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(NEW YORK) -- A rare parasitic disease that can lead to heart failure or stroke may be more common in the United States than many medical providers realize, with an estimated 300,000 people affected.

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(CHICAGO) -- Eight people, including six children, were killed after a fire sparked in an apartment building in Chicago, fire officials said.

The blaze ignited just before 4 a.m. on the second floor of a...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- A key House Democrat on both the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees said Americans should know if President Trump is implicated in any way by the convictions and guilty pleas of some of his former...Read more

(WASHINGTON) -- It was less than a month ago, in early August, that Southwest Florida fishing guide Nick Fischer told Good Morning America that a putrid combination of blue-green algae and a red tide in the region had him...Read more

(ALBUQUERUE, N.M.) -- Police body cam video captured footage of an alleged shoplifter opening fire on two officers in the parking lot of a Walmart in New Mexico, according to a report.

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(HANSON, Mass.) -- One of two brothers on a flight to spread their father's ashes died on Saturday after their small plane crashed in a pond in Massachusetts.

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(WASHINGTON) -- It's been said that when a person runs for president, the whole family runs for president.

For the McCains, that meant nine people involved in a complex 2008 campaign against eventual President...Read more

(SEDONA, Ariz.) -- Senator John McCain, a Vietnam War hero with more than 35 years of public service and who became one of the most distinctive figures in modern American politics, died Saturday at his...Read more

By Cokie Roberts

(WASHINGTON) -- John McCain arrived in Washington ready to take on the town. With his hero’s story and honored family, he was one of those few congressional freshmen who...Read more

(SEDONA, Ariz.) -- Arizona senator and former Republican presidential nominee John S. McCain died Saturday, months after being diagnosed with a glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor.

He was 81.

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