these bozos didn't. If you show up in big numbers you could make a difference. How stupid can people be. Absolutely atrocious another tax coveted deal with a straight series. What I wrote is filled with potholes what an embarrassment. What an utter embarrassment they don't care. They care about setting aside property beam mosquito breeding property probably did many of them have access to but don't want the public on an errant you know. Watching on the precious plants or something. They all have their own little keys and stuff it's a joke. Come on folks wake up and let to a county. Man don't make me sell my house again I had to move out of that area served by Jerry you know I asked if I love my neighborhood. I love it it's awesome and by the way it is completely. It it ensconced this could be maybe not the proper word but other drainage and all that that's been to set up in dug up our roads. In my neighborhood are not paid for out of county funding we pay formed a private roads. And then they can address still assess us to deal a storm water. They don't touch a as simple bar storm water they don't do anything to. And nothing to deal with it but they can come in and assess attacks and meg just vote on fort went out yup. So attacks we really need the money yeah because even terrible stewards of the people's money for decades. But if people don't show opened vote all right. And you gotta hit some candidates are gonna run as hard as hard to get you know somebody or run as in our gas. Maybe maybe maybe now would be at a time where it doesn't matter may be can run as a non party affiliated person just sank as well I would do it. If I was going to run I just say look that. Hold the line on spending. People been asked to tighten their belts this county takes in 300 million something I mean it's a crazy amount of money they take yet. They'll learn how to be fiscally responsible with a monies they have to bury it now. Does that mean it they'll be some painful price somebody's gotta they don't want yes you can't have everything. And not pay for it till. But I feel better now. Rocco you're on the air. I don't want him any relief well like Michael savages because those can be dangerous is give me an example. This guy comes on the radio when he talks about all the negativity just back wavering now. About the play in central thought well people get on the radio people speak didn't they say. Will lose and not country it's going to helmet in hand basket. But be inspired to ensure that this mountain bike CNN that he can't sponsors by the New York Times but in the meanwhile. Pop up my beautiful country. Punch punch. Went home from that play choke you wanna bring Obama that the people would expect book about how they're being spotted at Libyan sponsored Bartlett beat. But the organization two weeks. But that let's talk about the good people that would through this sponsorship. This is what I call Michael Savage flame throwing. That's doctors at a zero sat. When you look at Austin here on air. Probably two. It's opera truck near as good that are. Very. I work from. And are the time and time again where other reserves that we. Know and governors are no problem load them. But ever repay them. Their equipment they have these bricks are all of the title money that is spent about these stupid things for people who don't even need to. And here's another little thing that really think you'll ignore the road that they are there. Yes that rated you turn that a good point our mock our little. There are trying to do other caller and make everybody one big party boss. Owen just again dates back decades and a guy who is a city planner working for a city of Gainesville wrote a book and and and he said congestion is good. It forces people to ride bicycles use public transportation into walked clearly daddy idiots. Never had a Stanley never had to go to the grocery store and buy more than one little luck sacks full of you whenever he was eating but. Yeah absolutely absurd and ridiculous and people wanna use of force you into a lifestyle they think is the way people should live and if you don't. You'll pay huge penalties forward as a result yeah. It's. Also yes I'm not I'm irritated Dave you're on the air. Eight bought. An apple a lot in two out at bat I get out. You bought how. Much like eighty Arctic. Cat fight out there every. At. It is great art that would be. Well in defense of this area I do have to say this. I think Kansas schools are great here doesn't mean they're better than the surrounding areas are just know that the schools are great in a lad to a Downey. And Mike his received an excellent education and affected they've gone a higher education and in blog post graduate work. It really is so I gotta give them some credit for that. And Ellis one of the decisions. As in terms of footwear to live and also had to do with. You know driving to work I don't care about a longer commute I could deal that. You know my wife doesn't feel the same way so you know. You got to. I economy in the middle. So to speak. Yeah. But done people warn me when I first got it warn me when I first got to avoid bought my first house. Yeah but you know what I mean it's time for a change DNA and we are here he's Bozo county commissioners commodity. Alas to a county ridiculous highest property rates enough property taxes and now. I've storm water assessment. Gimme a break 646 and above Rochelle only. Went through this guy. Come join us at the table conversely I'll keep my peace Sean Hannity if it meant getting that country back to a balanced budget weekdays 3 PM. I seven point three this guy. Coming up today else lives now are brought to you might mean realty and sort of Ocala and two days. On Aretha. My Iraqi guys down here it up. My guess that's coming up NATO five states in 651 right now Bob Rochelle OJ Anderson in mouse is well. Talking about a storm water assessment alas what county. Some of the highest per capita property taxes in the state if you get Jerry power from the city you've paid the highest power rates in the state. And now they want to tax your Rainwater. Living a subdivision it completely takes care of its own drainage and we even pay for our own roads. How can you look somebody straight BI and say hey this is really important. Here's what commissioner Mike by early apparently he assured residents. That they had studied the issue very carefully. Who asked Judas studied the issue carefully really. Was on the minds of your constituents the voters the residents of lesser accounting. Yeah the one thing I do I wake of the morning a man wonder you know what we're gonna do with with storm water. Are you out of your mind. What do people care about hey I'd like I commute to work or my commute. It's a school are taking my kids to school. I would like it to be may be on a road that's not full of potholes. And you know what it punish people you know on the west side of Alaska county that punish Saddam because in vote. For like the parks tax in the road tacks of the past the reason that they haven't approved dose is because. That no commission has shown that they can be good stewards of the taxpayer dollars to begin US. So so and add insult to injury is gonna I assessed. Now every homeowner oh don't worry it's only thirty bucks here in fifty bucks there. Yeah when you're already paid and highest property tax is when you are paying the highest. Of rates for power. And you refused to fix the roads and you won't build new roads and use an air traffic lights to stop the flow traffic. It's. Eight I don't know how what it's insanity. Mike you're on the air. Barry Bob Arlen I would certainly start the issue that means. He's already Albert Garrett and other probably didn't do anything about quarter that during. He studied thirty bought another. Build another bite them in their and the county and get your money. I went to one I went one of the beating back the native wood off the that the veteran. Our of a couple of weeks ago. And the question I had of these people you know my god. Comedy is that your plan to or. What the budget what the brake there Erica hill. There was a done deal. Aren't so that they western art talk mark certain why are you happy they. According built the arc you know how many are going to be are at the mood in short they told me the lineup both of what they are. Are you would that be to London and art department. And then aren't that. What are we gonna say next year. And it's up to the boat in three years it'll not be thirty. It'll be argued that he doll you guys. Are out there and and then try to build quite. But the results aren't there. How well it lecture baseline measure night or you're gonna quote in. The water what they are measured. These BA people not their love each other like what what they aren't that important out of there are and how knowing that it's as. What I'll thank you Mike thank you we have. Yeah I'll improve what you lot but they had all hierarchy infrastructure it you know was a done deal they want public input they didn't care Darlene you're on the air. I had a hot right now I would I didn't get there but I watched it last night and one of the things. They couldn't answer but that with that chair. Cock Cornell. I have to kept you know he had a few questions maybe we can delight yet and when he said those words Bob. What does name absurd. From the EPA went live is that while we delay and it's going to be another two years that it's everybody was fine that was there with that. It's key things we need app violated an and then in the air probably sixteen years now it's now more. And number Q we need to there's two things we need limited terms and single member district to do something with it county commission. And I am with another of with a group called the citizens concerned that we are nonprofit organization. And we're gonna be raising money this year for these delighted to be put on the ballot. And it needs signatures so I will be topic Q about that that we can get single member districts and term limits. Thank Bob for all you're doing and they are crazy. Since they are crazy yeah. Thanks to early for all you're doing now that's important Allah help in anyway we can't get the signatures out there yeah out yet term limit these bozos out there. I and it's a shame it's at people like to account here just unaware in most cases. Of these kinds of things. It is a busy trying to pay their bills I guess they're there they're buried him. 656 above Rosh showed. 877975. 9825. Don't forget the valor coming up at 805.