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(WASHINGTON) -- Federal prosecutors believe that Maria Butina, the Russian gun-rights activist who was recently arrested and charged with acting as a foreign agent, maintained a “duplicitous relationship” with an American...Read more

(HOUSTON) -- A Texas family is hoping for a miracle after tragedy struck on a vacation to Mexico.

Francisco and Emily Barba, along with their 11-month-old daughter Emma Rose, went on a trip to San Luis Potosi,...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- After political backlash from Republicans and well as Democrats, the White House said Thursday President Donald Trump now "disagrees" with Russian President Putin's proposal that Russian investigators be...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- The United States’ top intelligence officer said on Thursday that he was just doing his job when he released a statement contradicting the president’s comments on Russian meddling in the 2016 election....Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- The Environmental Protection Agency's internal watchdog says that all levels of government -- federal, state, and local -- failed their oversight responsibilities to ensure that the residents of Flint,...Read more

(LONDON) -- Among the most quirky of Britain’s historic traditions, the practice of counting swans, or "swan-upping," has a long history dating back hundreds of years.

The tradition is named after the officials...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- The nation’s top Homeland Security official, charged with helping to stop foreign hackers from breaking into U.S. systems, says it’s still not clear whether President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian...Read more

(LOS ANGELES) -- Racecar driver Danica Patrick became the first female host of the ESPYs Wednesday night. But that achievement wasn't the only moment that will have people talking tomorrow, later this...Read more

Sherri Shepherd makes her return tonight on NBC's...Read more

(VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla.) -- After a quick-thinking bystander noticed a baby boy in the back seat of a car on a hot Florida day, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said, "We avoided a disaster."

"Thank the Lord...Read more