Congressman vows to seek Trump pardon for accused Navy SEAL

May 08, 2019 - 6:41 pm

WASHINGTON (AP) — A California congressman says he will ask President Donald Trump to pardon a Navy SEAL if he is found guilty of murder in the stabbing of an Iraqi war prisoner.

Republican Duncan Hunter screened combat footage collected from a helmet camera to a group of lawmakers Wednesday, saying the footage exonerates Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher of one of the charges against him. Gallagher's trial is set for later this month.

Hunter says he has seen evidence that proves Gallagher's innocence. He admonished the military justice system, calling it "absolutely broken" and "rigged."

Gallagher is accused of killing an Islamic State fighter under his care and then holding his reenlistment ceremony with the corpse. Navy prosecutors also accuse Gallagher of shooting two civilians in Iraq and opening fire on crowds.

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