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(TORONTO) --  The teen suspects who were wanted for three murders in Canada confessed to their crimes and said they planned to kill more people in a video recorded not long before the two died by suicide, police said....Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- After four months of negotiations, Sen. Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign has reached a tentative collective bargaining agreement to unionize.

The first step to getting here ⁠— when the...Read more

(OCEANSIDE, N.Y.) -- Family and friends of Khaseen Morris, the 16-year-old whose stabbing death was broadcast over Snapchat, gathered Saturday at the Tower Funeral Home in Oceanside, New York, to remember the late teen....Read more

(HOUSTON) -- Scores of community members, police officers and officials mourned the Texas deputy who was shot and killed Friday during a routine traffic stop, remembering him as a committed public servant and a pioneer....Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- Zoey Carty was diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy when she was 6 months old. Zoey was having 10 seizures a day and, on the advice of her neurologist, she was treated with phenobarbital, a common drug for...Read more

(MIAMI) -- They're the Army's elite parachute team, jumping thousands of feet in perfect daredevil formations into air shows, festivals and sporting events all across the country.

Largely made up of former...Read more

(SEATTLE) -- The Federal Aviation Administration is instructing airlines to inspect Boeing 737 NG jetliners after Boeing told the agency it had discovered evidence of cracks in a fuselage part.

"Boeing has...Read more

(GREAT FALLS, Montana) -- A major winter storm will hit the Northern Rockies this weekend, dumping more than four feet of snow with wind gusts up to 60 mph.

On Friday there were nearly 70 reports of severe...Read more

(SEOUL, South Korea) -- In the busy streets of Seoul, 6,000 miles away from home, Greg Priester joyfully takes selfies at the request of fans while his manager keeps a wary eye. Priester, a former high school teacher in...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff told reporters Friday that his committee is mapping out potential hearings, depositions and subpoenas for its impeachment probe in the weeks ahead, as...Read more