Is Bob a pig for complementing a woman's looks

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Friday, July 14th

Is Bob a pig for giving a compliment to a woman? On the Bob Rose Show Friday 7-14-17, 9am hour podcast


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And oh yeah. This is a weekend mob friends come on baby. 906 on the Bob Rose showtime Jack Ron do you buy prestige eighties Jewelers when he answers is always yes. I don't alert. I just wanna have fun in game petty. Why. Don't take that out of context. Is a lefty media taken for. This is a headline. From ABC news this was eight the story now part of a story. A story or any story. John told French First Lady you're in such good shape. That's the headline now if that's not to be. You know is that if that's not something that is a what do you call it's like a dog whistle. Is like they can't come out and give their interpretation. But they may get a headline. So that their lefty followers. Well make your interpretations of follow me because in the first. Cents a president Donald Trump today complemented the French first ladies physical appearance during its war of the historic. I'm one of the reasons sites. So Donald Trump goes to you know meet with the president the First Lady and I headline out of it is that he complemented her. On her physical appearance. C'mon tell me Internap. And not purposefully baiting the left so I did some satire on it now I like over the top but I am offended some people. That's why am and go to up Janet you're on the air good morning. Good morning. I'm doing fine you'd think I went too far monoline almost. Our. IA I don't really. Here. What you think about it that. I think that that men in in the year 2007 days. Should not be commenting on the appearance of women they barely enough in mix lemon I'm comfortable. And especially if they shouldn't when they are a hat like well. What about eight Rome what about a human complementing another one. That's different why. Because a woman complement another woman at that it doesn't make a woman that being compliment and feel like C span. Looked up looked up you know like like like she's been examined and what a guy. Look the reason I ask is because they're really hit it really is different when assume woman giving a compliment isn't known lesbian. Do you really think straight men that are around worrying about whether or lesbian compliment former you'll lose worried about this. Not me no I'm not worried about it at all. I don't know are you sad you specifically said. That he's out of line. That meeting a woman for the first time in in complementing on her physical appearance. Would make one uncomfortable and I said what if it was a woman complimentary woman you said that's perfectly acceptable. So in this land of so called political correctness you're actually Janet. And behind the curve you are. Because there at this is supposed to be a society where these gender roles are and are not to so entrenched anymore. And people sexuality is not to a so well defined anymore in the year 2017. They use specified. I don't think that he meant anything. That was nasty in any way shape or form. He was being complementary and you said it's different when a woman complements a woman. And how would that meet and I AV AV an example. And he's all he's single woman sits around that lesbian mystery woman whether when alleged. The one that just making it an the issue here I'm saying that what he said. Was perfectly acceptable and not out of bounds. Dot we may have been trained differently over the last few years in the workplace of yeah you better not say anything complimentary you know really to anybody. Don't give me an example I would say it's two males. I met president George W. Bush. In the 2004. During that campaign I was honored to be one of the greener Syrian alas what county and I got to meet him before he went onstage at the airport. And it was only about seven of us back there so it really was. A huge honor which I still appreciate very much to this day and I got to shake his hand. And chat with a for a very short period of time almost in a line type thing. Couple lines back and forth. At but he seemed genuinely looked me any guide he shook my hand and kind of grabbed my arm when he shook my hand. And and I was the last line so he turnaround right before he was going on stage he turnaround and and and looked at me any grabbed his own arm in points to me any says solid. Huge compliment. Dad I thought I told a story probably fifty times here on here. And not Al and I'll consider talent because here is somebody you know famous. And and by the way for president pretty darn good shape. And complementing me and solid. I MAB feel like a million bucks I love to tell a story. Now. You know Karen Hughes was there a case of females who still in the administration that time in now. Now I shook her hand and and I grabbed her arm and I said solids are mistaken this is a compliment we're you know each other as you slap me. Okay now part of the story's not checks for. But no George W. Bush who did it now. In these be you know where we don't have gender roles anymore sexuality is like off the topic it shouldn't matter with some sexuality has so you're making it a sexual thing by. Feeling uncomfortable about a legitimate genuine. Compliment. You're saying I'm mail cannot compliment a female who were not be you know who don't know each other well. Obviously if a husband doesn't compliment his wife on a regular basis but pretty soon he won't have a life but. Dip dip and money to my point here next helping out I'm just uncomfortable because I can't tell a fine piece of good to. But dictate the fact of the matter is ideal. And I always do and I'm very clean and I have very little body odor even when I do exert myself. Which is an often. Lou you're on the air. Hey Bob good poet Omar your good let's go on. I don't barker could go our president. He'll go another recollect a good example Bob and I open the door of a woman and a prayer lord and did you turn around let the door right out of my hand got cal Perry who I am a woman and I can do about it now other than Connecticut where you ordered. Seemed to be angry and you are to get somebody Carl Miller and company my beloved Mets who bought. Well in India sense of Janet now at least to some extent. When you truly don't know somebody that's different and being introduced a high level function. All of the highest levels of government I mean these are leaders of state introducing to each other clearly this is not. In Al I'm coming out of jams sweating our everyday about a guy. That would make to be made but I in this case very uncomfortable to know me. And there are a lot of creeps out there so I give that one it is a truly stranger. I get to act creepy now SI understand that. But that's not the case between president trump and if for the you know the first lady of France. Rocco you're on the air. If I am expecting their agenda of attitude really hurt one minute let me tell you why you won't place compliment. It's a well placed compliment let it be would a woman at all with another man all let me repeat. My with a beautiful baby you have bill about now with a woman not the baby a well placed compliment is a well placed cup level we've got to get away from this. This kind of nonsense you know when what the president did. What reverend respectful and again you're always gonna have people who want disrespectful but what the president it was not as respectful. And there was no. There should be no distinction. Between complementing a man or woman whether your world and our man is bald you compliment is appropriate. It should be well taken in this photo hit an old. One thing that I enjoy about getting old and I beat him playing into the parking lot. And the young men will hold and it happened many times and I do that to make me realize I'm getting all the people won't wait. For me and hold the door open maybe. I think that's great that's good complement to let him the respect for my age of respect and compliments but are we welcome. You know all right encourage your own the congress gone just you're on the air. Avon right go to sort of man happy Friday rather see India. Hey Bob can you just don't match here and there the president wrote border trumpet and well you do not like you know hay out tight ball like I should be on the Special Olympics. Can you don't urging their overweight Alec Obama. Might back out. Dot that's a great point. Ed and began politically incorrect but everybody got what he manned. And solar nobody came to his defense no harm no folly didn't mean it like the act. We know exactly how I lamented that if you're live in the world and be part of promoting political correctness any can't also be part of breaking his rules either. And then have people defend you that's a great point just perfect. Ramon you're on the air. They're good morning Bob. The show always I hear it every morning they send our our shared or stay. I think he should have made. Back open in our airspace is there's nothing wrong with commenting on some somebody. Appear so whatever will be in a compliment but came up at a state. Bella the proper. Procession for him. You can look and everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Now remember it's not had a state devastated you know. They're introducing spouses soul. Is supposed to be com. Yes formal but not governmental formal and so it's also there's a casual missing getting to know each other kind of a thing to. And none. Now president trump he gave a compliment to a woman and home my gosh. 917 on the Bob Rochelle what's on your mind 8779759825. Wait CNN we hear about this political flyer. It's it'll blow you away hang on. So why do women spend so much on makeup and hair care products and expensive dresses and everything else. Why debate why do they want to dress up and looks so good why did take so much time to get ready to go out. Could it be that people do care about their appearance. And that a compliment on that appearance should be accepted graciously. If you're a complete. And utter stranger you creep people out when you do that we have established that. President trump is not a complete stranger. To the president and the first lady of France he's met the president before maybe not the First Lady but it's not like he's a stranger ongoing her. From across the parking lot. So president trump complemented the eve French first ladies physical appearance. And Dan apparently is an issue for some folks. I've taken calls on it today. And they don't some don't agree with me they think that Donald Trump was out of line. If you don't like Donald Trump of course you think he's out of line if to try to separate from that which I've attempted to do. With some level success at least in my own. All right so 877975982. Finals take your calls and have a first but this. This is up for Corwin brown. There's a flyer out. And I'm just gonna read it to view and you decide for yourself. Okay. This apparently proceeds will benefit Koren brown legal defense fund that's what it says on the bottom. It says let's deliver for Corina chlorine. Saturday July 22. The clean up woman. After party. Come party at the official after party for the legends of soul tour. Post 197 Benedict wrote all light throw down. You know what that means right that is not to do with the race that's the ideas everybody's gonna Wear white as an underdog race. All like throw down time to party for a purpose. Saturday July 29. And and also August 6 and also August 7 support the queen we need need your support inside the courtroom. And it gives a federal court house. Address. In Jacksonville. Is that crazier ones. Yeah let's deliver for queen of chlorine. The big guy after party. All white throw down to raise money race has benefited her legal defense fund. This is same woman that raised and how much money for charity. Hundreds. House it's via con I knew it was over. There was 800 some thousand it is big truck and she gave I think actually 12100 dollars actually legitimately Lewis spent on the charitable type thing via. Now she is an heap of trouble a heap of trouble I say. Mailman you're on the air. Or are about America have a Friday Cindy you. I was just and earlier there's got to buckle up then and I ever got out of our car passed order alternate. And I just about every time I'd say of course beautiful bird goes unchartered. And 100% of the time. Never been angry they never get outbreaks could never get. Send it and return they smile they thank you and have a nice. Wow well you know and and probably because in most Kate well probably in every case they can tell that you're delivery is. In L. Genuine and went out any strings attached you were clearly trying to make someone's day just a little bit better adding a little sunshine to. Now when the no man starts on around compliments that's what sister going to be slide a my doorstep by Italian. David you're on the air. They. Our total store can't succeed are fearful. Went to college jury duty of the union that would there's preparation area. And I urged the story caucus this particular pattern in any pictures are a waste it go out and it was a story about. As a refresher worse approaching eight or ability. At the same time a young lady who is having the no make up. Whatever black senators. And obviously trying to. Without any kind of a part about her being a woman and the professor opened the door for her and she immediately staff adding I understand. I hope you get open that door believe because ultimately. And he says politely no we don't I opened the door review because Simon gentlemen. Period you know. Pay down nice. Jerry you're on the air. Bottom on Greek. I raise my so called green brown. I think she dumped or rape murder he repeated. And ripped it out of your herbal or her RO. Maxine Waters when they're out they just based on the needs to stop ever hurt. The beat that if beach. Just it is now some stuff about Ottawa they're up so yeah out here. Our stroke it what it. He's the billionaire pets all all while we eat out or like it has not just expect that beat that circle by Elliott. In respect are irked at her. About Earl are all your back. He they checked it. No Marconi is a guide and admitted radio the radio tube the vacuum that is a Mac mighty fine for launch yeah. They now make our whole week version of edit and even now like a vegetable based version of it now you don't like them. Yet to be careful what some of those products of the year Tommy. And I'll leave it at that. All right. Nice to lay down about Rochelle thanks. Opportunity employer not we we still have a lot ahead of us on the us. I give you some of the day's headlines including. What surely they GOP NN health care bill. Are they getting folks so lined up. The sign onto it or not. Details on and a whole lot more coming your way in about fifteen minutes away from things that make you smile on news talk 97.3 this guy. All right we go to the always throw down. So Stallone's. And all I showdown is a good race it's not a plan. Eating your party not beating up white people that's not what this. And all I throw Downey is a party where we all agree we're gonna Wear white. I'll lose Evan one of those why can't screen chlorine. Corey on SE and raise money for legal defense. And so yeah let's deliver for queen chlorine. The cleanup Borman asked her party. Come party at the official after party the legends of soul tour so she's up putting together or people are healthier with fundraisers. Proceeds benefit Corey brown legal defense fund. And and wants support on August the seventh I guess is that her court date we need support inside the courtroom. Real. OK let's see how that goes with the open. Good times people get talents. New tees so racing I understand that I do understand that. Well. Fifth. Demi were being monitored and if they do. The cleanup war are you doing next. For visiting the no fun now. Odd Donnie Wahlberg soon pretty good so we left a 2000 dollar tip the Waffle House. I'd lawful house I don't have to grant to tip west but I try to be generous but he had a bunch of people come any day 82 dollar bill in left to grant. As that first time he's done any less 500 bucks and edgewood Maryland when he was that's allocation girly zone. Some kind of tour which is elected new kids. Toward again is that when this big old thing yeah. Everything is old is new again Wallace yeah it a yes like isn't it Delhi New Kids On The Block in. While bunch of those other bands and Allred sort of the same begin confused and I'm talking amount yeah boy dance. Still it is a tour of the boy bands. Which is kind of creepy when you're like you know fifty years old and it's your boy bands or whatever again. All that's old is new again but if I met Donnie Wahlberg you know I said. Mean you look like you're in great shape beautiful. That offensive. An offensive barely Donald Trump said that to the French president's wife and summer finding an offensive anyway. There I don't think it's. Good enough to be in news headline but apparently ABC news differs with me on that photo I have to admit. I spent a great deal of the morning salty about it but if that's different until four hours no nonsense. So on Friday 8 am really here to entertain myself if you wanna listen again to be part of it assigned to. 8779759825. Seriously dump. We've got to jumbled we come back from Paris he was a guest of honor for Bastille day a huge honor. Yemen the up president of France got along very very well they talked about a lot of good things we're gonna do things in conjunction as we have done things in the past. And as much as they may disagree on some policies they are getting along extremely well I think of French president has a lot of respect for Donald Trump and that's a good thing so. You know let's put this into a positive perspective it deserves to be N. Okay. Also the senate a laid out their plans yesterday dubbed them the bill anyway then the GOP senators you know they need to support this thing. Or it's not gonna happen is the repeal of obamacare. The problem has and senator Rand Paul really is pretty accurate when he says has this is not really a repeal. Actually expand some parts of obamacare. And unfortunately. Eight you know he's right. And they they just have enough they need to go back to the drawing board or why did the American people. Are not completely impatient yet but we're kind of get in there. You know you feel that. Like paying OK even though you had seven years of talking about how you're gonna repeal obamacare and evening actually put together I guess eighth. A good enough plan. It's time to do it. Okay and there's nothing going to be there's not to be anything it makes them all happy that I have to present it is do we agree that. This bill the way it stands is better than obamacare. Better than obamacare what is currently part of the system. And and they might have to just go from there. Unless they wanna go back to the drawing board. You see the interesting thing is when I had congressman Teddy Elmo on you know they passed a resolution in the house. What was it in twenty Sistine. And in that repealed obamacare and that. This seemed like it was good enough for everybody sign offline but of course they signed off on it knowing. Oh it's just four appearances only because back then President Obama they knew would veto it anyway. So you know I don't like that was it good enough for not if it was just push that went through. My how I know that was the house and now we're talking about the senate. They've got to come together the GOP has to it's really get hurt them if they can't come together and not just come together. Let's sign off on something at the the average American family will feel a positive difference from what they felt under obamacare. As well as those are the big deals both of those are amendments introduced and so I'm encourage the bills moving in the right correct. Yet Ted crews added a couple things to it to where insurance companies who have some flexibility to offer different kinds of products. Now you know the last or anybody is trying to support Obama took off its bare bones here they wanted to be able to offer bare bones while you can term it that way. But I would say just offering flexibility and different kind of coverages that people can make their own net. Choice is on. The build a day reflects the input from senators across the spectrum it's not. The ideal bill I'd like to pass I I suspect there may not be a single senator for whom it's the ideal build it like to pass but it does represented bill. That reflects the concerns expressed across the conference. I mean there aren't suited him really that some pretty good perspective. In not gonna get everybody being completely happy. But is it better or not in obamacare I mean enough to where people actually feel the difference to where you can go out and say. Here's how it's an improvement over obamacare. And it's like. And make fifteen billion dollars a year why would we wanna give taxpayer money to insurance company if it makes absolutely no sense to me. Well listen senator Rand Paul all due respect. You're right about now going far enough to repeal obamacare. But when you talk about the insurance companies making fifteen billion dollars let's look at what's going to happen a few of folks can't get it together we're gonna turn it into a complete government system from top to bottom when it comes to health care. And that's gonna have a lot of negative ramifications. What which would be something you just addressed. He said all the insurance if he's made fifteen billion dollars oh really well how much will it cost when the government runs the health care system. Do you think they'll be savings there using Adobe people and they're looking at profit margins do you think they'll be looking at ways of doing things and making things more efficient or do you think they'll be a whole lot more government waste and fraud and bureaucracy. In now go ahead and take a stab at balance our. We were elected on message of repeal. And this bill doesn't repeal obamacare. It again here is right he is right we had doesn't completely repeal it. Is it better than what you asked because if no action is taken I'm telling you. We know obamacare will collapse under its own weight everybody agrees on that as an absolute fact in this science and her saddled her like global warming. So yeah they unity some things. Or you can just let the Democrats come back into power and now give everybody government health care. And I'll sell it no way that the dumb Americans will actually supported. Not forty silent Bob Rochelle thanks that's the end of that or turn in this frown upside down it's time now for things that make you smile. Good upbeat positive because it's Friday the week is common weather's going to be great call an 877. 9759825. Things that make you smile brought to you by Robin Larson dental is next. You know I just have a look like they're not bill and we'll we'll. All eyes going to be another day in paradise my friends happy Friday time now swift sings and make you smile gonna be positive thoughts brought you by the best tennis in the whole world. Robin Larsson general feeling for great dentist I recommend Robbins and you can find her on FaceBook it's Robinette Larsson general. 8779759825. That's a recall you know on the air for things that make you smile call in right now please. Good morning Jay what's making you smile. Good morning Bob I'm so excited. I am. I hit it down tried changing the entire world he's putting everything upside down in the atlas is okay now to complement a woman without being a puppet like. You can not going to be heading cardiac arrest all over the country. But a deposit on. But I had some pretty is we have this president I pray for every hour on yours thank you very. I'll thank you candy and he made me smile and now that's part of the object right. That's when it is folks call it could be something you fill IK you've been blessed with an anniversary something special like that. 8779759825. Now you know things could could go in different ways if if this occurs to you but apparently this woman in New Jersey. Was getting people like banging on the door all hours of the night and there was bald man and it was creepy and one guy even tried almost force his way into her kitchen. And these people came looking for a massage. Left it is going on for. You know a couple of times did she actually looked it up and it turns out she does have the same address. As they. Massage place just a couple miles away. I'm not a myself which you already have them a business. Once you go get have a license. Wells it turns out it's not a legitimate. Besides place you know it's what they term must off. Where Eden well let's just say they actually head out a record of unprofessional behavior. Intact. But the thing that would make you smile is after this story I got out in and went nationwide. They went ahead in the tax assessor is office said and they made a statement that they're gonna change this woman's address. So maybe that will alleviate her problems of having people. Coming to our house looking merit for a massage yeah that's that's the definition. Of creepy. Tim what's making news smile. Demi there. Down. Roger what's may give you smile. Granddaughter and angry and children in general there are about two years old roar and they do. Simple muted ever argue with Syria. That's some it's one night to look forward to list our hope and in July congratulations. It's 954 and above Rochelle and a let's see what's making me smile. It's a weekend oh yeah I'm gonna be a big guest star soon. Yeah I'm actually filming with PC remember PC and chip and PC yeah and I'm going to be a player and a big part. In Kang Powell boom. Is this TV production he's put together in. He asked me to play air of a certain role they thought I. Good force so on be doing that filming tomorrow and now I'll let you know how went. On Monday but it definitely makes me smile that I've been asked to do it I don't know file be asked back but will see dangled aerial has made me smile. Hi I decide that you guys and MAB artillery. Smile by Charlie hurt her ankles really enhance her model legs straight at. Ole hole it's supposed to keep things MAQ it's not well. I guess in an odd sort of way you name it kind of got me there I guess. He has during the burger down. There you go. And that's the path that does cover for a lot doesn't it and depending only handle it. Hey thanks so much for participating in things that make you smile brought you back Robinette Larsson general don't go anywhere. Because coming up I've got your parting shots brought you by Harry back whiskey guns and range. Time now for your parting shot brought to you by Harry back was guns in a range. We're losing more people tell these suites there into the streets who says that. Two African American pastors they filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association. Saying they ran an intentional campaign. To confuse consumers. About the cause of obesity. Obesity hypertension diabetes cardiovascular disease lower extremity amputations. Are all far higher. I among people of color then. There and among whites in these communities also drink more soda and are exposed to more or soda advertising. So all. Do they have a case or. Is this a case of taking personal responsibility. There. Well we'll see what happens as it. Works its way through the courts. And that your parting shots. Rod do you buy hairy back to its guns and range. On behalf of nick I'm Bob Rose god bless you and your family have yourself a great safe weekend. CS.