Rick Flagg

State workers to get pay raise

New Florida budget will give first across the board increase in about a decade

May 02, 2017 - 10:19 am

TALLAHASSEE (by Rick Flagg/FLA. NEWS NETWORK) -- Final budget negotiations continue in the state capitol and the Senate President and House Speaker try to come up with a final compromise. 

The new budget will include a pay raise for state workers, the first in about a decade, but Senator Bill Montford of Tallahassee says that only happens if lawmakers also agree to change the pension and health insurance.

"And then the insurance will be changed," he said. "Some of our employees will be paying more for the increase in premiums on insurance than they get in the pay raise."

Montford says the salary issue has been served up to lawmakers as a combo platter and it's all or nothing.

Lumping different issues together and giving lawmakers a choice of all or nothing is a violation of legislative rules: it's called "logrolling."

But during the last week of the legislative session, it's also known as "standard operating procedure."

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