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(NEW YORK) -- Longtime NBA Commissioner David Stern suffered a brain hemorrhage on Thursday afternoon and remains in the hospital.

The NBA released a statement confirming the news late Thursday.

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(WASHINGTON) -- The Department of Justice announced charges Thursday against 10 former NFL players over an alleged scheme to defraud millions of dollars from the league's health care benefits program.

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(LONDON) -- Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has won a huge victory in U.K.'s closely watched general election.

Britain went to the polls for the third time in five years Thursday to determine who the public...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- The Trump administration released heavily redacted documents Thursday evening that, without the redactions, would have been the first communications revealed between government agencies regarding aid money...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- Democrats will kick off 2020 with four Democratic primary debates in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, the Democratic National Committee announced Thursday. The debates will take place in...Read more

(LONDON) -- Chile's air force said it has located debris at sea believed to be from its cargo plane that vanished this week with 38 people aboard.

The Chilean-flagged vessel Antarctic Endeavour found the debris...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Biologists have rediscovered the "starry night" harlequin toad in Colombia for the first time in nearly three decades after the species was largely wiped out by a deadly fungal pathogen.

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(NEW YORK) -- Archaeologists have discovered what they say is the earliest figurative painting known to man, in a cave in Indonesia.

It depicts an intricate hunting scene, scholars believe, in which eight small...Read more

(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Thursday's sports events:

Philadelphia 115, Boston 109
Cleveland 117, San Antonio 109
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(ANNAPOLIS, Md.) -- While some states have pushed back against the implementation of red-light cameras, one councilmember from Montgomery County, Maryland, thinks current photographic deterrents are not enough.
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