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Wednesday, November 29th

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Thanks for tuning into the Bob Rhodes show everybody got a special guests lined up for you right now Q for caucasians. And have built Rodriguez. From the city of Ocala gentlemen. How welcome to the show. Thank you Rand and us thank you very much some pretty special going on in the community everybody's familiar I think with Ford king but maybe not. So it's celebrating the attack on fort king going on this weekend Saturday and Sunday and you guys just did a huge restoration job. Took part in yeah. Actually it's a reconstruction. And more excited to unveil to the public for the first time on fort king were once stood. It's a huge wooden fort on that was a really important to the second some of the war. And yet we're gonna have Tom kick off this opening with a big reenactment those days armed soldiers and seminoles time period vendors food vendors. I'm all kinds of stuff on tenor Cheney oh and did you some great Florida's history on the same time. Well I got to to enjoy eve eve festivities last year and I know it's gonna be even bigger and better with the reconstruction of the forward. And all that and done this actually this will be gone for the two days and as wanna make Travis very tender for both days that threaten. How can I. Tight end in so what are we looking in terms of the time period. That your gonna cover there Obama we're gonna cover approximately from the beginning when the fort was first constructed around 1927. About 1842. However the venture gonna focus around. Particularly December 28 1836. And what happened on that dates. That was the day that so I'll seal attacked fourteen. Killing wiley Thompson and the Indian agent I was assigned to them here in this part of Florida as well as these solar store owner arrests or Rogers and three others. So wet vest part of the Seminole way Indian tribe didn't. They never actually officially surrendered is that true that is correct they are the as they they refer to themselves as a young conquered them they yet have never signed a treaty. With the United States government anyway. Or with the military and were proud to say that we have them on board as a partner. With this event and they will actually have eighteen hand. Full contact combat troops they're doing demonstrations. Dynamite producer Greg said he wants to be the guest on Demi for that similarly to work out why they are always looking for one correct I got a great soldier's uniform for years ago the junior sick time yeah definitely. And they were you play target practice and later a thousand Merrill's. We're always looking for volunteers. How about now I'd I'd look I know it is going to be a fantastic time you know you Harken back to that time period in you say. Geez hurricanes hit here and how long can we survive without air conditioning let alone electricity. He'd try to get us a little taste of what life was like in the 1830s. And hot sweltering Florida. Yeah I think this I think. We all got a little bit of a taste of it with Tom Irma. I always sort of trying to bring that up and programming that I do on. But you're gonna really see how old life was like on that site in around. Florida in the eighteen hundreds I mean I'm it's only. Little over 200 years ago but the world was a we'd different place so. You know food was cooked arm over the fire on there's no electricity. And the mosquitoes were a lot bigger back man is new screen disarm its. You know life with a lot harder we didn't have the medical stuff that we have people were dying of malaria and typhoid and if you got shot you. You might have not made it sound like you would have today so especially for a newer generations that really don't know about. Power loss sends not having a cell phone and I think this is a real eye opening on experience for them to release he. What people dealt with army in our. Near past now where you can dive from a simple infection something we would definitely not even think twice about these days. And down so yeah it definitely and he opens a whole different world especially to the young people. In the past when that when I went before. USS a great vendors on site is that gonna continue this time around. Absolutely on the spotted ponying it's gonna be there they're gonna have their treats the war. Deb sands is going to be there she's going to be doing selling her ceramics and doing some on ceramic demonstrations. We're gonna have some native plant armed people selling wares arm. All kinds of demonstrators the blacks and it's going to be out there to Ben Rogers from tinker forge is going to be very doing blacksmith demonstrations. Along with all kinds of other demonstrations from the seminal people and from soldiers. No one of the things we we pride ourselves on this event Bob is we can't pick our vendors are demonstrators. Are Rian actors. Mean you're not gonna find anything on that site that your going to be able to go to the mall and buyer find. I'm everything is time period correct from the programming to the dress. To the weapon marine. And just the actual. Military maneuvers. To say that we go through during the reenactment are all time period correct yeah I was surprised last time window I was offered a manatee stake. We don't give up his utter contentment and volatile slows the other down while my dad. You got between us. But we will Biggio having a time period. Kitchen going on there's gonna be could kind of be Paul. During the events on for the reactors but we will also have some. I'm more moderate and a few vendors there fore arms some future for people that get little hungry during the reenactment. Now this is just fantastic stuff in it like you said if you wanna pick of the unique gifts for the holidays things see how can find anywhere else. This would definitely be definitely be the place to do it attack on fort king. Would be part of the excitement folks Saturday and Sunday from ten to four. And now animation was numbers correct for more information folks can call 3685533. Does that does that work that's right. Tonight we're looking forward to it and thanks for coming on board being with us today bill Rodriguez parks division had city of Ocala. And a key for Calkins. You're head of outdoor for the city vocals Erin outdoor and historic resource programming for the city of account. Fantastic. Thanks you guys for all of your hard work and we're very much looking forward to attack on fort king thank you we should have and I think it. And coming up we'll talk about whether or not the Republicans can get this tax cut seeing Don there's some. Twisting of arms and they get all the Republicans on board. We'll talk about that and more coming up next on the Bob Rochelle news talk at some point three this guy.