Orlando Prosecutor pulled from possible death cases

Gov. Scott reassigns 22 cases to Marion County's Brad King

April 04, 2017 - 8:09 am

TALLAHASSEE (by Alan McBride/FLA. NEWS NETWORK) -- A central Florida prosecutor who recently announced she would not seek the death penalty in any cases is finding herself with fewer cases to prosecute.

Gov. Rick Scott has removed Aramis Ayala from a total of 22 cases where the death penalty could be an option, including the prosecution of an Orlando cop-killer.

Scott has replaced Ayala with pro-death penalty state attorney Brad King from the Marion County area.

Ayala had said last month that she was not going to seek the death penalty because the research had shown that it was more expensive, and less reliable as a deterrent, than life in prison without parole.

Ayala had also noted that the research indicated that the death penalty was unevenly applied across cases.

Ayala is challenging Scott's actions in a filing before the Florida Supreme Court.

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