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(WASHINGTON) -- President Trump on Friday, in a series of tweets aimed at discrediting the Ukraine call whistleblower and Democrats investigating the person's formal complaint, claimed that the whistleblower's account "...Read more

(ANDREWS, S.C.) -- More than 70 federal, state and local authorities are now investigating the shooting death of United States Postal Service carrier Irene Pressley, who was shot to death in rural South Carolina.
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(NEW YORK) -- Samsung's highly-anticipated new $2,000 foldable smartphone hit stores in the U.S. on Friday, after a wave of bad reviews delayed its planned debut from April.

While the Galaxy Fold has been...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- After the spat that booted Tom Holland's Spider-Man from Marvel Studios' Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel and Sony Pictures have agreed to collaborate once again.

"I am thrilled...Read more

(ESTES PARK, Colo.) -- Officials are warning Colorado residents to stay far away from elk while visiting parks after one was seen charging at a crowd of people and ramming into a woman.

A spokesman for the...Read more

(OAXACA, Mexico) -- Mexico's southern state of Oaxaca celebrated as it became the second region in the predominantly Catholic country to decriminalize abortion.

Footage of women cheering and jumping in the air...Read more

(LODI, Calif.) -- A skydiver died after she crashed into the rear of a big rig trailer on a California highway, officials said.

The skydiver, who was identified only as a 28-year-old woman, was out with a group...Read more

(DETROIT) -- A week after General Motors informed union leaders they would not cover the costs of healthcare for striking workers, the company has reversed course and agreed to resume the payments.

GM faced...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Amazon Prime has given the green light to a third season of Absentia, a thriller starring former Castle star Stana Katic, reports ...Read more

(NEW YORK) --  A new group of entrepreneurs will dive into the Shark Tank this season and investors Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec said sales are king when it comes to the pitch.

"Sales. It's really...Read more